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May 26, 2006 
Volume 28 Number 21 

Products, News & Information Data Centers Can Trust. Since 1979 


How Uplogix Works To Offload Costly 
Network Maintenance & Recovery 

by Christian Perry 

If your IT resources are constantly 
drained by network support issues, it might 
be time to offload some of 
that management to an 
automated tool that can 
monitor devices and squash 
problems with little or no 
human intervention. But not 
all automated technologies 
are built the same, and 
Uplogix believes its prod- 
ucts give you reliable moni- 
toring and support you 
won't find elsewhere. 

Uplogix' s bread and but- 
ter is Envoy, a network ap- 
pliance that delivers automated control 
over a variety of devices from man- 
ufacturers such as Cisco, Nortel, Juni- 
per, and Tasman. Envoy performs an 
array of administration tasks, includ- 
ing configuration of drop-shipped de- 
vices, recovery from failed configura- 
tions, diagnosis and recovery of remote 

problems, and automated patching and 
password changes. 

According to Uplogix, Envoy is unlike 
other network management tools that sim- 

the software development industry and 
network management industry to create 
a new platform for automated network 

"We provide a lot of the same kinds of 
things you would get if a network techni- 
cian showed up at a wiring closet with his 
laptop and started troubleshooting prob- 

ply monitor, collect, and report because 
Envoy takes the extra step of automatically 
performing diagnostics and recovery. 

Forget The Technician 

Born from innovators looking for a new 
way to manage distributed enterprise 
networks, Uplogix combined minds from 

lems when you have an outage," says 
James Dollar, vice president of products 
for Uplogix. 

By collecting and saving configuration 

settings for network devices, Envoy can 

provide one-click configuration restoration, 

even for operating system components. 

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Server Manufacturers: 
A Support Comparison 

How Do The Major Players Rate 
From An SME Perspective? 

by John Brandon 

Here's one of the most daunt- 
ing challenges facing any data 
center: knowing which server 
manufacturer to choose. It's a 
time-consuming process but a 
critically important decision, 
and one that can have a lasting 
impact on any operation. 

Choosing a company that 
provides an immediate re- 
sponse to problems and doesn't 
think twice about overnighting 
replacement parts can lead to 

more productivity for every 
department. Waiting on hold to 
report a malfunction while an 
enterprise client gets the top- 
tier service, and paying several 
hundred dollars extra just for 
service on equipment that was 

already expensive to begin 
with, can hit your bottom line 
with a resounding thud. 

Meeting Customers' Demands 

Besides the larger compa- 
nies, such as IBM and HP, 
there are relatively smaller 
companies, such as Gateway, 
who have focused more square- 
ly on small business. Yet most 

Choosing a company that 

provides an immediate response 

can lead to more productivity. 

use a common approach to 
meeting the demands of busi- 
ness customers. 

In fact, these commonalities 
are what can make the decision 
difficult. For example, many 
use "channel partners" to aid in 
service and support. These part- 
ners are sometimes located in 
the same town, can provide 
onsite support, and focus on 
developing a business relation- 
ship, not just selling you prod- 
ucts. Even a four-person sports 
memorabilia shop can get tech- 
nical assistance, order parts, 
and connect with trained pre- 
sales representatives without 
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In This 



Companies To Watch 

We highlight four up-and-coming manufacturers 
with products you should pay attention to. 

Automating Networks 1 

A Solution For Exchange Downtime? 9 

Altiris & Software Virtualization 11 

The Right Combination 12 


Server Manufacturers: A Support 
Comparison 1 1 

The main directive for selecting a server manufac- 
turer is to consider the price for premium services, 
depth of product offerings, and SME-dedicated 
support lines. 

Business IT Skills Needed | 27 

To thrive rather than just survive, experts note that 
managers and employees increasingly need 
knowledge of the business side of IT. 

Moving Equipment | 28 

The actual physical movement of data center equip- 
ment can make or break a successful relocation, but 
planning for transport can often be forgotten. 

Mailbox Restores | 30 

Given email's importance in the workplace, enter- 
prises of all sizes need ways to restore missing or 
corrupted Exchange files, along with ways to 
search these files for compliance, legal discovery, 
and security reasons. 


Tripp Lite SmartOnline Hot-Swappable UPS 16 

BlueCat Proteus Enterprise IPAM Appliance 17 

Net Optics 10/1 00 BaseT Teeny Tap 18 

MailFoundry 1150 20 

Enterasys Dragon Network Defense 20 

Product Releases 1 16 

■ AdventNet updated its application and server 
monitoring software, ManageEngine Applications 
Manager. ■ DataCore introduced SANmaestro 
Monitor to manage and enhance performance in 
SAN and Windows environments. ■ ForcelO 
Networks unveiled the P-Series family of security 
appliances. ■ IBM released a new family of 
ThinkPad Z61m notebooks. ■ Ingrian announced 
the Ingrian i1 10 DataSecure Platform for central 
encryption management. ■ Kodak introduced four 
new scanners for workgroup and departmental 
imaging operations. ■ Kofax released the Kofax 
Document Scan Server. ■ Motion's new LE1600TS 
Tablet PC comes with a 12.1 -inch display that allows 
you to easily carry it with you wherever you go. ■ 
Nexsan Technologies announced the Assureon 4.0 
storage security device. ■ Oce announced the Oce 
Imagistics cm2520 Multi-Function Printer. 


Opinions 24,25 

What's Happening 31 

Two Terms 31 

Next Week 31 

Upcoming IT Events 3 

Marketplace News 3 

MarketWatch 4 

Product Releases 16 

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May 26, 2006 

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May 26, 2006 


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I Symantec Sues Microsoft 

Symantec has filed a lawsuit against 
Microsoft in a Seattle U.S. District Court 
alleging Microsoft is misusing Symantec 
technology in Windows Server 2003, Vista, 
and Longhorn Server. The complaint alleges 
Microsoft had originally licensed Symantec's 
Volume Manager product, which helps store 
and manage large amounts of data, for use in 
Windows 2000 but then used it to develop func- 
tionality in Windows Server 2003 and newer 
operating systems. The two companies tried to 
resolve the dispute by themselves but failed. 

I Lawsuit Tries To Block 
Click-Fraud Settlement 

Lawyers representing several Internet adver- 
tisers are asking a judge to throw out a $90 mil- 
lion settlement by Google to end a click-fraud 
suit brought against the search company. The 
settlement was reached in March and still needs 
to be approved by a judge. Companies included 
in the suit claim the settlement is not enough 
to adequately compensate advertisers that 
lost money as a result of click fraud. One of the 
lawyers says that under the existing settlement, 
Google can reimburse companies half a percent 
of their losses, or about $5 for every $1,000 lost. 
Google questioned the lawyers' motives and 
asked that they let the settlement go through the 
usual class action process. 

I Dell Announces Changes 

After announcing lower-than-expected 
quarterly results, Dell is planning several 
changes to "capture more than our fair share of 
growth in the global IT market," says company 
Chairman Michael Dell. The company un- 
veiled plans to offer multiprocessor servers 
running AMD Opteron chips by the end of this 
year. Facing increased competition from HP 
and Lenovo, Dell also plans to offer more 
competitive pricing and will invest $100 mil- 
lion in customer service, adding an estimated 
2,000 new employees to improve its customer 
service and support record. "We intend to take 
the goals of aggressive pricing, at the same 
time improving product quality and improving 
our overall service and support," says Jim 
Schneider, Dell's CFO. 

I Coalition Works For Patent Litigation Reform 

Intel, Cisco, and HP are among several 
technology companies who have formed a 
coalition to focus on patent litigation reforms. 
Tentatively named the Coalition for Patent 
Fairness, the group will formally announce its 
members in the upcoming weeks. According 
to coalition President Doug Comer, the focus 
of the coalition will be on the abuse of current 
patent laws. The coalition will work to get 
laws changed to make them more balanced. 

I IBM To Help Build Supercomputer Center 

IBM is one of a number of companies taking 
part in building the new Computational Center 
for Nanotechnology Innovations at Rensselaer 
Polytechnic Institute in Troy, N.Y. Other con- 
tributing firms include AMD and Cadence, a 
company specializing in semiconductor design 

tools. The new supercomputer center will 
focus on developing advance nanotechnology 
and new semiconductors; it will be one of 
the 10 largest such centers in the world. The 
cost of the center is an estimated $100 million; 
it's slated to be up and running by the end of 
the year. 

I Microsoft Not Concerned About Google 

Microsoft has its sights set on being No. 1 
when it comes to Internet advertising, but it is 
not focused specifically on what Google is 
doing, says Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. 
The company's focus is on creating Internet 
content and services through Windows Live, 
Office Live, and MSN, which will eventually 
help it overtake Google's No. 1 spot. Ballmer 
says it could take up to five years to achieve 
the goal. "We will show our usual innovation, 
but also our patience," he says. Google Co- 
founder Larry Page recently offered similar 
comments, saying Google is too busy creating 
new services to worry about what Microsoft 
is doing. 

I Spyware Infestation At Work Increasing 

According to the annual Websense Web 
@Work survey, in the past year, the number of 
businesses that report having a spyware infesta- 
tion has risen dramatically. The study found that 
of the companies with over 100 workers, 17% 
reported spyware such as a keylogger on their 
networks. Joel Camissar, a Websense manager, 
says this accounts for "almost 50% growth in 
the instances of keyloggers that organizations 
are reporting back." Camissar says the increase 
may stem partly from the substantial rise in spy- 
ware-making toolkits sold on the Internet. 

I HP Posts Higher Profit 

HP's second fiscal quarter ending April 30 
showed a rise in revenue of 4.6% up to $22.6 
billion, while net income increased 51% over 
figures from a year ago, from $966 million, or 
33 cents per share, to $1.46 billion, or 51 cents 
a share. Profit for the quarter beat analysts' 
estimates of 49 cents per share to land at 54 
cents a share after subtracting 3 cents a share 
for amortization costs. HP's better-than-expect- 
ed profit stemmed partly from increased ink 
supply sales and the company recently gaining 
additional market share in the PC industry. 

I Davis Says Goodbye To CA 

Marking the loss of its third executive in 
less than a month, CA announced last week 
that executive vice president CFO Robert 
Davis is leaving the company. Until a replace- 
ment is found, Senior Vice President and 
Corporate Controller Robert Cirabisi will hold 
the position. Mark Barrenechea, executive vice 
president and CTO, and Jeff Clarke, CA COO, 
have also left CA for other positions. 

I Reshuffling Microsoft's Partner Management 

Microsoft announced that its vice president 
of the U.S. Partner Group, Margo Day, will be 
leaving the position after five years to replace 
Matt Pease as regional vice president of the 
West region in SMS&P (Small and Mid- 
Market Solutions and Partners). Meanwhile, 
Pease will become region vice president of ser- 
vices. The current regional vice president of the 
East region for SMS&P, Robert Deshaies, will 
move to head up the U.S. Partner Group, while 
Dave Willis, vice president of SMS&P for 
Microsoft Canada, will take Deshaies' place as 
regional vice president for the East region. 

I U.S. Needs Better Telework Plans 

Scott Kriens, chairman and CEO of Juniper 
Networks, and Paul Kurtz, executive director of 
the Cyber Security Industry Alliance, told U.S. 
lawmakers that government agencies are ill- 
prepared should the need for long-term 
telecommuting arise. With fears of the avian flu 
spreading, Kriens and Kurtz emphasized that 
telecommuting would be vital to keeping gov- 
ernment agencies operating should a massive 
disaster occur. Similarly, Telework Exchange 
found 71% of U.S. government employees 
polled believe their agency is not prepared to 
continue operating should a flu pandemic occur. 

I Unpatched Hole In Microsoft Word 

A hole in Microsoft Word 2003 is vulnerable to 
complex attacks that use Word attachments in 
emails to install Trojan horse programs to take 
control. Symantec says the unpatched hole 
makes Word 2000 crash, but attackers aren't able 
to run "shell code" to take control of the comput- 
er after exploitation. Desktop and gateway 
antivirus programs will be unable to detect the 
attacks until specific signatures are developed. 



This information provides a quick glimpse of current and historical stock 
prices and trends for 16 major companies in the technology market. 

| Company 


Year Ago 

May 15$ 

May 22 $ 

% change from 1 
previous week | 






T 0.85% 

BEA Systems 





▲ 1 1 .37% 

Computer Associates 





▼ 6.13% 

Cisco Systems 





A 0.19% 






A 0.12% 

Electronic Data Systems 





▼ 2.96% 






T 1 .4% 




$31 .63 


A 1 .74% 






▼ 3.46% 






▼ 6.78% 






▼ 8.48% 






▼ 1.17% 






▼ 3.01% 

Red Hat Software 





▼ 8.71% 

Sun Microsystems 





▼ 4.42% 






▼ 4.91% 

NOTE: This information is meant for reference only and should not be used as a basis for buy/sell decisions. 

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May 26, 2006 


IP Phone Systems 


by Sandra Kay Miller 

"Three to four years ago, you 
had to justify the choice to imple- 
ment IP telephones. Today, it's 
the opposite. If you're putting in 
legacy telephones, you better be 
able to explain why," says Larry 
Stein, director of marketing for 
ShoreTel. Stein says 75% to 80% 
of all new and upgraded telepho- 
ny installations today are IP- 
based, and no new research and 
development is underway for 
legacy phone systems. 

Insight Research in Boonton, 
N.J., projects the number of VoIP 
extensions installed will match and 
surpass circuit-switched extensions 
starting next year. Jeff Snyder, a 
Gartner analyst, forecasts that by 
2007, 97% of all new telephone 
systems installed in North America 
will either be pure VoIP or a hybrid 
of VoIP and legacy systems. 

Last year, Gartner expected 
pure VoIP system sales to reach 
$903 million, while traditional 


Avaya IP Office 

A comprehensive, modular VoIP 
solution capable of supporting both 
digital and IP phones 

circuit-switched system sales 
dropped 32% from 2004. VoIP/ 
circuit-switched hybrid sales were 
predicted to rise by 30%, reaching 
$2 billion in sales, up from $1.5 
billion in 2004. 

Alex Pierson, enterprise general 
manager and vice president at 
Nortel, sees the current market in 
a couple dimensions: pure IP 
installations and hybrids of VoIP 
and digital. However, he predicts 
that by the end of the decade 
VoIP will become the de facto. 

IP phones utilize private net- 
works and the Internet instead of 
conventional phone lines to ex- 
change voice calls, faxes, and pag- 
ing services. IP telephony has been 
touted for significant cost savings 
because IP calls don't traverse the 
POTS (plain old telephone system) 

Buying Tips 

wires, thus eliminating long-dis- 
tance charges. In addition to cost 
savings, VoIP holds the promise of 
the integration of network applica- 
tions with traditional voice calls, 
including rich multimedia func- 
tionalities such as video. 

With nearly a decade of devel- 
opment, VoIP has reached a level 
of maturity acceptable for enter- 
prise deployments. Challenges 
such as quality of service, reliabil- 
ity, and security have all been 
adequately addressed for wide- 
spread adoption to commence. 

ShoreTel' s Stein pegs the transi- 
tion to VoIP for IT managers as a 
make-or-break career opportunity. 
"If you choose the wrong equip- 
ment, you're going to be looking 
for a new job," he warns, pointing 
out that it's one thing to have email 
go down, but it's a career stopper 
to lose an entire phone system. 

Smart Moves 

Due to the vital nature of enter- 
prise communications, organiza- 
tions are gradually migrating to 
VoIP, first using the technology 
internally with an outward migra- 
tion to work out any kinks before 
depending on VoIP for mission- 
critical touch points such as cus- 
tomers and vendors. 

Decommissioning a legacy 
phone system for a total replace- 
ment with VoIP also poses seri- 
ous financial considerations not 
many organizations have the capi- 
tal to invest, considering the life- 
cycle of enterprise phone systems 
averages eight to 12 years. 

While the initial enterprise adop- 
tion of VoIP has been propelled by 
financial savings from toll call 
elimination and the lower cost of 
physical management (adds and 
moves), organizations are realizing 
their biggest gains from VoIP will 
be from the implementation of 
converged applications for core 
business applications. 


Cisco Business 
Communications System 

Incorporating voice and data sys- 
tems into a single network with the 
ability to integrate components 1 

Venture capitalist Charles 
Moldow of Foundation Capital 
sees VoIP-based call centers as 
the next big breakthrough with 
customer service. For example, 
clicking a name in a CRM data- 
base or having content pushed to 

ShoreTel's Larry Stein points out three key criteria when purchasing IP tele- 
phone equipment. Look for equipment that is: 

Reliable. Telephone equipment has the highest standard of operational guar- 
antee, 99.99999% uptime. Reliability includes how the equipment is built, the 
architecture, the configuration, and deployment. 

Easy to use. The phones must be simple to use from an end-user per- 

Easy to manage. Choose telephones that are easy to add and move. Also make 
sure the phones are easy to upgrade when new software becomes available. 

consumers such as service re- 
minders — even advertising — can 
instantly dial numbers. 

Components Of VoIP 

When a VoIP session is initiat- 
ed (a phone call, fax, page, con- 
tent, etc.), the gateway converts 
the media being sent (audio, 
video, or a combination) from the 
originating network to the format 
required by the receiving network. 

For a voice call, a digital signal 
processor breaks the signal into 
packets and frames that are car- 
ried via IP using one of the many 
protocols for transport such as 
H.323 (ITU), MGCP (level 3, 
Bellcore, Cisco, Nortel), MEGA- 


Nortel Business 
Communications Manager 

Offering IP-enabled or pure-IP tele- 
phony; includes unified messaging, 
multimedia call center, interactive 
voice response, IP routing, and 
data services 

and Skinny (Cisco). 

Another component encountered 
in VoIP systems is coder-decoder 
compression schemes known as 
CODECs. CODECs make efficient 
use of bandwidth and are stan- 
dardized by the International 
Telecommunication Union. 

Taking advantage of existing IP 
network infrastructure is a major 
plus for VoIP installations, and 
many integrators are working 
with enterprises to gradually 
migrate corporate phone systems 
to VoIP, especially with hybrid 
systems that can handle IP, digi- 
tal, and analog telephone traffic. 

Although there are numerous 
VoIP service vendors and integra- 
tors, there are four major players 
with the lion's share of the VoIP 
systems market space: Avaya, 
Cisco, Nortel, and ShoreTel. 


For small to midsized enterpris- 
es that want to migrate to VoIP, 
Avaya' s IP Office platform scales 
up to 360 extensions through over 
200 analog and digital trunks. 
IP Office includes a PABX with 
support for auto attendant, voice- 
mail, broadband access, a wireless 
access point, VPN tunneling, and 
voice compression. 

IP Office includes integrated 
messaging and Web-enabled con- 
ferencing through an easy-to-use 
GUI. Avaya' s auto attendant 
application lets users route their 
own calls, eliminating the need 
for operator/receptionist interven- 
tion. TAPI (Telephone Appli- 
cations Programming Interface) 
support ties in with Microsoft 

Outlook and other desktop appli- 
cations. Both IP and digital hand- 
sets are supported. 


Unlike Avaya, which has its 
roots in telephony, Cisco is the 
networking heavyweight and 
leverages its technologies to pro- 
vide robust VoIP solutions with 
cutting-edge communication sys- 
tems such as video phones, busi- 
ness continuity systems, and call 

The Cisco Business Commu- 
nications system offers support 
for both IP and analog phone sys- 
tems, letting organizations gradu- 
ally evolve existing infrastructure 
to include enhanced services into 
a single converged network. 

Converging voice and data on- 
to a single network, Cisco has 
launched a portfolio of leading- 
edge IP telephony equipment 
including the color IP Phone 
7985G Videophone, which starts 
at $3,945. 

In addition to the basics 
(voicemail, forwarding, transfer, 
and conference), Cisco includes 
rich multimedia features such as 
color video and full duplex 
audio, touch access to IP directo- 
ries, services, and phone and 
video settings. 


Another major player in the 
communications and networking 
industries, Nortel's BCM (Busi- 
ness Communications Manager) 
presents a hybrid solution for both 
digital and IP-based telephony. 
The ability to scale to over 200 
extensions, combined with Web- 
enabled installation and manage- 
ment, makes BCM scalable and 
simple to use. 

BCM hosts a complete set of 
applications such as voice and 
unified messaging, interactive 
voice response, multimedia call 
center, and support for wireless. 


Fairly new to the pack is Shore- 
Tel, one of the fastest-growing IP 
PBX vendors in the United States. 
ShoreTel's integrated IP phone 
system consists of its ShoreGear 


ShoreTel IP Phone System 

Offers integrated PBX, voicemail, 
and automated attendant functions 
with SIP for multivendor support 

Voice Switches and ShoreWare 
Director, a browser-based man- 
agement console. The system 
scales up to 10,000 users for uni- 
fied messaging and desktop appli- 
cation support. 

A full line of ShorePhone tele- 
phones cover enterprise needs, 
including analog phones that inte- 
grate into the IP system, soft- 
phone software that enables PCs 
with telephone functionalities, 
and a full range of IP phones from 
a basic single-line model (Shore- 
Phone IP 110) to a six-line execu- 
tive model with a full-duplex 
speakerphone and a 24/7 charac- 
ter/line backlit display (Shore- 
Phone IP 560). 


Solutions from big players in 
the VoIP market often appear 
overwhelming to smaller organiza- 
tions. Vendors such as TalkSwitch 
(Centerpoint Technologies) offer 
hybrid systems that let small busi- 
nesses voyage into IP-based tele- 
phony without the complexity and 
cost associated with leading-edge 

The TalkSwitch 48-CVA Hy- 
brid VoIP/PSTN Telephone Sys- 
tem retails for less than $1,800 and 
provides four lines in, four VoIP 
trunks, eight local and eight remote 
extensions, nine auto attendants, 
and 26 voice mailboxes. Up to four 


TalkSwitch 49-CVA Hybrid 
VoIP/PSTN Telephone System 

A hybrid VoIP/PSTN system with a 
full-featured PBX; supports stan- 
dard analog, digital, and VoIP 

systems can be networked, expand- 
ing the phone system to 16 lines, 
32 extensions with 16 VoIP trunks. 

Currently, TalkSwitch only 
sells digital phones, but in early 
July it will be introducing a SIP 
phone as part of the system. 

"Try to find a solution that gives 
you the best of both worlds," says 
TalkSwitch CEO Jan Scheeren. 
He doesn't see VoIP as being as 
robust as the PSTN system as of 
yet, especially due to power is- 
sues. Traditional analog phones on 
the PSTN are powered by current 
running over the copper wire, 
while most VoIP phones require 
an additional power supply, al- 
though some are starting to sup- 
port Power over Ethernet. 

"There are clear benefits to VoIP 
right now, even though it is not as 
robust, and there are going to be a 
lot more benefits in the future," 
says Scheeren. 

The Next Generation 

Pierson points out a big differ- 
ence organizations must realize 
when switching to VoIP. "It's not 
just about replacing equipment, 
but thinking through where, as a 
business, you are trying to get to 
tomorrow," he says. Pierson sug- 
gests organizations ask themselves 
three critical questions prior to 
purchasing a VoIP telephone sys- 
tem. 1) Why am I doing this? 2) 
What is it going to take at the net- 
work level? and 3) Where do I 
want to go? 

Organizations need to take a 
close look at the solutions they 
choose to successfully deliver the 
next generation of services. 

To see Processor Showcase 

advertisements for products in this 

category, go to 

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under Communications/Telephony— 

IP Telephony/VoIP. 

May 26, 2006 

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. Manufacturer Presentation _ 

Physical - Racks & Furniture Advertisement 

Secure, Fully Powered 
Notebook Cabinet 

Holds Up To 18 Notebook Computers 

The Secure Laptop/Notebook 
Cabinet (SLNC) fully powered cabi- 
net i& designed! to house up to 1 8 
laptops/notebooks with internal 
power bars for charging. This new 
secure cabinet protects your laptop 
as well as your information. 

With laptop theft on the rise all 
across the country, this unique 
innovation secures laptops a no" 
keeps them fully powered by 
charging Ihem when in Ihe cabinet. 
The ur it eve n has a network capa- 
bility for I nternet updates wh ile Secure 
secured. These cabinets come with 
a two-piece all-steel tambour door, 
a lock Willi two keys, and a power bar for keeping e 
lion, a security locking bar can be added thai will at 

Each private drawer has two private compartments 
as its own power oullel with room for tbe power pa 
also available for storing laptop bags and spare par 

Universities, hospitals, government agencies, pallet 
ot institutions wilh employees or students that chet 
have a secure environment to store the equipment 
recharge Itie unit and even update information, itsc 




Firewall 310 model 
Additional sizes available 

■ Stops spyware downloads (including drive-by downloads) 

• Slops virus downloads 

• Blocks access to spyware Web Sites 

• Detects spyware access lo the Internal 

• Facilitates spyware removal * Block offensive Web Sites 

• No per user fees! Very Affordable! 

• Call 1-8SB-ANTI-SPAM lor your free evaluation 


38-5 ftaventfaie Drive 

Mountain View, CA 9404S 
Pnone; (40S) 34S-WO0 
Fax: (408) 342-1061 


Information Support Concepts, .■* 
Phone: (SOD) 458-6255 

Each product Showcase or Manufacturer 
Presentation has a color bar at the top. 
Simply identify the product category and 
related color you're looking for from the 
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Nodes, Communications, or Physical 
Infrastructure) then flip through the 
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Your Guide To Products Featured In Processor 


Design, Development, Hosting, Implementation, Manufacturing, Security, Training 


Application Development, Business Productivity, Communications, Security, System Management 

End Nodes 

Components, KVM, Mobile Devices, Monitors, Peripherals, Servers, Systems 


Network Security, Routers, Storage Networking, Switches, Telephony, Wireless 

Physical Infrastructure 

Cabling, Environmental Controls, Fire Protection, Power Distribution, Racks 


Solution Index 


Communication s 

Application Networking 15 


Access Control 15 

Antivirus/Antispyware 16 

Database Security 16 

Multifunction Appliance 17 


Ethernet Switch 17 

End Nodes 

Data Collection 22 

KVM & Console Access 

KVM 22 

KVM Accessory 25 


Tablet 25 

Printer 25 

Server 27 

Embedded System 27 

Server Appliance 

Email Appliance 27 

IM Appliance 27 


Disk Based Backup 33 

Storage Security 33 

Network Attached Storage 33 

Storage Area Network 33 

Storage Component 33 

Thin Client 35 

Workstation 35 


Bus 35 

Data Comm Component 35 


Database & Data Mining 35 

Imaging & Printing 36 

Messaging & Groupware 

Antispam 36 

Network & Systems Mgmt. 

Defragmentation 36 

File Management 38 

Management Suite 38 

Terminal Services 38 

Virtualization 38 

Wireless Management 38 


Access Control 38 

Rights & Permissions 41 

Security Suite 41 


Backup Utility 41 


Data Center Services 

Data Center Cleaning 41 

Data Center Design 41 

Equipment Disposal 41 

Hosting & Disaster Recovery 

Hosting/DR Site 41 

Media Recovery 41 

Messaging & Groupware 

Email Service 42 

Multiple IT Services 42 

Network & Systems Mgmt 42 


Managed Security Services 42 


Data Backup Services 42 

Physical Infrastructure 


Cable Testing 42 

Environmental Monitoring 42 

Flooring 42 

HVAC 42 

Power Distribution 42 

Power Management 43 

Power Protection 45 

Racks & Furniture 

Racks & Cabinets 45 

Furniture 46 

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May 26, 2006 



where customer service matters 
Long Wallmount Rack 

Universal Rack Rails 

Takes Servers Up To 31 " Deep 

Available in 4U,6U&8U 

• Rack allows mounting of equipment in 
a vertical "knobs up" fashion (visual- 
ize a pendaflex hanging folder) 

• Equipment mounts to backpan for 
even weight distribution 

• Hinged top cover allows user access to 

• Hinged body allows installer access to 

•Top cover and body keyed separately 

• Rack backpan includes venting and 
optional fan mounting with grills 

• GSA Schedule #GS-35F-0208R 

NEBS Server Cabinet 

36"D - Certified to Seismic Zone 4 

Based on the standard, patented 
frame design of our RS, RSP, and 
FRS server rack series, this NEBS- 
compliant configuration has been 
tested and certified to meet 
Telcordia (Bellcore) GR-63-CORE 
requirements for ZONE 4 seismic 
earthquake environments. 

GSA Schedule #GS-35F-0208R 

Tabletop / Portable Server Rack 

32" (Usable Depth) - Perfect On or Under Desk 
■3U, 6U, 9U, 12U and 15U Heights 

■ Includes 4.5" fan, 25 pes M6 hardware/cage nuts & levelers 

■ Black, locking plexi front door and vented rear door 
■Supports Dell/IBM/HP/Compaq, etc. (univ. mounting rails) 

See our IT70 GSA Schedule #GS-35F-0208R 

(866) 207-6631 

Mention This Ad For A Free Cagenut Removal Tool! 

Wallmount Relay Rack 

• Self-squaring guarantees easy 

•Two depths: 13" and 19" 

•Five heights: 8U, 12U, 15U, 18U, 

and 30U 

• No more stripped threaded holes 

• Ultimate versatility with universal 
rack rail. Use 10-32, 12-24 or m6 

See our IT70 GSA Schedule #GS- 

Shockrack Shipping Case 

20", 24" & 30" Depth 

Million Mile Warranty: Every SKB 
hardshell case is unconditionally 
guaranteed forever. That means if 
you break it, we will repair it or 
replace it at no cost to you. SKB 
cases have been on the road since 
1977 and have spent a good deal of 
time flying equipment for military 
combat operations. These are tough 
cases built for a lifetime of service. 

GSA Schedule #GS-35F-0208R 

Rackmount TFT / LCD Drawer 

Superb Quality • Unparalleled Versatility 
More choices than you ever dreamed of! 

•13", 15", 17", 19" 

•Touch pad, track ball, real mouse 

• With or without 4-, 8- or 1 6-port KVM 

• 1 U or 2U for independent monitor/keyboard use 

GSA #GS-35F-0208R 

Phone: 866-207-6631 

May 26, 2006 

Page 7 

Global Datafiuard 


Only Global DataGuard's security risk management solution includes the following integrated layers of security technologies: 

Integrated Security Stack 

> Intrusion Detection & Prevention 

> Adaptive/ Predictive Behavioral Analysis 

> Network Access Control 

> Event & Global Threat Correlation 

> Vulnerability Scanning 

> Vendor Alerts 

> Asset/Resource Database 

> Security Dashboard (integrated SIM/SEM) 

> SOC-in-a-Box Appliance 

> Full & On-Demand Managed Services 




Unified Security Dashboard 

Each layer complements and augments the others, with intelligent behavioral analysis and correlation 
capabilities comprising the Global DataGuard (GDG) technology difference. 

You'll benefit from early warnings of threats that other solutions cannot see; far fewer false positives; cost savings, and the ability to manage 
security with one dashboard. You'll also benefit from Global DataGuard's 24/7/365 and on-demand managed security services. 

NO RISK. 30-DAY TRIAL Call 972.980.1 444 

.-Manufacturer Presentation . 

.Manufacturer Presentation . 

Communications - Telephony Advertisement 

Add SIP Survivability to Remote Offices 


For the company ready to transform over to pure distributed IP telephony, the 
MultiVOIP™ SS survivable SIP Gateway is a viable solution for your remote 
offices. It integrates seamlessly with a central SIP server and provides the 
branch office with reliable, mission-critical phone connectivity and local office 
presence by delivering WAN/LAN failover survivability. It provides three 
primary functions: 

• Local Office Survivability. 

WAN Failure. In the event of a WAN failure, the MultiVOIP SS gateway 

automatically redirects calls through local PSTN trunks connected to the 

gateway, allowing the office to maintain critical communications until full 

functionality is restored. 

LAN Failure. In the event of a LAN failure, inbound/outbound calls can 

still be made via analog phones or PSTN lines directly connected to the 

MultiVOIP SS gateway. 

Power Failure. In the event of a power failure, the MultiVOIP SS gateway 

provides emergency transfer failover survivability to an analog phone/fax 

handset to provide inbound/outbound calling. 

• PSTN Trunking. By connecting a PSTN line directly to the gateway, the 
remote office can establish a local office presence with access for emer- 
gency calls, such as 91 1, as well as normal inbound/outbound local calling. 

• ATA Functionality. The MultiVOIP SS gateway functions as an analog 
telephone adapter (ATA), adapting analog phones and fax machines to IP 

So, if you're ready to migrate your office to pure distributed IP telephony, 
Multi-Tech can help get you there. 

2205 Woodale Drive 
Mounds View, MN 55112 
Toll Free: (888) 288-5470 






Communications - Security Advertisement 

Britestream Networks & OSST 
Partner On Scalable Security Appliance 

Britestream Networks and Otto 
Security & Software 
Technologies (OSST) have part- 
nered to deliver a highly scalable 
security appliance built on 
Microsoft Internet Security & 
Acceleration Server. The New 
OSST SecureGUARD combines 
the strengths of Microsoft's ISA 
Server 2004 and Britestream's 

SSL Security NIC to deliver perimeter security, branch-office connectivity, Web 
caching, and maximum SSL performance in one solution. 

The wide range of security appliances fit from low-cost to maximum-performance 
solutions. The SecureGUARD Series can be adjusted to suit nearly all of your busi- 
ness requirements for content and information security. Simple, fanless, low-noise, 
and low-cost models for small and midsized businesses up to highly available enter- 
prise solutions with a maximum of performance. 

The SecureGUARD appliance product line for Microsoft ISA Server 2004 delivers a 
combination of perimeter security, branch-office connectivity, and Web caching in 
easy-to-use appliances at an affordable price. 

"We are very excited to enter into this partnership with OSST," says Bob 
Weinschenk, CEO of Britestream. "Their delivery of a fully integrated security appli- 
ance built on Microsoft and Britestream technologies creates a solution that is both 
highly scalable and easy to deploy." 


BRITESTREAM • (512)250-2129 

May 26, 2006 


2354 Calle Del Mundo, Santa Clara, CA 95054 


P:1-800-REAL-PCS FAX: 408-654-2910 

Want your business to be more productive? 

The ASA Servers powered by the Intel® Xeon™ Processor 
provides the quality and dependability to keep up with your growing business 

Hardware Systems For The Open Source Community - Since 1989 

(Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSd, Solaris, MS etc.) 

6TB + in 5U - $7,600 

Intel® 7501 , Dual Intel® XeoniM 2.8GHz 
6TB + IDE Storage 
Dual Gigabit LAN, CD+FD, VGA 
Options: SATA Drives, Firewire, 

DVD+RW, CD+RW, 64 Bit 
OS Configurations, etc. 

Storage Solutions 

IDE, SCSI, Fiber RAID solutions 
TB storage options 
3Ware, Hipoint, Adaptec, JMR, 
Kingston/Storcase solutions 

1U Dual Itanium IDE - $3,650 

Dual Intel® Itanium® 2 1 .4 GHz 


1 of 4 x 40 GB HDD 

Dual Gigabit LAN fc-— : ™™ - — 

Based on Supermicro 61 13M-i 

■*"" »pg_ _^___ L f. . \ u "^:zl:'J^ ! 


Rackmount and Desktop nodes 
Switches, Interconnects 
KVM or Cyclades Terminal Server 
APC or Generic racks 

14" Deep Appliance Look Server - $865 

Intel® Xeon™ 2.8GHZ Processor 
40GB Hard Drive 
One 10/100/1000 NIC 

Options: CD,FD, 2ND HD.Your Logo on Bezel 
Call for Low Cost Options. 



1 U Dual XeonTM EM64T 
Superserver -$1 ,700 

SuperMicro 6014H-82 Barebones 
Dual Intel® XeoniM 2.8 GHz 800 FSB 

1 GB DDR II-400 RAM Max: 16GB 

CD + FD, Dual GigE, VGA, RAILS 
Options: RAID, etc. 

Your Custom Appliance Solution 

Let us know your needs, we will get you a solution 



Intel®, Intel Inside®, Intel® Itanium® 2, Intel® Xeon™ , Intel® Xeon™ Logo and the Intel Inside® logo 
are trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. 

Prices and availability subject to change without notice. 
Not responsible for typographical errors. All brand names and logos are trademark of their respective companies. 

May 26, 2006 

A Solution For 
Exchange Downtime? 

Teneros Offers Total Uptime 
For Mission-Critical Email 

by David Garrett 

• • • 

Microsoft Exchange long ago 
won the battle to become the 
world's dominant email app in 
the small to midsized market. 
But it's more than a popular 
product; it's also a thorn in 
the side of many data center 

Exchange is powerful and 
grumpy, giving users all the 
email, calendar, contact, and task 
management features they need, 
but known to fail (or at least hic- 
cup) for obscure reasons. 

That would be a problem for any 
office tool, but it's all the worse 
for email, which has become cor- 
porate America's new telephone 

and filing cabinet. In today's 
office, meetings are planned, con- 
tracts exchanged, products de- 
signed, and documents shared all 
through email, which has largely 
usurped the facetime that once 
defined daily business life. 

So when Exchange dies, users 
wail, which is where Teneros 
comes in. 

Uptime For Exchange 

The Teneros ACA (Application 
Continuity Appliance) 2500E 
serves a single purpose: to keep 
your email online, no matter what 
happens to your Exchange server. 

"With the Teneros remotely 
managed Exchange failover appli- 
ance protecting the corporate 

Exchange server," says Teneros 
CEO Steve Lewis, "IT managers 
are assured of instant-on failover 
for 24/7 end-user email continu- 
ity, protection, and integrity of the 

three different screens in a process 
that takes less than 15 minutes. 

The ACA takes over from 
there, building an object-level 
copy of the Exchange database to 

Page 9 

"initialization"), the ACA enters 
standby mode, in which it updates 
its copy of the Exchange database 
and monitors the health of the 
Exchange server. 

If there's a problem, the 
ACA instructs the network to 
fail over, using its own verified 
copy of your Exchange database 
to keep your email running. 
"Whether it's three minutes, 
three hours, or three days, we are 
the production Exchange serv- 
er," says Lewis. 

This gives you the time (and 
breathing room) to find and fix 

email data in the mail store, and 
no added in-house IT burden." 

The ACA works simply. In fact 
simplicity is part of Teneros' 
product strategy, starting with the 
box itself: The device comes in a 
suitcase with a handle and lifts 
itself out when the suitcase is 

Admins start by inserting the 
appliance into a rack and press- 
ing, in Lewis' words, "a pretty 
green button" to start. An intelli- 
gent display then prompts you to 
input basic data, such as the 
Exchange server's IP address, on 

be used as an instant-on backup. 
Lewis notes that an object-level 
copy inherently performs better 
than a disk-, file-, or block-level 
copy, which tends to replicate 
corrupted data when it finds it. To 
avoid this, the ACA employs a 
data review that Teneros calls 
Transaction Integrity Validation, 
designed to check emails and 
other Exchange objects before 
and after they're copied. 

Standby Mode 

Once the object-level copy is 
built (Teneros labels this phase 

the problem with Exchange. 
Once you have, instruct the ACA 
to redirect email traffic to the 
production server. Over time, the 
ACA will copy all new email, 
contacts, calendar entries, and 
other Exchange objects to the 
production server to sync its 

Convenience, Too 

The switch from your produc- 
tion Exchange server to the 
Teneros product is swift enough 
that users don't know there's a 
Go to Page 11 

^Manufacturer Presentation . 

Communications - Security Advertisement 

Securing Database Information 

Nonintrusive, high-performance, enterprise-class appliance 

SecurDB™ provides database security and stops "authorized misuse" of business 
information through policy-based intrusion detection, prevention, and compliance 
auditing. It fortifies regulatory compliance through an intelligent policy engine, auto- 
mated audit reporting, and forensic capabilities. 

External hackers and autho 
rized insiders pose a sig- 
nificant threat for corpo- 
rations and government 
agencies that are under 
increasing regulatory 
requirements to safeguard 
sensitive client informa- 
tion. With high-profile 
security breaches regularly 
making news, protecting critical 


8 tjl . ™ m 


database information is more challenging than ever. SecurDB significantly improves 
database security by stopping authorized misuse, which is the intentional or uninten- 
tional misuse of information by users with proper credentials. 

SecurDB is a policy-based security appliance that proactively mitigates unauthorized 
database activities. As part of an organization's BIA strategy, SecurDB has zero 
impact on the existing IT infrastructure and simplifies and automates previous manu- 
al processes, making it a cost-effective security solution. 

For more information about SecurDB™, visit 


Assuring Global Information 

Phone (866) 289-2737 or (512) 349-0300 
1 1 000 N. Mo-Pac Expressway • Austin, TX 78759 

.Manufacturer Presentation . 

Communications - Wireless Advertisement 


Key Features 

• Clustering functionality makes adding 
additional access points (APs) to your 
network "turnkey" — security settings 
and other operational parameters are 
securely downloaded into each new AP 

• Dynamic Channel Planning and Auto 
Channel Selection simplifies initial 
channel assignments and assure APs 
maintain optimal channel configuration 

• Easily managed with Web interface, 
Telnet, and SSH or through third-party 
SNMP-capable management software 

Neighborhood AP Detection assures 
you know what other APs are within 
range of your network 

» Network health monitoring, including: Status, throughput, security, RF interference, 
connected clients, and more 

• Wireless Multimedia (WMM) QoS support for prioritizing bandwidth for 
delay-sensitive applications such as VoIP 

• Multicast support for streaming video/audio 

• Load balancing shares the connectivity load evenly across multiple APs 

• Advanced wireless security suite: WiFi Protected Access 2 (WPA2)/802.1 1i, WPA, 
and 64/128-bit WEP encryption 

• Complete compatibility with standard 802.1 1b and 802.1 1g wireless technologies 

• Includes Bridge mode for connecting multiple LANs and Repeater mode for 
extending the reach of wireless networks without running additional Ethernet cables 

935 National Parkway 

Schaumburg, IL 60175 

Toll Free: (866) 877-2827 


Page 10 

Automating Networks 

Continued from Page 1 
Partial restorations, which allow 
administrators to roll back specif- 
ic changes without impacting the 
full configuration, are also sup- 
ported. These and other abilities 
can save time for enterprises, par- 
ticularly those without dedicated 
personnel who can regularly tack- 
le such tasks. 

"Smaller companies generally 
don't have the expertise in-house 
to manage their network," says 
Dollar. "Keeping up with tech- 
nology and ways to resolve prob- 
lems is a huge job for the big 
companies to do, much less the 
small ones. For instance, a com- 
pany might own three different 
brands of networking gear — 

maybe a Juniper, a Cisco, and a 
Nortel. Remembering how to 
change the passwords on all three 
of those might be a difficult thing 
to do. We'll take a password 
change function like that and 
extract it to the manufacturer and 
the code it's running, and if you 
want to change passwords across 
your network, you can say, 
'Change password on all these 

Similar time-saving concepts 
apply to recovery techniques, 
which can be a royal pain to 
smaller companies that don't 
encounter certain types of system 
failures enough to easily recover 
them. Dollar explains that instead 
of digging through manuals, 

For companies running multiple 

Envoys, Uplogix also offers EMS, or 

the Envoy Management Station, 

which serves as a central, 
Web-based management portal. 

companies using Envoy can be 
assured the appliance will auto- 
matically apply best-practice 
recovery procedures. 

Another key selling point is 
Envoy's direct connection to 
devices via the serial port, which 
Dollar describes as "the only reli- 
able connection to the device." 
Although other devices using out- 
of-band technologies also provide 
access to network devices using 
serial connectivity, Uplogix adds 
intelligence to the mix, in essence 
creating what it calls IOOB 
(Intelligence Out-of-Band) archi- 
tecture. Instead of one-way, man- 
ual device management, IOOB 
allows for robust management 
and automated control at the net- 
work's edge. 

"If the main link goes down, 
[Envoy has] the ability via an 
onboard modem or, in the case of 
satellite-based networks, via satel- 
lite-based modems, to reestablish 
a secure, alternate communica- 
tions path so that the management 
data is always flowing," says Bill 
Talbot, director of marketing for 
Uplogix. "Envoy always has the 
capability to do its job, to take 
actions, and report that informa- 
tion back up to the central man- 
agement console." 

May 26, 2006 

Company Name 



Date Founded 


Financial Data 


Austin, Texas 

December 2003 

Barry Cox and James Dollar 

Privately held; recently closed a round of series B funding 
for $7 million (total raised: $10.6 million) 

But how steep is the learning 
curve for Envoy? "It's not quite a 
dial that you turn, but when you 
set it up, we take you through a 
number of wizards to determine 
what kind of devices are there and 
what your support posture is for 
them," says Dollar. 

EMS To The Rescue 

For companies running multi- 
ple Envoys, Uplogix also offers 
EMS, or the Envoy Management 
Station, which serves as a central, 
Web-based management portal. 
Because each Envoy supports up 
to four network devices, even 
smaller companies could employ 
multiple Envoys. And with a sim- 
ple, GUI-oriented architecture, 
the EMS gives administrators an 
immediate, thorough view of all 
Envoys and network devices. 

The EMS, delivered on a Dell 
PowerEdge with dual 3GHz 
Xeon processors, 4GB RAM, 
and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, 
provides a dashboard view of all 
managed Envoys and devices; 
an alarms view that details the 
duration, status, and detailed 
messages from alarms across 
the enterprise; and aggregated 
device statistics. 

"A small company might not 
want to go invest in an HP 
OpenView or Netcool solution 
and could use our central manage- 
ment platform as a manager of 
managers, if you will — a single 
alarm screen and a single place to 
start resolving problems on your 
network," says Dollar. 

The 4-port Envoy lists for 
$2,800, and the EMS lists for 

Server Manufacturers: 
A Support Comparison 

Continued from Page 1 
having to wade through a national support 
tier that is designed, for the most part, for 
enterprise-class clients. 

The second commonality is that most 
large server manufacturers provide dedicat- 
ed small to midsized enterprise service and 
support lines. For example, IBM offers its 
SupportLine service with an entry price of 
$825 per year for SMEs to call one techni- 
cal support line. Dell offers a similar 
DirectLine service and support package for 
its PowerEdge and PowerApp systems. 
Most business support lines are available 
24/7. IBM, by far, has the most channel 
partners (about 90,000 worldwide) and ser- 
vice offerings. 

Yet for businesses other than those the 
size of Wal-Mart or Microsoft, one obvious 
differentiator is pricing. Gateway seems 
more focused on SMEs in its pricing struc- 
tures. Its technical support contract, for 
example, runs for two years and costs $249, 
which includes unlimited server support 
through a dedicated SME line. It also offers 
an even more comprehensive plan, which 
covers ancillary equipment in the data cen- 
ter, for $549. This plan provides three "res- 
olutions" for a three-year term. A resolu- 
tion occurs when Gateway completely 

solves a company IT problem. Renewing 
the contract is also affordable. 

"The essential difference between large 
and midmarket companies is the size of and 
depth of expertise in their IT departments," 
says Roger Kay, an Endpoint Technologies 
analyst. "Otherwise, their needs are quite 
similar. The midmarket companies need 
more handholding and typically have lower 
budgets than their larger peers. Gateway, 
because of its relatively smaller scale, has 
the ability to serve companies of a similar 
size better. With larger suppliers, smaller 
customers sometimes get lost in the shuffle 
as resources are devoted to the largest cus- 
tomers. With its network of partners, 
Gateway has the ability to deploy resources 
flexibly to meet the needs of smaller cus- 
tomers that nonetheless want enterprise- 
class services." 

"My experience obtaining service and 
support from Gateway has been very 
good," says Steve Yates, an MIS director 
at Loris Healthcare Systems in North 
Carolina. "Parts are shipped in a timely 
manner and the field technician shows up 
when he's supposed to. When our data cen- 
ter was destroyed last year, our Gateway 
representative didn't miss a step. They 
drop- shipped PCs and other hardware we 

Service & Support Comparison 

1 Company Features Web Site 1 


• Covers more remote areas 

• Lower cost for basic small to midsized enterprise services 

• Not as many channel partners 

• Not as many product offerings 


• Not as many product and support options as IBM 

• Premium pricing for higher quality 

• Not as many product offerings 

• Covers mostly large markets 


• Offers switches for legacy servers 

• 90,000 channel partners 

• Higher prices for support 

• Covers mostly large-market cities 

needed without waiting for a PO from me. 
Their line was 'Don't worry about it, we'll 
figure it all out later. Just tell us what you 
need.' I couldn't ask for a better group to 
work with." 

The Big Boys 

IBM and HP are the premium providers — 
sometimes at a premium price point. 
However, this can lead to extremely happy 

BladeCenter will provide us extremely effi- 
cient computing resources at a price that is 
attractive for our midsized business." 

IBM has consistently ranked higher than 
competitors in Computer Reseller News and 
VARBusiness server manufacturer compar- 
isons and is rated at better than 99% uptime 
for BladeServers by its channel partners. Of 
course, scalability, reliability, and product 
depth are not as critical if a server goes 

The main directive in choosing a server 

manufacturer for your small to midsized 

enterprise is to consider the price for premium 

services, depth of product offerings, and 

SME-dedicated support lines. 

customers. Art Beane, the IT enterprise 
architect at Aegis, rates HP higher than other 
companies, citing examples such as the 
knowledgeable phone support staff and 
timeliness in delivering replacement parts. 
"We always get through on the first call and 
usually get pretty close to a resolution the 
first time through," he says. "HP treats our 
medium-sized company [with 3,500 em- 
ployees and 400 servers] like we are a 
50,000-employee enterprise customer." 

There is another side to the service and 
support equation that smaller companies 
should not overlook. Premium server man- 
ufacturers such as HP and IBM offer more 
advanced products, and many more product 
categories, that may not require as much 
service and support. 

For example, IBM recently announced a 
new Server Connectivity Module that helps 
smaller companies connect existing System 
i servers to IBM BladeCenter products. 
This lets customers benefit from Blade- 
Center application performance while still 
using existing servers for storage, network- 
ing, and tape services. The module is also 
priced for smaller businesses, at $999, yet 
has enterprise-like scalability. 

"The System i service and support is the 
best I have ever encountered," says Chris 
Edwards, vice president of systems at 
Indiana-based Group Dekko, a wiring prod- 
ucts supplier for high-tech industries. 
"They are very focused on the customer 
and providing unmatched service. Also, 

down and workers are left without access to 
the resources they need but can't connect 
for technical support. One advantage that 
Gateway has in this regard is a larger num- 
ber of local partners. While HP and IBM 
dominate in larger markets such as Min- 
neapolis, Gateway has channel partners in 
remote locations including small towns. 

This makes Gateway one of the best 
server manufacturers for smaller companies 
and both IBM and HP wise choices for 
depth and range of services. Yet the main 
directive is to consider the price for premi- 
um services, depth of product offerings, 
and SME-dedicated support lines. With 
these criteria in mind, choosing a server is a 
notch easier. 


Aberdeen AberNAS Storage Servers 

Five-year warranty with every fully configured 

AberNAS rackmount server 

American Prolmage 

We customize and design hardware to meet 

your specific requirements 

Open Source Storage RS 
Series RAID Systems 

Three-year next-day warranty 

within the United States 

May 26, 2006 

Altiris & Software 

Install, Deploy, Heal & Switch 
Applications With A Click Of The Mouse 

by Paul Ferrill 

• • • 

Founded in 1998 with a focus on 
filling gaps in the enterprise man- 
agement space that some of the 
bigger players left out, Altiris has 
grown into a key provider of enter- 
prise management software. Some 
of its early products included soft- 
ware to clone a Windows NT sys- 
tem and a tool to image and deploy 
Microsoft Windows desktops. The 
publicly traded company is based 
in Lindon, Utah. 

SVS (Software Virtualization 
Solution) is one recent product 
release from Altiris and provides a 
new capability that hasn't been pre- 
viously available on the market. 
"We see SVS as a key tool to help 
system administrators simplify the 
overall software management 
process," says Rich Bently, market 

segment manager for client and 
mobile products at Altiris. 

What Is It? 

SVS is a program that 
resides between the oper- 
ating system and other 
applications. When you 
install the program, it 
loads something called a 
filter driver that monitors 
all SVS -enabled applica- 
tions for all communica- 
tion with the operating 
system. SVS also loads a utility 
that keeps track of SVS-enabled 
applications loaded on your 
machine and lets you enable or dis- 
able that application or reset it back 
to its original installation state. 

Altiris has released a version of 
Wise Package Studio for creating 
application installation packages 

Company Name 



Date Founded 


Financial Data 


Lindon, Utah 

August 1998 

Jan Newman 

Revenue over the last four quarters: $1 98.1 million; Current 
market cap: $600 million; Current stock price: $20.75 

enabled for SVS. Altiris acquired 
Wise as a wholly owned subsidiary 
in 2003 and has tightly integrated 
most of its products into the vari- 
ous Altiris management tools. 

application in a multitude of 
different scenarios, such as hav- 
ing different versions of Micro- 
soft Office installed. SVS has 
a command-line interface mak- 
ing it easy to set up a script 
file to change configurations in 
one step. 

For system administrators it 
allows the testing of new applica- 
tions in different environments 
before you roll them out to users. 
It also allows a one-click remove 
should that be needed. Patch test- 
ing becomes easier with the same 

Anyone who has ever upgraded 
from one version of an application 
to another and had problems will 
immediately see why you need 
something like SVS. The upgrade 
scenario is just one of the key areas 
that SVS addresses. "SVS will help 
you right off the bat with four dif- 
ferent problem situations. DLL 
conflicts between different applica- 
tions, dependencies on files or spe- 
cific resources, overlaps such as 
where one application wants to 
write files in the same location as 
another, and the version upgrade 
problem," says Bently. 

SVS will greatly benefit soft- 
ware developers and system 
administrators. For the developer 
SVS makes it simple to test an 

approach. From a help desk per- 
spective, you can revert any SVS 
application back to its original 
installation state with a single 
mouse click even if a user deletes 
key files or corrupts some part of 
the configuration. 

Application installation and 
provisioning is another area that 
greatly benefits from SVS. Using 
SVS an IT staff can provision all 
corporate computers with every 
application the company has to 
offer. (With today's hard drive 
capacities, this really shouldn't be 
an issue.) Then when an employ- 
ee has need of a specific applica- 
tion, the help desk simply sends 
down a command to enable that 
app on the local machine. 

Page 11 

Where's It Going? 

The initial release of SVS 
addresses a number of problems 
that have plagued users and 
administrators alike for a long 
time. Fixing the DLL conflict 
problem alone would make the 
program worth installing. Future 
releases of SVS will add integra- 
tion with other Altiris products 
such as its Protect solution to virtu- 
alize an entire user session. That 
will make it possible to virtually 
lock down a machine so that any 
changes made while a user 
is logged on will go away 
at the end of the session. 

Another feature on the 
horizon is virtualized oper- 
ating system patches. With 
this capability, system ad- 
ministrators will be able to 
turn on or off an OS patch 
with one command. Once 
the patch has been deploy- 
ed across the entire organi- 
zation without problems, it 
can be committed to the OS base- 
line deployed to all new machines. 
In the current releases, SVS is 
targeted primarily at client appli- 
cations. Future releases will also 
address server-based applications. 
That will help with the application 
upgrade issue at the server level, 
along with the other issues SVS 
handles for client applications. 

Bottom Line 

SVS solves problems that cost 
time and money. Altiris has a ver- 
sion of SVS available free for per- 
sonal use. You can download it for 
your personal machine to try it out. 
Companies will want to get SVS as 
part of a larger Altiris solution 
along with a support contract. 

A Solution For 
Exchange Downtime? 

Continued from Page 9 
problem. That's a lifesaving solution for 
unplanned downtime, but as Lewis notes, 
it also makes planned downtime less of a 

Why? Most planned downtime takes 
place after midnight and often on week- 
ends — time that IT staff would rather not 
spend in the office. With the Teneros 
solution, staff can safely take down the 
production Exchange server on a 
Wednesday at noon, making tweaks or 
upgrades while Teneros accepts all email 

IT staff can also use Teneros to run an 
upgrade itself, removing Exchange 2000 
and shifting traffic to the ACA, then 
installing Exchange 2003 and letting the 
ACA sync its copy of the EDB to the new 
version of Exchange. This removes the 
need to transfer data from Exchange 2000 
directly to Exchange 2003, a process that 
more than one admin has likened to root 

The Teneros ACA 2500E starts at 
$15,000 and can be configured with enough 
storage to match your current Exchange 

How Much Does Email Downtime Cost? 

In a word, email downtime is expensive. If nothing else, it costs your IT department vast sums of 
user confidence and in-house prestige. But if you'd truly like to know how email downtime affects 
your enterprise, run the numbers. 

First, take your firm's yearly gross revenue and divide it by 365 (or 260 if your firm operates only 
from Monday through Friday). 

Next, estimate the impact of email downtime on employee productivity. Are users half as produc- 
tive when they can't use Outlook? If so, the impact on productivity is 50%. If they need email like a 
fish needs water, the impact on productivity can be as much as 80%. Subtract that number from 
100% to determine employee productivity during email downtime. 

Multiply the first number by the second. For instance, if your business earns $1 ,000,000 per year 
and runs 24/7/365, your daily revenue is roughly $2,740. If workers lose half their productivity 
when email is down, your firm will lose $1 ,370 per day, or $2,740 multiplied by 50%. 

Say Hello to a New Kind of Hosting Company. 

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are SoftLayer Technologies. A dedicated hosting company unlike any other. Perfect for small- to medium-sized enterprises, value added resellers, 
and software integrators, we offer month-to-month contracts, no down payments, no credit checks, low monthly prices, and two-hour delivery. Turnkey enterprise hosting solutions. 
Risk-free technology. That's SoftLayer. It's nice to meet you. 

Intel Single Processor 

Intel Dual Processor 

Intel Dual Processor 

AMD Single Processor 

AMD Dual Processor 

AMD Dual Processor 

Dual Core 

Single Core 

Dual Core 

Dual Core 

Single Core 

Dual Core 

Pentium D 820/830 Processor 

Dual Xeon 3.0GHz/3.4GHz 

Dual Xeon Dual Core 2.8GHz 

AMDOpteron 165/170 

AMD Dual Opteron 246/250 

AMD Dual Opteron 265/270 

MS Windows/Red Hat ES 

MS Windows/Red Hat ES 

MS Windows/Red Hat ES 

MS Windows/Red Hat ES 

MS Windows/Red Hat ES 

MS Windows/Red Hat ES 






2GB DDRI400 ECC Ram 

SATA II or Raptor Drives 

SATA II or Raptor Drives 

SATA II or Raptor Drives 

SATA II or Raptor Drives 

SATA II or Raptor Drives 

SATA II or Raptor Drives 

Hardware Raid 0/1 Available 

Hardware Raid 0/1 Available 

Hardware Raid 0/1 Available 

Hardware Raid 0/1 Available 

Hardware Raid 0/1 Available 

Hardware Raid 0/1 Available 

2000GB Public Bandwidth 

2000GB Public Bandwidth 

3000GB Public Bandwidth 

2000GB Public Bandwidth 

2000GB Public Bandwidth 

3000GB Public Bandwidth 

Unlimited Private Bandwidth 

Unlimited Private Bandwidth 

Unlimited Private Bandwidth 

Unlimited Private Bandwidth 

Unlimited Private Bandwidth 

Unlimited Private Bandwidth 

Starting at $139/mo. 

Starting at $229/mo. 

Starting at $449/mo. 

Starting at $139/mo. 

Starting at $229/mo. 

Starting at $449/mo. 

Visit or call 866.398.7638 for more information. 5 O r I— P±T — R 

Page 12 

The Right Combination 

Reflex Security Helps Customers 
Achieve Compliance & Peace Of Mind 

by Ed Tittel 

• • • 

There's an old saying about engineering 
trade-offs that goes something like this: 
"Fast, cheap, and good: Pick any two, and a 
product can be engineered to deliver them; 
try to pick all three, and you're doomed to 
fail." Security company Reflex Security is 
doing a good job of beating the odds by 
delivering outstanding products at afford- 
able (which is not the same as cheap, to be 
sure) prices. Its offerings are also widely 
acknowledged to be the fastest in its cate- 
gory, so that' s about as close to the prover- 
bial engineering hat trick as anybody is 
likely to get. 

What Reflex Security offers to the mar- 
ket is a combination of products called the 
ThreatlQ suite. This software provides 
threat inspection and quarantine services 
in a unique and powerful way by combin- 
ing network intrusion detection, network 

Company Name 



Date Founded 


Financial Data 

Reflex Security 

Atlanta, Ga. 


Hezi Moore (Mualem) 

Year-over-year growth from 
2005 to 2006 exceeded 
50% with more than 1 ,000 
installations that year. 

discovery, and host quarantine into a single 
solution. Intrusion prevention takes the idea 
of intrusion detection one step further and 
not only recognizes when potential intru- 
sions may be imminent or underway but 
also uses signature-, anomaly-, and rate- 
based algorithms to facilitate automated 
defenses against a wide range of attack vec- 
tors. These include malicious or unwanted 
content, DoS attacks, anomalies, access 
violations, viruses, and spy ware. Network 
discovery is a process whereby all existing 
hosts and services are tracked and recorded, 
so as to provide context for the Reflex IPS 
engine. This lets administrators manage 
and monitor legitimate services and use 
policy controls to deal with unauthorized or 
unwanted services. Host quarantine enables 
a special module in the ThreatlQ environ- 
ment to communicate with a switch and 
block the network port associated with any 
host, thereby preventing it from accessing 
or even interacting with the LAN. 

The company's offerings also include a 
powerful centralized control center that 
enables configuration of ThreatlQ suite ele- 
ments and their management. Capabilities 
include comprehensive reporting tools and 
a straightforward, easy-to-use set of metrics 
and controls. The console provides real- 
time security event correlation and aggre- 
gation through a single security dashboard 
that uses simple, easy-to-read GUI and 
user profiles. 

What makes Reflex Security so unique 
and such an up-and-comer is its market 

strategy and approach. Though the company 
numbers two of the Fortune 100 among its 
customers and serves many of the Fortune 
1,000, its primary focus is on what CEO 
and Chairman Jim Watson calls "the sweet 
spot for sales and growth opportunities" — 
namely those midmarket companies and 
organizations "with annual revenues or 

May 26, 2006 

barrier to making progress or conducting 
business. That's why, according to Watson, 
the company has made "building appli- 
ances that are easy to use, install, and main- 
tain our primary goal," Watson says. More 
importantly, it explains why Reflex has 
labored long and hard to make those appli- 
ances blisteringly fast, so as to crush any 
notions that security screening and services 
impede sales, progress, or work in any way. 
Reflex CEO Watson sizes the 2006 intru- 
sion prevention appliance market at a hefty 
$1 billion, where all-in-one devices that 
combine lots of functionality make it easy 



assets from $20 million on the low end to 
$15 billion on the high end." As a former 
Gartner analyst, Watson clearly understands 
market dynamics and needs and has helped 
shape Reflex Security's ongoing charge into 
the marketplace with remarkable success. 

On the one hand, Reflex clearly under- 
stands that its customers want to achieve 
compliance with key legislation and regula- 
tions. Hence, Watson says that its products 
are "specifically designed to address re- 
quirements for Sarbanes-Oxley, the Federal 
Information Management Security and 
Gramm-Leach-Bliley Acts, HIPAA, and 
other state and industry mandates." On the 
other hand, Reflex also understands that 
security is far too often perceived as an 
impediment — in fact, it's often seen as a 

for midmarket companies, branch and 
home offices, and other business locations 
to establish and maintain strong, effec- 
tive security. These appliances combine 
advanced firewalls, IDS/IPS, antivirus, 
antispam, antispyware, content filtering, 
network discovery, and host quarantine ser- 
vices at all locations, yet report into a uni- 
fied management console environment, 
irrespective of location. Combine this func- 
tionality with fast performance, tremendous 
ease of use, and enthusiastic customer 
adoptions, and it's easy to understand why 
Reflex is at the top of its market and grow- 
ing so fast. Add a strong and aggressive 
move to support "virtual appliances," as 
well as physical ones, and it's no wonder 
this company's prospects look so bright. 

■flow into Wireless Networks 

Wi-Net Window gives you a clear picture 

To install, expand or operate a wireless network you need to be able to see critical information about 
where the best location is for components, what access should be allowed and where or what security 
is in place. The new handheld Test-Urn Wi-Net Window Analyzer gives you all the critical information 
you require and more! Take a look at all of its advanced features: 

• Full alpha/numeric LCD display shows 
all information clearly and completely 

• Picks up IEEE802.11 wireless signal 
types b and g 

• Signal strength shown as a lighted bar 
and as a percentage for clarity 

• Shows component name and channel 
of transmission 

• Lists and logs all received wireless 
transmissions in the area for inspection 
with constant scanning 

• Audible network pick-up signal 

• Displays encryption condition on each 
wireless component 

• Lists each signal as either an 
access point, an ad-hoc or 
Twin network type 

• Ping function accesses 
IP addresses and determines 
an internet link condition 

• Negotiates with network DHCP for component ID 

• Shows router, DNS and target information 

• Auto-off 

• Lightweight: less than 8 ounces 
with batteries installed 



Test-Um Inc. 

The Intelligent Test Solutions Company 

808 Calle Piano, Camarillo, CA 93012 • 805-383-1500 • FAX 805-383-1595 

May 26, 2006 
^Manufacturer Presentation . 

.Manufacturer Presentation . 

Page 13 

Communications - Security Advertisement 

A New Self-Learning Technology 

The Radware DefensePro behavioral DoS attack protection module protects against 
zero-day and unknown attacks. The new appliance protects against viruses, worms, 
Trojans, and Denial of Service attacks at 3Gb speeds to prevent application-level 
attacks. Built on top of the highest-performance Security Switch in the market, 
DefensePro delivers maximum throughput and advanced security intelligence to 
isolate, block, and prevent attacks in real-time from headquarters to regional and 
branch offices. 

The DefensePro features inline security switching and accelerated, stateful, deep- 
packet inspection — using Radware's industry-leading StringMatch Hardware 
Engine™ — to bidirectionally 
scan and protect all network 
traffic against application-level 

DefensePro Application 
Security immediately isolates 
attacks by dynamically man- 
aging bandwidth to stop prop- 
agation across users and 
resources while ensuring the 
complete continuity and per- 
formance of all secure traffic 
to proactively control impact 
and limit damage. Intercepts more than 1,500 malicious signatures, hidden worms, 
and viruses, blocking application attacks at multi-gigabits/second. Identifying and mit- 
igating protocol and traffic anomalies in real-time, DefensePro prevents DoS/DDoS 
and SYN floods, safeguarding against all illicit traffic patterns and hacking. 

Combining high processing power with advanced application-security services, 
DefensePro secures mission-critical applications across high-speed/high-capacity 
environments. Call, email, or visit our Web site today to see the DefensePro 3.0 IPS 
Flash Presentation. 

For More information on DefensePro and 
other Radware products: 

Call: (888) 234-5763 

T radware 

availability I performance I security 

.-Manufacturer Presentation . 

Communications - Serial Networking Advertisement 

Four-Port Serial Server 

The EtherPathX4 is a four-port serial server for Ethernet LANs. The EtherPathX4 
connects any async serial device through a LAN and between LANs via routers. The 
EtherPathX4 will also connect other serial devices, such as remote data collection 
terminals, SCADA RTU/Host systems, UPSes, bar code scanners, alarms, access 
control, timeclocks, climate control devices, and serial management ports, directly to 
an Ethernet network. 

The EtherPathX4 supports TCP/IP, allowing the necessary data connection across 
networks as well as connections between hosts on a network and the device 
attached to the EtherPathX4 server. 

The EtherPathX4 supports serial interface speeds up to 230Kbps. The EtherPathX4 
can automatically open connections when it powers up, eliminating the need for a 
manual request. Modem controls (RTS/CTS) and Xon/Xoff are also supported. If the 
connection is lost, the EtherPathX4 will automatically reconnect when the LAN path 
is again available. 

2949 County Road 1000 E 
Dewey, I L 61840 
Phone: (800) 432-2638 

Fax: (217)897-1331 

Communications - Wireless Advertisement 

RF Spectrum Analyzer For Wi-Fi Networks 

Is it my Wi-Fi equipment or 
the RF environment? 

Spectrum congestion in the unli- 
censed 2.4GHz and 5GHz 
bands is a leading cause of 
problems in 802.1 1 deploy- 
ments. Growing evidence from 
wireless infrastructure providers 
suggests that 30% of problems 
reported by Wi-Fi customers are 
actually due to interference. 
Interference can come from 
nearby 802.1 1 networks as well 
as from a long list of common non-802.1 1 devices, including cordless phones, wire- 
less surveillance cameras, Bluetooth devices, and microwave ovens. Typical network 
analysis tools are blind to RF activity. OmniSpectrum provides engineers with a 
portable, easy-to-use solution for determining which devices, Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi, 
are using the spectrum, and which are jeopardizing the delivery of Wi-Fi traffic. 

WildPackets' OmniSpectrum 

OmniSpectrum enhances 802.1 1 network analysis by identifying not just other 
802.1 1 devices, but any devices that are generating signals in the 802.1 1 frequency 
band, even devices that are unauthorized or transient. Based on patented spectrum 
intelligence technology from Cognio, OmniSpectrum identifies not only the class of 
the interfering device, such as a cordless phone, but possible manufacturers and 
model numbers of the offending equipment, facilitating problem identification and res- 
olution. OmniSpectrum provides the best first line of defense in diagnosing 802.1 1 
problems and complements WildPackets' wireless network analysis products. 

OmniSpectrum, which includes a Windows application and a CardBus PC card, 
costs $3,995. 


Making Networks Smarter 

To request a demo or place an order: 
Phone: (925) 937-3200 

.Manufacturer Presentation . 

Communications - Switch Advertisement 

S2410 - 10GbE Data Center Switch 

High-Performance, Low-Latency 10 GbE Data Center Switches 

The S2410 combines the industry's lowest Ethernet switching latency with industry- 
leading 10 GbE density to provide IT managers with more flexible deployment 

• 24-port 1 GbE fixed-configuration 1 RU data center switch 

• Ultra-low 10 GbE switching latency — 300 nanoseconds, comparable to specialty 

• Cost-effective line-rate 10 GbE for data centers 

Key Applications 

Coupled with the E-Series, which delivers unmatched resiliency and performance, 
the S2410 enables IT managers to deploy a reliable end-to-end 10 GbE data center 
solution, spanning from core aggregation to the server or storage edge. 

• Low-cost aggregation of 10 GbE uplinks from S50 switch in server racks 

• Ultra-low latency interconnect switch for high-performance cluster computing 

• Connects directly to 1 GbE servers 

• Low-cost 10 GbE interconnect to network attached storage systems 

• Foundation for a virtualized applications model 

Key Features 

• 24 line-rate 10 GbE ports in a 1 RU form factor 

- 20 CX4 ports plus four 10 GbE pluggable XFP or CX4 interfaces 

- 24 XFP interfaces 

• 300 nanosecond switching latency under full load 

- 64 byte to 10,240 byte frames 

• Supports Jumbo frames of up to 10,240 bytes 

- Ideal for high-end server connectivity and network attached file servers 

• 12 link aggregation groups with up to 12 members per group, using advanced 
hashing for even traffic distribution 

• Up to 16 Port Mirroring sessions 



Page 14 

May 26, 2006 



... The Computer Room Temperature Monitor 

Protect Valuable Equipment & Reduce Downtime By Monitoring Temperatures In Rack Cabinets, Computer Rooms & Data Centers 


U 19" Rack, 
Drop Ceiling & Wall 
Mounting Kits Available. 

$295 List... On Sale For $245 

Rack Model On Sale For Just $275 

Arrives assembled & ready to install in minutes 
Allows real-time temperature monitoring & logging 
Includes 1 built-in & 1 external digital temperature sensor 
Allows 2 additional external digital temperature sensors 
External temperature sensors can be up to 100' from box 
Includes PageR Enterprise for expanded monitoring 
Allows actual temperature values in alert messages 
Allows notification to individuals and groups 
Allows notification by email, SMS, SNMP & more 
Connects via Ethernet for easy & immediate use 
Allows management through a web browser 
Requires NO host PC, additional software use is optional 
Includes TemPageR box, 10' Ethernet cable, CD, manuals 
'Universal' Power Adapter, RoHS, works worldwide 
Includes Toll Free sales & technical assistance 
Includes 1 year 'Maintenance Support & Update Service' 
Includes a '30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee' 
Incorporates AVTECH's almost 20 years of experience 

Save $$... Order TemPageR Today! 

No one knows when or how disaster will strike. We 
just know the potential is always there. An early 
warning is critical to minimize the impact on computers, 
networks, users & the organization. When disaster 
occurs, there are significant costs in areas that go far 
beyond the simple replacement of damaged hardware. 
This is because what happens in your data center affects 
the entire organization and maybe even your customers. 

Temperature monitoring is one of the biggest threats 
facing today's dense computer rooms and data centers. 
More and more hardware is placed in each rack and 
rooms that were never designed to house computers are 
often converted to IT data centers. Air conditioners are 
typically undersized, poorly placed, not maintained 
and run continuously until they die. When aircon units 
tail, critical servers continue to operate and crank out 
heat while cooling systems remain disabled. Oops! 

Computer and network equipment is designed to operate 
within a very specific range of temperatures. Basically, if 
your data center rises above 85 a F, you're cooking your 
hardware and increasing the risk of failure. Unsure... 
just ask IBM, HP, Dell, Liebert or APC. The bottom line 
is that you need to know immediately when temperature 
issues arise because recovery is simply too expensive. 

"25% of all data centers experience 

downtime more than 5 times a year... 

60% of these last more than a half day. " 

Thankfully there's TemPageR, the low price, high value 
solution that monitors 24x7 to automatically alert your 
staff when temperature extremes or changes occur. It will 
log temperatures for easy export, runs without a host PC 
and easily integrates with advanced monitoring software 
like PageR Enterprise, Open View, Tivoli & Uni center. 
TemPageR is proven protection used by Fortune 1000, 
Pentagon, United Nations, NASA, U.S. government and 
businesses large & small. . . Why not at your facility? 

AVTRCH Software has almost 20 years of experience 
serving data centers around the world. Our TemPageR 
product provides reliable, k real-time' digital temperature 
monitoring with advanced features. Easy to install and 
configure, your staff can have TemPageR operational 
in minutes to protect your equipment and data center. If 
you're looking to monitor more than temperature, then 
consider one of our powerful Room Alert models to 
monitor temperature, humidity, power, flood, smoke, 
entry, and more. Our alerting and automatic corrective 
action capabilities are the most advanced available. 

"Immediate detection & alert notification 
are the #1 ways to reduce downtime costs. " 

To learn more about TemPageR or Room Alert, visit 
us online or call to speak with a product specialist. We're 
happy to send you printed literature, quotes, evaluation 
CD's and more. You can request product quotes online 
for immediate delivery by email. AVTECH Software 
products ship complete with everything you need and 
include printed documentation, toll free technical support 
and a '30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee' return policy. 

Buy Online or Call To Place Your Order 

1 .888.220.6700 

New "Wireless" IT Environment Monitoring... 

Room Alert 26 W I T c^qqs 

www. ■ aUSt 3 if J7 3 

Built-in Features: 

• Digital Temperature Sensor 

• Digital Humidity Sensor 

• Main Power Sensor 

• Flood Sensor w/8' Flood Cable 
■ Internal Uninterruptible 

Power Supply (UPS) 

• Wireless Sensor Capability 

• Web Server, Auto Actions 

Call Now For Your 
Special Introductory Offer 

INCLUDES: Room Alert 26W Rack I nil (III 1 9"), built-in Digital' Temperature sensor, built-in Digital Humidity sensor, built-in Main Rower sensor, built-in Flood sensor with 8' Hood cable, external Digital Temperature sensor, 
external Room Entry sensor, 6 external Digital Sensor Ports (RJ-l l), 16 Switch Sensor Channels, unlimited Wireless Sensor capacity, LED Sensor Status & Wireless Strength indicators, built-in Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), 
Ethernet Connection (RJ45), Expansion Ron (RMS), 10' Ethernet cable, 5V Power Adapter ( 1 10/240V. RoHS), built-in Web Server, built-in Alert Notifications, SNMP Trap & Query enabled, bundled PageR 20 Object Enteiprisc 
license. CD installation & resource media, printed User's Guides & Reference Manuals, 12 months of Maintenance Support & Update Sen ice, '30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee'. Additional sensors and software upgrades available. 

Online: • Phone: 888.220.6700 / 401.847.6700 • Fax:401-847.6701 

TemPageR 4E 



TemPageR Is... 
The §1 Choice Worldwide For 
IT Temperature Monitoring! 

Rack Model #TMPE-ES1-RAS $345 
Standard #TMPE-E31-BA3 $295 

Room Alert 7E 




Room Alert. . . Has The Best Value Ratio Available. 

View Individual Features & Model Comparison Online. 



Rack Model # RA7E-ES1-RAS S445 
Standard # RA7E-ES1-BAS $395 

Room Alert 11 E .htm 

Room Alert HE.,. Protects More Critical 
Data Centers Than Any Other Product Of Its Class. 



Rack Model # RA11E-ES1-RAS $545 
Standard #RA11E-ES1-BAS $495 

<"• Copyright 1. 988 2(HK> AVTLt'l I Software. Inc. All Rights Reserved. AVTECH. AVTECH Software, AVTECl I. com. I ;nv iron men 'Environment Monitoring Made Easy!'. 'Network Wide Monitoring Made Easy!'. PageR. PageR Enter prise, EagerEnterprHe.eom. Room Alert,, TemPageR, and Temperature Monitoring Made Easy]' are trademarks or registered trademarks of AVTECH Software, Inc., Newport, Rl, U.S.A. Any other trademarks used are the property of their respective owners. Reseller Inquiries are welcome. Learn why 37 
of 50 state governments and over 80% of the Fortune 1000 use Room Alert or TemPageR. Easy online ordering is available at w w w. En v i ro n men t M on i tor, com . £0 now ro protect your data center.' 

May 26, 2006 
^Manufacturer Presentation . 

.Manufacturer Presentation . 

Page 15 

Communication - Telephony Advertisement 

Digital Enhanced Cordless 

The SpectraLink Dect System offers a 
cost-effective solution for small and 
medium-sized businesses looking to 
improve productivity, responsiveness, 
and mobility in the workplace. 

The SpectraLink Dect System consists of 
three components: Wireless Servers, 
Base Stations, and Wireless Telephones. 
The Wireless Servers provide integration 
with most enterprise telephone systems 
and are scalable from a handful to 
hundreds of users. The Dect Base 
Stations and Repeaters enable easy 
deployment for wireless coverage 
throughout any enterprise environment. 

Handset options include three different models, all operating in the 
1920 - 1930 MHz unlicensed PCS (UPCS) spectrum. 

• The SpectraLink Dect 3040 Wireless Telephone includes an 
800-number directory, talk/standby time of 16/150 hours, and SMS 

• The SpectraLink Dect 4020 Wireless Telephone is a high-value, 
cost-effective handset with the durability and dependability 
required for more rugged work environments. 

• The SpectraLink Dect 4040 Wireless Telephone is the most durable of 
the handsets, offering protection against dust and splashing water (IP 54). 

5755 Central Ave 
Boulder, CO 80301 
Toil-Free: (800) 676-5465 
Phone: (303) 440-5330 
Fax: (303) 440-5331 


.-Manufacturer Presentation . 

Communications - Application Networking Advertisement 

Communications - Security Advertisement 

Symantec™ Gateway Security 1600 

Affordable protection through eight essential security functions in a single 
easy-to-manage appliance. 

Robust, integrated and 
cost-effective protection 
for central sites, remote 
and branch offices with 
up to 200 users. 

The Symantec Gateway Security 1600 Series is an affordable, reliable, and easy-to- 
manage unified threat management security appliance powered by Symantec's award- 
winning technologies. With eight essential security functions tightly integrated, the 
SGS 1600 Series delivers maximum security while reducing the complexity of security 

The new SGS 1600 series offers key benefits that will help your organization improve 
its overall security posture and reduce maintenance cost. 

Proactive Protection - Protects against multiple threats, including viruses, worms, 
spyware, spam, intrusions, and blended threats, while reducing acquisition, installa- 
tion, and management costs with a single-vendor solution. 

Security Effectiveness - Combines tightly integrated, on-box, multiple "zero-day" 
attack detection technologies, including antivirus heuristics, IDS/IPS vulnerability 
attack interception, and Protocol Anomaly Detection. 

Accelerated Security Response - Obtains automatic and timely content security 
updates and software patches as soon as they are available through LiveUpdate, 
which keeps your protection up to date without management overhead. 

Easy to Manage and Maintain - Comprehensive management capabilities to enable 
scalable security policy configuration and event/alert management for all security 
functions via an easy-to-use Web-based interface. 

Trusted Security - Reliable protection from Symantec, the leader in Internet security. 

^ Symantec 

For more detailed information on the 

Symantec Gateway 1 600 Series of 

products, please visit us at 

Copyright © 2006 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved. Symantec and the Symantec Logo are trademarks 
or registered trademarks of Symantec Corporation or its affiliates in the U.S. and other countries. Other names 
may be trademarks of their respective owners. General info 408-517-8000 

Certeon's First Secure WAN Acceleration Appliance Breaks Through The Security Ceiling 

Certeon's S-Series™ Appliances, Built Upon Secure Acceleration Technology™ 

Certeon's new S-Series appliances are built upon the company's patent-pending Secure Acceleration Technology, 
which accelerates the mission-critical applications that drive enterprises by understanding those applications and 
transmitting only changed information over the WAN. Because of Certeon's unique ability to understand application 
semantics, Certeon can rapidly transmit that information securely. The S-Series preserves complete security from 
the remote user's desktop to the server in the data center and back while accelerating not only all HTTP traffic, but 
all HTTPS (SSL) traffic as well. Sensitive information, whether financial data, patient or customer records, or trade 
secrets, can be accelerated even while it remains encrypted and secure. With a fresh approach to a long-standing 
problem, Certeon has developed a solution to meet the specific and rigorous demands of distributed Web applica- 
tions by working above the secure acceleration ceiling at the application layer. 


For more information 

on the S-Series: 

Certeon: (781) 425-5200 


Accelerate Your Business 

Certeon's S-Series appliances offer: 

•Security - the first and only solution to accelerate SSL traffic from 
data center server to desktop, minimizing the risk of data loss 
•Speed - symmetric WAN solution offers Secure Application 
Networking that dramatically reduces application response time 
and increases user productivity 

•Scalability - helps organizations optimize their use of bandwidth 
to service more users and applications from existing infrastruc- 
ture, support centralization of computing assets, and reduce costs 

Superior Appliance Solutions 
for OEMs and ISVs 

Pyramid Computer is a leading supplier of branded 
appliance solutions for OEMs and VARS. We offer a 
complete range of design, maufacturing and logistics 
services that allow you to effortlessly deliver a superior 
product to customers on a world wide basis, and focus 
your attention on core business activities. 

• Quickly deploy an attractive high quality 
product with your own brand and image 


• Minimize your efforts managing 
logistics and hardware support 

• Reduce inventory costs, risks 

• Demonstrable value even at low volumes 



Pyramid Computer USA 

Phone: (866) 745-3553 

Application Networking 


The ONLY Converged Platform (CP) that Delivers 
Scalable, Secure End to End Remote Access, User 
Authorization, Two-Factor Authentication and Automated 
Network-Based Bandwidth Shaping and Provisioning in a 
Tightly Integrated, Easy to Manage Appliance. 

Assess, Authenticate, Authorize, Access, 
Audit and Abolish. 

100 Cooper Court 
Los Gatos, CA 95032 
Phone: (877) 776-2372 
Fax: (408)354-7211 


Intelligence Inside Networks 

Access Control 

CrypToken - It's a Smard Card and a Reader! 

Easy to integrate into PKI solutions or any certificate-based 
security applications (X.509, CAPI or PKCS#1 1): Windows 
Login - VPN Authentication - Web Access - WLAN Security ■ 
Email Encryption - Digital Signatures. 



2900 Chamblee Tucker Rd., Bldg. 9 
Atlanta, GA 30341 
Phone: (800) 627-9468 
Fax: (770) 986-8891 

Page 16 

May 26, 2006 

Product \M Releases 



■ ForcelO Networks unveiled the P-Series 
family of security appliances, which monitor 
network and computing clusters while captur- 
ing traffic at line-rate 10Gb speeds. Open- 
source applications allow a range of signa- 
tures and rules to monitor high-performance 
networks. The ForcelO technology uses mul- 
tiple hardware-based engines to process thou- 
sands of rules on a single packet. IT managers 
can write new rules directly to hardware in 
real time to combat security attacks. 


■ ConSentry Networks unveiled an im- 
provement to its LANShield OS that adds a 
"role derivation" function to the company's 
LANShield controllers and switches. The 
upgrade, which ConSentry has dubbed 
"Active Directory role derivation," lets the 
hardware automatically learn a user's role 
during authentication. It enforces role-based 
policies that determine a particular user's 
LAN resources. With Active Directory role 
derivation, systems administrators can more 
easily establish granular access control 

policies according to user status. By imple- 
menting these policies, businesses can 
quickly determine which users can access 
specific LAN resources. 



■ IBM released three new ThinkPad note- 
book models: the Z61m, T60, and Z61t. The 
ThinkPad Z61m is available with Intel Core 
Duo T2400 (1.83GHz), T2500 (2GHz), or 
Celeron M 420 processors (1.6GHz) with 40 
to 100GB hard drives. SDRAM 667 MHz SO 
DIMM memory, as well as system memory 
selectable from 256MB to 2GB of standard 
memory is available. ATI Mobility Radeon 
XI 400 graphics chipsets are used on the note- 
books, and some models have a battery life 
up to nine hours. Intel PRO/Wireless LAN, 
24-speed Multi-Burner DVD dual-layer 
drives, fingerprint readers, and 4-in-l media 
cards are available. The 1.5-inch, 5.94-pound 
notebook sells directly from IBM. 

Motion's new LE1600TS Tablet PC comes 
with a 12.1 -inch display that allows you to 
easily carry it with you wherever you go. It 
features a touchscreen display that lets you 

use your hand or any stylus rather than the 
Tablet PC-specific stylus. Motion intends 
the LE1600TS for use anywhere where 
large touchscreen kiosks or desktop sys- 
tems could be easily replaced with a 
portable solution. It features an Intel 
Centrino design that includes a 1.5GHz 
Low Voltage Pentium M processor, Intel 
915GMS motherboard chipset, and Intel 
PRO/Wireless 2200 BG wireless network 
adapter. A Celeron M processor is also 
available. In addition to Wi-Fi support, the 
LE1600TS includes Bluetooth support for 
quickly connecting peripherals and support 
for IrDA for synchronizing mobile devices. 

Monitors & Displays 

■ The ALR-1400 from Digital View is an 
integrated DVI, PC, and video interface 
controller for TFT LCDs. With an MTBF 
rating over 200,000 hours and connectivity 
support for all current video standards, the 
ALR-1400 is compatible with 4:3 and 16:9 
panels up to SXGA and WXGA resolu- 
tions, respectively. Digital View claims the 
ALR-1400 offers the following other fea- 
tures: an OSD menu, support for up to 16.7 
million colors using 8-bit digital data, 
image scaling and control, and PWM 

inverter support. The device, available with 
a three-year warranty, is available for $100 
in 1,000-unit quantities. 


■ Kodak introduced the Versamark VT- 
3000, an entry-level printing system for 
printing color and monochrome digital 
images. The VT3000 is capable of process- 
ing 1,090 impressions per minute and can 
operate at 250fpm (feet per minute). Other 
VT300-series printers can handle 350fpm 
and 500fpm. Available configurations sup- 
port everything from monochrome printing 
to full-color duplex printing. Finishing 
options include perforating, fanfold, cut 
sheet, and others. 

■ Oce announced three new printer systems: 
the Imagistics cm2520, the VarioPrint6250, 
and the VarioStream 9230. Oce's Imagistics 
cm2520 Multi-Function Printer is aimed at 
satisfying the workgroup productivity needs 
of SMEs. The machine fits seamlessly into 
the existing network and is capable of churn- 
ing out 25ppm in color and monochrome. 
Other features include a 40GB hard drive, 
512MB standard memory, and a range of 
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No More Downtime 
From Power Failures 

Tripp Lite SmartOnline Hot-Swappable 
Modular UPS System Keeps Networks Going 

by Julie Sartain 

• • • 

Traditionally, power levels over 
6k VA have resulted in power inter- 
ruptions during service, repair, 
and/or replacement of the UPS 
system. This means downtime for 
all the equipment connected to 
that system: servers, worksta- 
tions, hubs, routers, concentrators, 
storage devices, networks, VoIP 
applications, traditional PBX 
switching systems, and any other 
related components. Downtime 
can cripple an enterprise in just a 
few hours, especially if the enter- 
prise has a company-wide VoIP 
phone system. 

Tripp Lite, the leading manu- 
facturer of power protection 

equipment, has the solution: the 
new SmartOnline Hot-Swappable 
Modular UPS Systems with 
7.5kVA and lOkVA capabilities. 
This unique modular design has a 
PDU that manages all the power 
connections, both in and out. 
Equipped with a manual bypass 
switch, the electricity continues to 
power the connected equipment 
without interruption. 

Imagine a large VoIP rollout 
with dozens of large switches 
deployed across an enterprise, 
switches that demand UPS sys- 
tems sized to accommodate the 
heavy power consumption, thus 
necessitating hardwired, electri- 
cian-provided input power con- 
nections. If the UPS fails, what 

does an IT department do to 
restore backup for the phone ser- 
vice — service that's supposed to 
mirror a traditional phone ser- 
vice's reliability — not to mention 
the servers and the network? 

"These units are designed for the 
utmost reliability in demanding 
application environments, where 
failure to power the load is simply 
not an option," says David Slotten, 
Tripp Lite's director of product 
management. "While we are de- 
scribing their unique and wonder- 
ful serviceability in the event of a 
system failure, it must be recog- 
nized that these new design attrib- 
utes are extending already best- 
in-class system availability. Given 
the need for Telco-like reliability 

in today's VoIP applications, this 
functionality needs to be added 
to every IT departments' list of 

"If a UPS fails," says Slotten, 
"the IT staff must first determine 
the cause, then obtain a replace- 
ment unit, then wait for an electri- 
cian to show up and replace that 
unit. The skill set required cannot 
be obtained from the IT staff. It is 
the job of a qualified electrician. 
How long do they wait, and what 
will it cost? In sharp contrast, the 
Tripp Lite hot-swappable system 
can be quickly replaced by IT 
staff armed only with a screwdriv- 
er and, in minutes, full reliability 
is restored to the network and 
all phones." 

APC ( is cur- 
rently Tripp Lite's only real 
competition, but APC requires a 
network shutdown if the UPS 


Tripp Lite SmartOnline 
Hot-Swappable UPS 

SU7500RT3U: $4,000 
SU7500RT3U1TF: $4,550 
SU10000RT3U: $4,925 
SU10000RT3U2TF: $5,975 

Eliminates system availability bottle- 
necks by using a unique manual bypass 
in conjunction with the UPS system's 
hot-swappable, modular design 

fails or requires maintenance. 
Tripp Lite's unique manual 
bypass feature lets users route 
utility power directly to the UPS 
system's independent power dis- 
tribution unit, bypassing the pri- 
mary UPS module in the event 
of a UPS failure. 

Ant ivirus/Antispy ware 



Firewall 310 model 
Additional sizes available 

Stops spyware downloads (including drive-by downloads) 

Stops virus downloads 

Blocks access to spyware Web Sites 

Detects spyware access to the Internet 

Facilitates spyware removal • Block offensive Web Sites 

No per user fees! Very Affordable! 

Call 1-888-ANTI-SPAM for your free evaluation 



385 Ravendale Drive 
Mountain View, CA 94043 
Phone: (408) 342-5400 

Database Security 


eO: = 

SecurDB is a policy-based security appliance that proac- 
tively mitigates unauthorized database activities. As part of 
an organization's BIA strategy, SecurDB has zero impact 
on the existing IT infrastructure and simplifies and auto- 
mates previous manual processes, making it a cost-effec- 
tive security solution. For more information, please visit 


^*j Assuring Global Information 

11000 N. Mo-Pac Expressway 
Toll Free: (866) 289-2737 

Austin, TX 78759 


Server Room 
I Climate & Power 


Get our 
free book. 


E-mail with your mailing address 
or call us at 512-257-1462. 

May 26, 2006 

Page 17 

Product \M Releases 

Continued from Page 16 
finishing capabilities. The cm2520 is avail- 
able for purchase, lease, or rental. Oce's 
VarioPrint 6250, a digital duplex cut-sheet 
printing system designed for both corporate 
and commercial printing environments, can 
produce letter, legal, and ledger duplex 
prints at 250, 160, and 132ppm, respective- 
ly. The printer is configurable with up to 12 
paper drawers and features finishing options 
such as high-capacity stacking and Watkiss 
PowerS quare 200 booklet maker. The Oce 
VarioPrint 6250 will be available in the 
fourth quarter. Oce's VarioStream 9230, a 
digital continuous roll-fed printing system, 
lets commercial print service providers and 
corporate users take advantage of Job 
Appropriate Color, 3/3 highlight color, and 
Oce CustomTone highlight color printing. 
Other features include GraphicArtsPlus dot 
modulation for fine detail printing and the 
ability to print at 141 lines per inch with 
over 90 grayscales. 

■ Xerox launched the 50ppm DocuColor 
5000 Digital Press, which is designed for 
print providers that average between 
30,000 and 150,000 impressions per month. 
It features 2,400 x 2,400dpi print resolution 

and a 32-beam laser, which the company 
says allows the press to scan more data 
faster and at a higher resolution. 


■ Fujitsu announced the Fujitsu fi-5900C, 
the first Fujitsu scanner to come with three 
ultrasonic double-feed detection sensors, 
which help prevent lost images due to mis- 
feeds. To help keep documents straight and 
prevent curling, this scanner uses a self- 
centering, active stacking tray. The dual- 
color CCD arrays can scan both sides of a 
page in one pass, with speeds up to 120ppm 
and 240ipm (images per minute) at 200dpi 
or 300dpi in color, grayscale, or mono- 
chrome. For better image quality, the 
fi-5900C supports true 600dpi optical reso- 
lution. Customers who purchase the fi- 
5900C before June 30 will receive one year 
of Fujitsu ScanCare service for free. 

■ Kodak introduced four new scanners 
designed to meet the needs of workgroups 
and departmental imaging operations. The 
workgroup-oriented Kodak il210 (simplex) 
and il220 (duplex) Series Scanners can 
scan images at 30ppm and 60ppm, respec- 
tively. The departmental-optimized Kodak 

il 3 10 (simplex) and il 320 (duplex) 
Scanners can scan at 60 and 120ppm, 
respectively. The scanners can capture 
wallet-sized images, long length docu- 
ments, and other items such as loans and 
medical monitoring strips. The scanners are 
available starting at $800 and are config- 
urable to $3,000. 


■ Acrosser released a 1U rackmount server 
that offers Auto-MDIX, Bypass LAN, 
Console Redirection, and PXE. The AR- 
M9936 supports Intel Celeron M and 
Pentium M processors up to 2GHz, as well 
as up to 2GB of DDR200/266 memory. 
Other options include PCI and MiniPCI 
expansions, LCM module, and Gigabit 
Ethernet. The server also has an auto-sav- 
ing function. 

■ IEI IGS has introduced the IBOX-500, 
an embedded fan-free box server that incor- 
porates a 500MHz AMD LX-800 processor 
and AMD CS 5536 chipset. The IBOX- 
500 server includes a VESA- and RoHS- 
compliant mounted bracket. It also supports 
industrial CompactFlash. One 200-pin 
DDR333/400 SODIMM slot is included for 

up to 1GB of installed memory. The system 
comes with 256MB of DDR. A VGA dis- 
play and resolution of up to 1,920 x 1,440 
pixels is supported through a DB-15 
connector. The server also includes an 
Ethernet 10/100-BaseT Realtek 8100BL 
Fast Ethernet Controller and two Hi- Speed 
USB ports. 

■ Kofax released the Kofax Document Scan 
Server, designed to help enterprises add 
scanning capabilities to any business applica- 
tion without disrupting their current process- 
es or adding software. The Document Scan 
Server features an SDK (Software Develop- 
ment Kit) that uses an SOA (Services 
Oriented Architecture) to let administrators 
integrate the tool into new or existing appli- 
cations no matter the programming language. 
The server also includes an Ethernet port to 
connect to a network and a USB port that lets 
users connect a scanner to the server. The 
server uses a Windows-based management 
console that lets administrators remotely 
access any Document Scan Server connected 
to a network, which will give administrators 
the ability to distribute firmware and driver 
updates from a central location. 
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Simplify IP Address 

Management i aiBlggl 

BlueCat Proteus Enterprise Offers Web-based 
IP Address Management & Inventory Control 

by Cynthia Lazzaro 

With the explosion of IP-based 
devices in the enterprise, such as 
network printers, dedicated 
intruder-detection devices, and 
boarder devices, as well as the 
proliferation of VoIP and the tran- 
sition from IPv4 to IPv6, the need 
for IP address management and IP 
inventory control is essential. It is 
especially necessary for efficient 
network management and recon- 
figuration, which has always been 
a challenge to manage in a dyna- 
mic environment. To accommo- 
date this growing need, BlueCat 
has introduced the Proteus Enter- 
prise IP AM (IP address manage- 
ment) appliance. 

The Proteus Enterprise IP AM is 
a dedicated appliance that simpli- 
fies tracking of IP inventory, in- 
corporates secure provisioning of 
dynamic IP addressing, and man- 
ages domain name services. Pro- 
teus also handles integrated policy 
provisioning and provides audit- 
ing and reporting tools with the 
security and manageability of a 
dedicated appliance. 

Proteus is currently the only 
Web-based IP AM appliance of its 
kind and is built around a multi- 
core hardened firewall-grade Linux 
OS and system kernel. Proteus 
Enterprise includes secure DNS, 
DHCP, and IP inventory manage- 
ment features and provides the 
ability to remotely control those 

inventories. Proteus also includes 
advanced IP modeling, which 
enables organizations to model the 
IP network space by dividing it 
into IP blocks, networks, views, 
zones, devices, users, and other 
objects. Once the modeling is 
accomplished, Proteus automatical- 
ly translates the modeled environ- 
ment into DNS and DHCP server 
configurations. Proteus Enterprise 
IP AM also provides real-time error 
checking and reconfiguration tools 
for reallocation of IP addresses into 
multiple networks or configura- 
tions for geographically dispersed 
IP networks. 

Other features include lateral 
tagging technology, which enables 
network administrators to control 


BlueCat Proteus Enterprise 
IPAM Appliance 

Starts at $60,000 for the Proteus 5000 
Enterprise IPAM Appliance 

Dedicated appliance simplifies tracking 
of IP inventory and manages domain 
name services 

the environment by defining at- 
tributes for devices, subnets, 
containers, and alerts. Incorrect- 
ly configured DNS/DHCP ser- 
vices or misallocated IP inventories 
are eliminated, and administra- 
tors are able to resolve issues in 
minutes. Proteus also includes a 
pre-admission NAC (Network 
Access Control) mechanism for 
greater security. The Proteus 5000 

Enterprise IPAM can manage thou- 
sands of DNS and DHCP appli- 
ances and millions of IP addresses. 
Although the Proteus Enterprise 
device claims to be the only one of 
its kind with a Web-based inter- 
face, there are other dedicated 
devices that provide similar IP 
provisioning and manageability. 
Infoblox (, 
teams with Lucent Technologies 
to incorporate Lucent's VitalQIP 
Software with its IPAM network 
identity services appliance, which 
also includes Infoblox' s DNSone 
and Keystone modules. Infoblox 
provides an enterprise-class IPAM 
that provides similar IP provision- 
ing, DNS/DHCP management, 
and reporting capabilities. Cisco 
Networks ( also 
has an IP address management 
device, the Registrar 6.2, which 
automates IP address assignment 
and management. Cisco's device 
also provides day-to-day server 
maintenance to simplify and 
streamline IP network config- 
uration and administration. There 
are several other built-in fea- 
tures as well that make this prod- 
uct competitive with the Proteus 
Enterprise IPAM such as high- 
availability DNS and DHCP load- 
balancing failover. 

Multifunction Appliance 

Network Security Simplified 

|5^* !!!!! ^'' : 

EdgeGuard ' 

Gateway Security Platform * 


* Antivirus Scanner 

► SpamGuard 

► Spyware Blocker 
» PhishNet 

► Web Content Control 

► Rogue Protocol Control 

* Firewall 

* Intrusion Prevention 

* OpenVPN 

* Attack Shield 

► Router 

► EdgeReport 

Call 1-877-345-6382 for a 
no-cost 30-day evaluation 

)00 Alameda de las Pulgas, Ste 125 
an Mateo, CA 94403 
none: (650)345-5120 
ax: (650) 345-3788 




Multifunction Appliance 

Britestream and OSST have partnered to deliver a highly 
scalable security appliance built on Microsoft Internet 
Security & Acceleration Server. The New OSST 
SecureGuard combines the strengths of Microsoft's ISA 
Server 2004 and Britestream's SSL Security NIC to deliver 
perimeter security, branch-office connectivity, Web 
caching, and maximum SSL performance in one solution. 


12401 Research Blvd. 
Austin, TX 78759 

Ethernet Switch 

Monitor Your Industrial Ethernet Network 

The N-TRON™ 9000 Series is a Gigabit-capable, four-slot 
modular switch, offering fully managed features such as 
IGMP Snooping, VLAN, QoS, Trunking, Mirroring, 802. 1W 
Rapid Spanning Tree, and N-View. The 9000 Series is the 
ideal switch for connecting Ethernet-enabled industrial 
and/or security equipment. 



820 S. University Blvd. 
Mobile, AL 36609 

Page 18 
.Manufacturer Presentation . 

May 26, 2006 

Communications - Network & Systems Mgmt. Advertisement 

Complete VoIP Lifecycle 


Unlike current VoIP management solutions, 
Packet Island's solution enables service providers 
and VARs to offer VoIP network preassessment, 
VoIP service monitoring, and VoIP SLA manage- 
ment as branded services at a price point the SME 
market can afford. 

The Packet Island offering utilizes a carrier-grade 
SaaS platform, called PacketSmart™, located at a 
hosting facility and low-cost, plug-and-play, 4"x4" 
microappliances deployed within each SME net- 
work. Accessible from any Internet-connected 
computer, the PacketSmart™ service allows ser- 
vice providers and VARs to provide network 
assessment and VoIP troubleshooting services 
without expensive truck rolls to customer sites. 
The solution, which supports both SIP and Cisco's 

SKINNY-based VoIP installations, provides remote visibility into all aspects of live 

VoIP calls, including: 

• Detailed, real-time, per-second granularity graphs of key metrics: 

-MOS estimate of VoIP call leg 

- Packet loss 

- Jitter 

- Packet Rate 
-And more... 

• Real-Time QoS and payload analysis of media streams 

• Live route analysis to help pinpoint router congestion 

• Full call flow signaling graphs with full dump of every signaling message 

• Traffic flow analysis (voice vs. data) 

Packet Island offers a complete service package, including VoIP training and 
second-level support, for service providers and VARs to start delivering branded 
VoIP lifecycle management services to the SME market today. 

For more information, to learn where to buy, or to become a reseller, please visit the 
following Web site or contact us directly by email or phone. 


(650) 492-4858 


Industry's Broadest 

Line of Hard Drives 

Hitachi One-Stop Shop For Hard Drives 

Microland Electronics Corporation is a leader in the distribution of a comprehen- 
sive range of high-end systems and storage products of various types, including stor- 
age subsystems, RAID, and tape backup products to resellers, VARs, and systems 
integrators throughout the U.S. 

Choose Hitachi Ultrastar Drives For Your Enterprise Needs 

With Hitachi Ultrastar you will have consistent quality, good performance characteris- 
tics, and low return rates. Hitachi can offer you the same levels of service available to 
its top five server OEMs, free see units, and competitive pricing. Hitachi Ultrastar 
Drives are qualified by the top five server vendors worldwide. 



Form Factor 

Spindle Speed 





7200 RPM 

80,160,250,400,500 GB 



2.5" & 1 .8" 

4200, 5400, 7200 

20,40,60,80,100,120 GB 

ATA, SATA, Enhance 



10K, 15KRPM 

36,73,147,300 GB 

SCSI (68, 80pin), SAS, FC 



3600 RPM 

6,8 GB 




More information: 
Call: 1-800-632-1688 to speak with a Microland Sales Representative 

California Headquarters 

1883 Ringwood Ave. 
San Jose, CA 

Texas Branch Office 

3724Arapaho Rd. 

Addison, TX 


Product \^ Releases 

Continued from Page 17 


■ Ingrian Networks announced the 
Ingrian il 10 DataSecure Platform for 
central encryption management. The 
DataSecure Platform stores encryption keys 
on a central security appliance for better 
security. Encryption is enabled for Web 
servers, application servers, and databases. 
With these tools, companies can ensure PCI 
compliance. The Ingrian il 10 DataSecure 
Platform is priced starting at $15,000. 

■ InMage Systems, together with Xiotech, 
has announced a product that provides auto- 
mated application recovery and push-button 
application failover for midsized enterprises. 
It boasts both local and remote replication of 
file data as well as block data. It also per- 
forms application-level recovery and enter- 
prise-wide backup. InMage Systems and 
Xiotech will provide plug-and-play appli- 
ances with data-protection technologies that 
support Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP/UX, 
AIX, and Mac OS X. 

■ Linksys introduced its new Gigabit 
ExpressCard Adapter (EC1000). The 
EC 1000 slides into a standard Express- 
Card/34 slot and allows users to add Gigabit 
Ethernet support to desktops and notebooks 
that support ExpressCard. The EC 1000 fea- 
tures 10/100/1000 Ethernet compatibility, 
low-power consumption, a folding RJ-45 
jack to protect the port during travel, and 
Wake On LAN support. The EC 1000 is 
compatible with Win98/Me/2000/XP. 

■ Nexsan Technologies announced Assureon 
4.0, a storage security device that includes a 
series of data storage applications into an 
integrated solution. This combination elimi- 
nates the need to deploy multiple single- 
function products. A scalable plug-and-play 
storage security option, Assureon 4.0 centers 
around what Nexsan calls a "hardened," 
disk-based archive paired with an impressive 
assembly of storage programs to offer busi- 
nesses backup, security, and disaster recov- 
ery options. The following other security 
features are also included: serialization and 
self auditing, tamper-proof time stamping, 
and 256-bit AES encryption. It also supports 
removable tape media and optical discs. 

■ Spectra Logic announced the Spectra 
T950 and T120 tape libraries with hardware- 
based, federally approved AES-256 encryp- 
tion. With the capability to write to both 
LTO and disk, Spectra libraries combine 
backup and encryption into a single step. 
An added security strategy, BlueScale 
Encryption, is included. It doesn't change 
backup policies or add hardware or software. 

■ Verari Systems announced the availabili- 
ty of its new line of storage systems, the 
VS4000 family. The systems combine full 
front-end to back-end 4Gb Fibre Channel 
connectivity with next-generation storage 
processors. There are currently two models 
in the VS4000 line. The VS4200 has four 
host ports that support any mixture of SATA 
and Fibre Channel drives and has 2GB of 
cache. The VS4400 has 4GB of cache and 
supports any mixture of SATA and Fibre 
Channel drives in its eight host ports. This 
family of systems features the same hard- 
ware design as Verari 's high-performance 
VS7000 line but at a much lower cost. 

■ Winchester Systems introduced its latest 
product configuration, the Enterprise RAID 
6. This is a high-performance and high-relia- 
bility disk array featuring E-SATA disk 
drives and dual parity RAID 6 data protec- 
tion. There are many advantages to using 
Enterprise RAID 6. It's cheaper than using 
RAID 5 configuration with Fibre Channel 
drives, and it avoids inevitable permanent 
data losses not addressed by traditional 
RAID 5 arrays. The introduction of a higher 
number of drives per RAID display means 
longer rebuild times and therefore a larger 
window of vulnerability. With an Enterprise 
RAID 6 system, if one disk drive fails, the 
system still provides RAID 5 protection. 
Winchester Systems featuring Enterprise 
RAID 6 are available for $20,000. 


■ MPC Computers launched its new 
ClientPro 424 All-in-One Desktop Computer. 
The ClientPro 424 has a space-saving form 
factor, with the PC integrated into the back of 
a thin, flat-panel display. The ClientPro 424 
replaces the ClientPro 414. The new system 
is configurable with Intel Pentium D or 
Pentium 4 processors and 17- or 19-inch TFT 
(Thin Film Transistor) SXGA high-resolution 
LCD displays or a 17-inch Capacitive LCD 

TAPing The 


Net Optics Introduces Compact Network TAP Kit 
For Spot Checks, Bench Testing 

by Joseph Pasquini 

Network security analysts who are fre- 
quently on the road can often find them- 
selves saddled down with a bulky network 
TAP (test access port) — not to mention 
their obligatory laptop and luggage. Aimed 
at "road warriors" wanting to lighten their 
loads, as well as any in-house administra- 
tors or consultants requiring temporary pas- 
sive access to network traffic, Net Optics 
has debuted its 10/100BaseT Teeny Tap 
compact diagnostic and monitoring device. 
"The Teeny Tap's unique differen- 
tiation is its size and portability," says 
Fred Jankowiak, Net Optics' director 
of marketing. 

Based upon the feature set of the larger 
Net Optics 10/100BaseT Tap, the Teeny 
Tap's Zero Delay technology ensures that 
no packets are dropped even if the device 
should lose power. For increased uptime, 
the Teeny Tap also offers redundant 12V 
power supplies. Indicator LEDs on the 
front of the Teeny Tap specify the current 
power source. 

So that monitoring devices connected to 
the Teeny Tap are isolated from the net- 
work and secure from attacks, the Net 
Optics unit is designed to operate without 
an IP address. Even so, the Teeny Tap is 
still capable of passing all full-duplex traf- 
fic (including Layer 1 and Layer 2 errors) 
to the monitoring device. Compatible with 

May 26, 2006 

Product ^ Releases 

.Manufacturer Presentation . 

Page 19 

touchscreen display. In addition, these 
machines include integrated 5.1 -channel 
audio, 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet with 
AMT support, and 802.1 la/b/g wireless LAN 
and Bluetooth technology. 


■ Advantech's eAutomation Group 
launched the MIC-3316 3U CompactPCI 
controller, a fanless, alternative low-power 
solution. The MIC-3316 has an ultra-low- 
power 650MHz Celeron processor onboard 
and supports up to 348MB SDRAM. It also 
has optional rear I/O support, battery backup 
RAM, two onboard CompactFlash sockets, 
and one 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port. 

■ Apollo Display Technologies released the 
Galaxy, an SBC (single-board computer) that 
handles large high-resolution TFT LCD dis- 
plays. It is targeting companies that deal with 
signs, gaming, medical, and industrial dis- 
plays. The system operates in to 60 degrees 
Celsius and supports 2D and 3D applica- 
tions. It is 8 x 5.75 inches and doesn't require 
any fans. The Galaxy has an Intel ULV 
Celeron CPU. Apollo released four versions 
of the computer. Best Performance has an 
Intel 815 chipset and integrated video memo- 
ry. Apollo is targeting this version at 2D 
graphics uses. There are two High Perfor- 
mance versions that have a 650MHz ULV 
Celeron processor or 400MHz ULV Celeron 
processor. The High-End Performance sys- 
tem also has ATI graphics and support for 
dual display mode. Apollo is targeting this 
model at 3D applications. The Galaxy SBC 
Best Performance is available for $232.07 in 
10,000-unit packages. 

■ Kingston announced HyperX DDR500 
(PC4000) low latency memory modules 
and kits. The new modules are available in 
512MB and 1GB models and 1GB and 
2GB kits with latency timing of 3-3-3-8-1 
and voltage of 2.6V. 

■ MOXA Technologies announced media 
converter and optical generator products. The 
TCC-80, an RS-232 to RS-422/485 media 
converter, is serial-powered and doesn't 
require extra power input. The device 
includes a USB power cord and VDC power 
adapter for use when needed. It has an inte- 
grated 15 KV ESD surge protector and deliv- 
ers complete signal conversion between 

RS-232 and RS-422/485. The media convert- 
er is designed to deliver RS-485 auto data 
direction control and is energy efficient, con- 
suming a mere 50mW from a power source. 
MOXA's TCC-82 is an RS-232 optical gen- 
erator and a single isolator, but it features bi- 
directional serial communication between 
two RS-232 devices with complete electrical 
isolation. By optically isolating both ends of 
the connection, the TCC-82 can provide a 
defense against ground loops, accidental high 
voltage shorts, and lightening strikes. With 
its power-over-serial feature, the TCC-82 
doesn't require an external power supply, 
and its two D-type connectors protect the 
RTS/CTS handshake lines on its D-type con- 
nectors. According to MOXA, the TCC-82' s 
built-in optocouplers can handle more than 4 
KV rms input to output for up to one minute. 


Application & Web Development 

■ Backbase released the Backbase AJAX 
Java Server Edition software, which lets 
developers create user interfaces for Java 
programs by adding AJAX interfaces. 
Developers can also build single SPIs 
(single-page interfaces). It is made up of four 
components, including 35 prebuilt GUI wid- 
gets, AJAX for Java tools, JSF Runtime 
server integration, and Backbase AJAX 
client. It uses open Internet standards, includ- 
ing XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and XML, 
and server standards including JSF and J2EE. 
It supports popular browsers, including IE, 
Firefox, and Mozilla, and supports Java 
application servers, including Apache 
Tomcat, IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, 
Oracle Application server, and JBoss. 
Backbase Java Server Edition includes free 
online support and is available in a 30-day 
trial (with a manual and Starter Kit). 

■ Borland Software released an upgraded 
version of the Borland SilkTest software. 
Designed as an enterprise-class functional 
testing software and recently added to 
Borland's ALM (Application Lifecycle 
Management) portfolio, SilkTest 8.0 was 
designed to help enterprises streamline and 
automate testing procedures. The new ver- 
sion does so through features such as its con- 
tinuous productivity improvement, which 
lets users run system tests unattended. If an 
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Net Optics 10/100BaseT Teeny Tap 

$345, includes one-year standard warranty 

Compact diagnostic and monitoring device that 
supplies network visibility and monitoring access 
for network managers on the go 

PoE applications, the Teeny Tap is also 
fully IEEE 802.3-compliant. 

Measuring only 0.875 x 3.125 x 1.875 
inches (HxWxD) the anodized aluminum 
Teeny Tap features four RJ45, 8-pin ports: 
two for network access and two for moni- 
toring. As part of its packaged bundle, the 
test access port also includes two power 
supplies, four RJ45 cables (two straight- 
through and two cross-over), one lanyard 

for hands-free operation, and a 
black canvas carrying case. As 
an added bonus, an etched 
application diagram on the top 
of the device handily illustrates 
how to properly connect the 
Teeny Tap to a network. 

"I'm sure any consultants 
who travel as frequently as I do 
with a laptop bag would love 
to replace their existing setup 
with a Teeny Tap. I intend 
to take one with me on all of my en- 
gagements," says Richard Bejtlich, presi- 
dent and CEO of TaoSecurity and 
author of "The Tao of Network Security 

In addition to Net Optics' 10/100Base T 
Teeny Tap, there are other vendors who 
manufacture portable 10/100 BaseT test 
access ports. The ConneX CC1100-P 10/100 
Portable TAP from Network Critical 
( allows for pack- 
et injection into a live link. The CC1200-P, a 
100/1000 version, is also available. The 10- 
100 UTP Tap from Comcraft ( is designed as a standalone 
unit and is bundled with accessories in 
a similar fashion to the Teeny Tap. How- 
ever, unlike the Net Optics solution, neither 
of the competing TAPs offers redundant 
power supplies. 

Communications - Switch Advertisement 

TigerStack II 




SMC Networks' TigerStack II 
10/100/1000 Switches are the 
newest in a series of next-gener- 
ation high-performance stackable 
switches that deliver high scala- 
bility, wire-speed Gigabit performance, 
high availability, 10Gb Ethernet uplinks, 
and redundant power options. The switch- 
es are the first to include IPv4 and IPv6 
management options, enabling flexibility. 

The TigerStack II 10/100/1000 1000 SMC 
8824M/SMC8848M stacks up to eight 
units in a stack, providing up to 384 Giga- 
bit ports. A stack can be created with 24- 
or 48-port switches, providing unprece- 
dented flexibility. It provides up to 48 built- 
in copper Gigabit ports, including four 
Combo SFP ports supporting copper links 
or SFP adapters for easy, flexible connec- 
tion to fiber-based Gigabit media and a 
switching capacity of up to 176Gbps. 

The two 10Gb module slots on the rear of 
the switch provide support for XFP 10Gb 
connections. These provide high-band- 
width connections to the core of a network 
and are in addition to the two stacking 
connectors giving high-capacity connec- 
tions to the other units in the stack. 

The SMC8824M/SMC8848M switches 
feature a variety of network management 

options for IPv4 and IPv6: console CLI, 
Telnet, Web, SNMPv1/v2/v3, RMON, 
TFTP, Port Mirroring, BootP, and DHCP. 
They also support advanced traffic man- 
agement options such as 802. 1x, Band- 
width Control, Broadcast Storm Control, 
and support for IGMP Snooping v1/v2. 

The SMC8824M/SMC8848M provides a 
robust and consistent set of QoS/CoS, 
VLAN, and security features. It supports 
eight priority queues for 802.1p/ToS/ 
DiffServ, with classification and marking 
based on MAC SA/DA, IP SA/DA, and/or 
TCP/UDP. Security features include 
802. 1x (Port Authentication), port security, 
and Access Control Lists (ACL) based on 
MAC address, IP address, and/or 
TCP/UDP port numbers. It also provides 
extensive support for GVRP, 802.1 q, and 
a flexible VLAN implementation, including 
port, tagged, and protocol-based VLANs. 

The SMC8824M/SMC8848M is the latest 
example of SMC's continued commit- 
ment to our channel partners and cus- 
tomers to be the industry leader in cost- 
effective, reliable, high-performance, fea- 
ture-rich switches. 



38 Tesla 

Irvine, CA 92618 

Phone: (949) 679-8000 

.Manufacturer Presentation . 

Communications - Switch Advertisement 

Asante IntraCore 36524 & 38480 

Asante IntraCore 36524 WWW.Processor.COITl/Asante 

Increases Data Flow, Security, and Network Efficiency 

This high-performance Layer 3 
routing switch, optimized for 
business and campus LAN or 
intranet, provides both wire- 
speed Ethernet routing and 
switching services. The Intra- 
Core 36524 can route the traffic between isolated subnets, increasing network 
throughput, as well as security and efficiency. 

The IntraCore 36524 routing switch supports a variety of Layer 3 routing protocols 
and Layer 4 features, allowing it to look deeper into the packets to perform smart fil- 
tering functions. It also has advanced traffic control, based on L2-L7 data of incoming 

With 24 ports, the Asante IntraCore 36524 routing switch has a higher port-density 
count than its predecessor, the IntraCore 35516. As a result, network administrators 
can divide the network into more network segments. Each segment can provide more 
bandwidth with less network traffic congestion. 

Asante IntraCore 38480 

Advanced Layer 2+ Switch Features Full-wire Speed with Minimized Latency 

The IntraCore 38480 has a 

high-density port count of 48 

10/100/1000 copper ports, plus 

four Combo ports for adding 

fiber via SFP MiniGBIC module. 

Designed to be a space-saver in 

the rack and wiring closet, it can also eliminate cross switch traffic. Boasting an 

impressive 96-Gigabit switching fabric, the IntraCore 38480 supports full-wire speed 

on all ports. It has advanced traffic control based on L2-L7 data of incoming frames. 

The IntraCore 38480 supports jumbo frames up to 9k per frame, best for use with 
multimedia applications and network storage. With additional features such as CoS 
and IEEE 802. 1p traffic prioritization, applications such as VoIP can pass traffic with 
minimal latency. 

JSi Asante 


Page 20 

May 26, 2006 

Product Releases 

Continued from Page 19 
error occurs while a test is in progress, 
SilkTest 8.0 will log the error, restore the 
application to its base state, and continue to 
run other tests. The new version of SilkTest 
also supports Eclipse-based application 
testing and features user simulation capa- 
bilities that drive applications just as an end 
user would. 

■ Stellent released a new version of its multi- 
site management application Stellent Site 
Studio. Site Studio, a component of the 
enterprise-scalable Stellent Universal 
Content Management system, provides a 
software infrastructure for creating, main- 
taining, and deploying multiple internal and 

external Web sites. The new version offers 
in-context site assembly and organization 
capabilities through a new Site Studio 
Manager tool. Additional Site Studio 
enhancements include built-in usage analyt- 
ics and an expanded search engine offering. 

■ Sun Microsystems launched the Java EE 5 
platform for Web service development. Java 
EE 5 simplifies Web creation through Sun's 
Reference Implementation, Technology 
Compatibility Kit, and Software Devel- 
opment Kit that includes open source-devel- 
oped Sun Java System Application Server 
Edition 9.0. Backward compatibility is fea- 
tured for current Java developers. Java EE 5's 
Software Development Kit supports Business 

Process Execution Language. The Software 
Development Kit is free at Sun's Developer 
Network for Linux, Windows, and Sola- 
ris OSes. Sun also introduced four plug- 
in modules named Jackpot, Real Time 
Java Technology, WSIT (Web Services 
Interoperability Technology), and Grid 
Compute Server for NetBeans. All four plug- 
in modules are designed for the open-source 
NetBeans IDE. Jackpot finds bad coding 
practices and repairs or upgrades the code. 
Real Time Java Technology gives editing 
support to control the behavior of program 
logic. WSIT helps develop cross-platform 
Web services. Compute Server for NetBeans 
will help Java developers use the Sun Grid 
Compute Utility. Features include project 

templates, local debugging, and automatic 
packaging of application code. The Computer 
Server plug-in is a free download under the 
Apache License 2.0 

■ Sybase announced Workspace 1.5, a uni- 
fied Eclipse-based application development 
environment that offers design and devel- 
opment tools in an integrated, open- source 
framework. Sybase Workspace seamlessly 
combines data development, Web applica- 
tions, services-oriented development of 
application, and mobile development with 
enterprise modeling. New functionality in 
Sybase Workspace 1.5 includes a Web 
application development component, 
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Antispam Appliance 
Designed For The SME 

MailFoundry 1150 Offers 
Cost-Effective Protection 

by Kurt Marko 

Recent statistics from tracking 
sites such as Postini and Message- 
Labs show that nearly 85% of all 
incoming email is either spam or 
misdirected — that is, intentionally 
bounced email, often used by 
spammers to forge return address- 
es. Experts have developed a 
number of effective countermea- 
sures, but implementing these 
mail-filtering tools used to mean a 
complex process requiring exper- 
tise often unavailable in small 
businesses. The industry has 
responded by bundling the most 
effective filtering methods into 
easily administered network ap- 

pliances, and a recent entrant is 
the MailFoundry 1150. 

MailFoundry, the hardware 
division of email hosting provider 
Solinus, has developed its own fil- 
tering engine, known as Message- 
IQ, which runs on a PC-like plat- 
form with a hardened Linux OS, 
and while the entry-level 1150 is 
not designed for rack-mounting, it 
is compact enough to be unobtru- 
sive. The MessagelQ engine is a 
multilayer filter, incorporating 
traditional techniques such as 
blocked senders, real-time black- 
hole lists, and reverse DNS lookup 
and adds what MailFoundry terms 
spam profiles — custom-built, tar- 
geted message identifiers. These 

human-crafted profiles are similar 
to virus signatures in that they 
don't rely on brute force check- 
sums, hashes, or lexical analysis 
but are based on repeatable mes- 
sage attributes used by particular 

MailFoundry' s staff is constantly 
adjusting the profile database, and 
updates are automatically down- 
loaded. The 1150's final layers of 
message filtering include antivirus 
scanning and content filtering, with 
the latter customizable to specific 
domains, systems, or users. To- 
gether, this layered approach 
achieves greater than 95% spam 
detection with a false positive ratio 
of only one in a million, according 
to MailFoundry' s testing. 

This has been a busy year for 
security appliances. Besides the 
recently reviewed Symantec SGS 

1600 security gateway (www; see the April 7 
issue), MailFoundry is competing 
with other so-called UTM (unified 
threat management) devices from 
ISS (, Fortinet (www, ZyXEL (www, and Secure Comput- 
ing ( 
UTM appliances offer firewall 
and intrusion detection and pre- 
vention in addition to mail and 
virus filtering. Businesses that 
have already deployed network 
security hardware and need only 
message filtering will find com- 
parable email-only appliances 
include dymeta's trimMail 310 
( and the Bar- 
racuda Spam Firewall 200 (www 
.barracudanetworks .com) . 

At just under $900 with a one- 
year spam profile subscription, the 


MailFoundry 1150 

$799; $99 annual Spam profiles sub- 
scription; $99 annual rapid replacement 

A compact, low-cost mail filtering appli- 
ance offering real-time spam and virus 
blocking and automatically updated 
spam profiles 

MailFoundry 1150 undercuts its 
nearest competitor, trimMail, by 
over $300, although Symantec's 
UTM appliance is about the same 
price. Small to midsized enterprises 
that have implemented network 
security with a firewall and are 
looking for a powerful mail filter- 
ing solution should give Mail- 
Foundry's products a look. New 
offices or those needing a major 
security overhaul should also inves- 
tigate the integrated UTM products 
as a simpler and potentially more 
cost-effective alternative. 

Security Management i 
From One Platform 

Enterasys Dragon Network Defense Incorporates 
Compound Intrusion-Detection Technologies 

by Joe Lazzaro 

Managing network security gets 
harder every day as the number and 
types of threats multiply. Security 
is also a double-edged sword, and 
an incorrectly implemented or mis- 
managed security policy can pre- 
vent network commerce and stand 
in the way of the mission of the 
enterprise. But if an intruder pene- 
trates the network perimeter, your 
company's data and reputation 
could be forever compromised. To 
ramp up levels of security, network 
admins are turning to intrusion 
detection solutions. These pack- 
ages constantly monitor network 
traffic, looking for evidence that 
points to malicious intent and 

blocking threats before they cross 
the network boundary. 

Enterasys Networks has rolled 
out Dragon Network Defense, an 
addition to its existing Dragon 
Security Suite and Secure Net- 
works product line. The package 
runs under the Trustix Secure 
Linux 2.1 operating system using 
kernel 2.4.28-1 ltrsmp. Dragon 
Network Defense utilizes multiple 
intrusion-detection technologies 
to identify threats to the network 
infrastructure and supports third- 
party security utilities such as 
antivirus, antispyware, and net- 
work-scanning packages. The 
package also assists businesses to 
comply with stringent regulatory 
issues such as Sarbanes-Oxley. 

To help IT staff manage securi- 
ty for even larger enterprises, 
Dragon Network Defense comes 
bundled with the Dragon Security 
Command Console, which lets 
network administrators configure 
the package and generate detailed 
reports. The Dragon Security 
Command Console's report gen- 
erator can provide reports for 
a single department within an 
organization or for the entire 
enterprise. The Console is a cen- 
tral security information manage- 
ment tool, providing actionable 
intelligence and reporting capabil- 
ities to protect complex enter- 
prise level IT infrastructures. The 
console collects and analyzes 
security information from a broad 

assortment of security devices and 
software, lowering the resources 
required to effectively manage the 
security of complex networking 

This latest version of Dragon 
Network Defense now includes 
network behavioral anomaly 
detection capabilities. This lets 
the package identify threats that 
lack recognizable signatures, 
increasing the number and types 
of threats that can be detected 
and blocked. Behavioral anom- 
aly detection complements Drag- 
on' s intrusion prevention and 
detection capabilities by track- 
ing, analyzing, and recording 
every network flow, increasing 
network availability and decreas- 
ing the likelihood of expensive 

Competitors to the Enterasys 
Dragon include StealthWatch 




Enterasys Dragon Network Defense 

Dragon Security Processor ranges from 
$65,000 to $159,000; Dragon Behavioral 
Flow Sensors range from $18,000 to 

Provides multiple-level security, includ- 
ing network behavioral anomaly detec- 
tion and signature and event detection, 
managed from a central Web console 

from Lancope (www.lancope 
.com), Peakflow from Arbor 
Networks (www.arbornetworks 
.com), and Profiler from Mazu 
Networks (www.mazunetworks 
.com). According to Enterasys, 
Dragon Network Defense is 
unique because of its ability to 
provide a full complement of 
Network Behavioral Anomaly 
Defense technologies with a 
fully integrated security infor- 
mation manager, the Dragon 
Security Command Console. 

May 26, 2006 

Page 21 

Product \M Releases 

Continued from Page 20 
increased support for database develop- 
ment, and more. 

Business Productivity 

■ Cabinet NG released its CNG-LINKto 

Series software, which integrates Cabinet NG 
CNG-SAFE with third-party applications. 
The software lets users link their document 
management software with business applica- 
tions such as ACT! (it synchronizes the con- 
tact entries with Cabinet NG document folder 
indexes), MS Outlook (it puts emails in 
CNG-SAFE), and Advisors Assistant (it lets 
users manage client portfolios). The CNG- 
LINKtos are available for $495 each. 

■ Neocase introduced Neocase 10, which is 
available as a standalone product and as part 
of Microsoft's Dynamics CRM 3.0. The soft- 
ware includes collaborative tools, knowledge 
management features, and workflow manage- 
ment functions. Neocase 10 includes seven 
modules, which include the Collaboration 
Platform, Self- Service Portal, Service Le- 
vel Agreement Module, Partner Center, 
Knowledge Base, Field Services Module, and 
Reporting Module. Neocase 10 is available 
through a software license or through an on- 
demand, per-user, monthly access fee. 

Data Collection 

■ A recent upgrade to Kofax's VRS scanning 
software allows VRS 4. 1 Professional to scan 
documents that were previously unscannable 
due to noisy backgrounds. Kofax's Advanced 
Clarity technology helps ensure accurate doc- 
ument scanning and eliminate the time it 
takes to manually correct mistakes made by 
ICR (intelligent character recognition) and 
OCR (optical character recognition) software. 
VRS 4.1 Professional includes all the recent 

enhancements found in VRS 4.0 Plus, includ- 
ing enhance color capabilities (color detection 
and saturation). 

Database & Data Mining 

■ AdventNet released the latest version of 
its SQL Migration tool. The SwisSQL 
SQLOne Console 3.0 offers multidatabase 
SQL comparison, conversion, and execu- 
tion, as well as migration across ANSI- 
SQL, DB2, Informix, PostgreSQL, SQL 
Server, and Sybase. The software boasts a 
new UI and an automatic SQL Migration/ 
Conversion feature. 

Imaging & Printing 

■ Kodak's new TeamWorks 2.0 software 
allows team members to collaborate on work 
from anywhere with an Internet connection. 
The software can help manage all aspects of 
content creation. A unique pixel streaming 
technology allows quick access to even high- 
resolution images while still allowing users 
to zoom into great detail. Users can denote 
specific rights and responsibilities to various 
individuals and allow others to ensure appro- 
priate revisions are made. When uploading 
files, users can maintain complex directory 
structures and view a history of revisions 
made. The company also launched its NEX- 
PRESS 2500 digital production color press, 
color science, and workflow software, which 
are aimed at graphic communications 
providers. The technology lets commercial 
users create customized photo books, greet- 
ing cards, and personalized calendars and 
planners on-demand. Lastly, Kodak an- 
nounced the latest version of its i9600 
Application Software, which adds several 
new capabilities to Kodak's i9600 Writers 
and i7300 Scanners. Version 2.0 of the soft- 
ware simplifies the write-to-film process and 

features a more user-friendly GUI, more effi- 
cient multiroll processing, support for metric 
measurements, and the ability to change the 
size of dialog boxes. 

■ Kofax introduced the latest edition of its 
Ascent platform, Ascent Capture 7.5, in a 
standard and enterprise edition. Both ver- 
sions of the software gather physical docu- 
ments and forms, as well as electronic doc- 
uments, and convert them into retrievable 
information, suitable for a database. Ascent 
Capture 7.5 Enterprise delivers on-demand, 
remote access to Ascent modules via Citrix 
Presentation Server or Microsoft Terminal 
Services. With IBM's WebSphere soft- 
ware, IT personnel can implement Kofax's 
Ascent Capture Internet Server on 
Unix/J2EE Web servers. In environments 
using Ascent Capture Internet Server, users 
can direct documents to select individuals 
for specialized processing. 

■ Nuance Communications announced 
ScanSoft PaperPort Professional 11. The 
improvements in PaperPort Professional 11 
were made to improve OCR accuracy and 
image delivery speed. The software features 
speed improvements including a navigation 
speed that has increased by over 200%. 
PaperPort Professional 1 1 also features one- 
button scanning compatibility with nearly 
every scanner or multifunction device. 
Users will find numerous SET (Scanner 
Enhancement Technology) tools designed 
to automatically correct bad scans and 
enhance digital pictures. ScanSoft PaperPort 
Professional 11 is currently available for 
$199.99. There is a standard PaperPort 11 
targeting small businesses and homes that is 
available for $99.99 

■ Xerox unveiled four software products 
that work with Xerox multifunction sys- 
tems and are designed to help offices work 
smarter and more effectively manage day- 
to-day office document processes. Two 
new scanning programs, including Xerox 
FreeFlow SMARTsend 2.0 and ScanFlow- 
Store, let workers capture, share, and store 
documents. Equitrac Express 4 and 
Equitrac Office 4 help offices monitor, 
track, and charge back document costs to 
specific departments or clients. 

Messaging & Groupware 

■ Ontrack Data Recovery released Ontrack 
PowerControls 4.1, the latest in its line of 
mailbox recovery tools. Microsoft Exchange 
administrators can save time with Power- 
Controls 4.1's features such as the upgraded 
content analysis functionality, which lets 
administrators create customized CAS 
(Content Analysis Stores); expanded backup 
format support, which offers enhanced sup- 
port for the latest version of Veritas 
NetBackup, Symantec BackupExec, and oth- 
ers; and new message viewing capabilities, 
giving administrators the ability to view all 
replies and forwards of a given message and 
the ability to view messages that reference a 
single attachment. Ontrack PowerControls 
4.1 is currently available starting at $950 for 
100 mailboxes. 

■ Sherpa Software announced Discovery 
Attender for Exchange 2.1, an electronic 
search tool for files, messages, and attach- 
ments. Annotated notes can be added to 
results and help organize the review process. 
Multiple users can work on projects where 
the annotated notes will come in handy. 

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^Manufacturer Presentation , 

End Nodes - Printer Advertisement 

TallyGenicom's New High-Speed 

Serial Matrix Printers Have 
Multiple Connectivity Solutions 

TallyGenicom announced the 
2265+ and 2280+ models of the 
650 and 900 cps serial matrix 
printer family for time sensitive and 
critical business printing applica- 
tions in industries such as ware- 
housing, manufacturing, trans- 
portation, retail, and others that 
require multipart forms printing. 

The 2265+ printer is available in a variety of configurations, making it the ideal choice 
for multiple connectivity environments. The configurations include parallel only, paral- 
lel with serial, internal Ethernet, PCL, and LAN IPDS for IBM AS400/iseries users. 
List Prices range from $1 ,845 to $2,227. 

The 2280+ is available in a variety of configurations, including serial, parallel, PCL, 
internal Ethernet, and LAN IPDS. List Prices range from $2,543 to $3,709. The 2280- 
2T+ will be available in July 2006 for users that require the ability to print up to nine- 
part forms for use in industries such as transportation, customs brokerage firms, and 
the healthcare field. 

"By adding this robust and comprehensive product line to our offering, TallyGenicom 
is continuing our commitment to our customers by being the solution provider for their 
changing serial matrix printer requirements" says Chuck Ward, serial matrix product 
marketing manager at TallyGenicom. 

TallyGenicom continues to support Digital /Compaq serial matrix printer users. 
Included with this announcement is the release of the LA650 + and LA800+ for these 
legacy applications. These new printers replace prior models 2265, 2280, 7265, 
LA650, and LA800. 

■ W TallyGenicom 

> Power to Print • (800) 436-4266 

Manufacturer Presentation , 

End Nodes - Storage Advertisement 

Encrypt The Data On Your 
Backup Tapes With Paranoia2 

Backup encryption and data encryption are 
undoubtedly required to comply with 
Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and other govern- 
ment-imposed security regulations. Most 
companies haven't taken backup encryption 
into consideration and have only secured 
their data on their systems from theft or misuse via access controls, firewalls, and 
specialty software. Few have taken into account the repercussions of a lost or stolen 
tape backup. Once your data is written to tape, it's completely unprotected. There are 
no access controls, passwords, or audit trails tied to this data. So without a tape 
backup encryption solution, all security efforts made thus far are useless. This is why 
a tape backup encryption solution is necessary. 

Your tape backup data is your most critical asset and its potential value for abuse by 
people outside of your organization is enormous. It's easy to take your unencrypted 
backup from your backup tapes and read it on any drive, unless tape backup encryp- 
tion was used. Tape backup encryption is your primary defense for safeguarding tape 
backups. If you are worried about data protection, disaster recovery, and compliance, 
you need Paranoia2. 

Paranoia2 is the simplest, most cost-effective and easy-to-deploy tape encryption 
(backup encryption) solution available. The Paranoia2 backup tape encryption solu- 
tion is available as an external encryption device or as a complete private key secure 
backup encryption subsystem. Paranoia2 uses strong encryption protocol, dual 
DES3, to protect your data (or 1 1 other different levels). Encrypted tapes can only be 
read by another Paranoia unit with the correct user and hardware private key. 
Paranoia2 is an external on-the-fly tape backup encryption appliance, sitting between 
the data path and tape storage device. It's transparent to the operating system and 
the built-in precompression ensures encryption without performance degradation and 
will in many cases increase your transfer speed and shorten your backup window (up 
to 68MBps sustained encryption rate). It's an inline tape backup encryption hardware 
unit that requires no system or software changes and can be used on both stand- 
alone and library tape drives. 

For a 7-Day Evaluation Unit, 
Visit or Call (888) 682-5335 



Page 22 

May 26, 2006 

Product \M Releases 

Continued from Page 21 

■ Vision Objects released MyScript Builder 
Embedded 1.2. The new version was 
designed for mobile device use and features 
new languages and better accuracy. Enter- 
prises now have an easy and fast pen-based 
text input option that can be used for send- 
ing emails or SMS messages and numerous 
other functions. This offering also integrates 
bi-class language modes, which calculate the 
probability of word pairs occurring together, 
to increase accuracy. MyScript Builder 
Embedded 1.2 is available for Linux and 
Symbian OSes. 


■ Motorola introduced the MOTOPRO 
Mobility Suite to assist with the development 
and deployment of enterprise-wise mobile 
applications, with full integration to existing 
information systems. The Motorola Mobility 
Suite offers device-level intrusion protection, 
user authentication and authorization, data 
encryption, and secure network access con- 
trol. With the platform, users can manage 
mobile devices using features such as device 
provisioning, configuration management, 
backup and restore, and diagnostics. The 
Mobility Suite uses Web services to integrate 
and mobilize business applications, including 
Customer Relationship Management, Sales 
Force Automation, and Executive Informa- 
tion Systems. The Mobility Suite will be 
commercially available this summer. 

Network & Systems Management 

■ AdventNet updated its applications and 
server monitoring software, ManageEngine 
Applications Manager. The software sup- 
ports IBM applications, including AIX, 
IBM DB2, and IBM WebSphere. It also 
handles J2EE application servers, including 
Oracle AS, JBoss, Tomcat, WebLogic, and 
WebSphere. The software supports Micro- 
soft Application, including Exchange, 
.NET, SQL Server, and Windows Event 
Logs. Other supported applications include 
custom Java, JMX, and J2EE. The updated 
version adds support for Oracle Application 
Server, Windows Event Logs, and Tru64 
Unix. It lets administrators measure data- 
base connectivity, user sessions, and 
throughput for Oracle AS. ManageEngine 
Applications Manager Free Edition supports 
up to five applications. AdventNet also 
offers a Professional Edition. 

■ AlarmPoint Systems released two 
versions of the AlarmPoint platform 
(AlarmPoint Standard and AlarmPoint 
Professional), an enterprise-wide event reso- 
lution product suite designed to automate 
event resolution through mobile workforce 
needs management. The AlarmPoint Stan- 
dard is an entry-level platform designed 
for SMEs searching for a management 

platform that integrates easily into Unix, 
Windows, and Linux environments. Stan- 
dard also supports Oracle and Microsoft SQL 
databases. AlarmPoint Professional is an 
SME product designed to meet the needs of 
IT professionals in areas such as incident, 
service, support, and change and configura- 
tion management. AlarmPoint Professional 
also comes with standard reports that exceed 
Sarbanes-Oxley and NFPA 1600 standards. 

■ CA released Introscope 7, which lets users 
control large deployments of Web applica- 
tions. It lets users view application perfor- 
mance in real time, thanks to always-on 
diagnostics. It features on-the-fly instrumen- 
tation and parameter editing, as well as 
integration with Wily Customer Experi- 
ence Manager. It can also trace transac- 
tions across multiple JVMs (Java Virtual 
Machines). It supports many application and 
SO A platforms as well as many vendors, 
such as Amdocs, Actuate, Motive, Oracle 
eBusiness Suite, and Siebel, among others. 

■ Lucent announced the enhanced versions 
of its VitalQIP IP Address Management soft- 
ware and VitalSuite Performance Manage- 
ment software. Lucent's VitalQIP 7.0 IP 
Address Management software has a new 
user interface, enhanced IP address manage- 
ment business processes, and support for 
IPv4 and IPv6 with new security and config- 
uration capabilities. Lucent's VitalSuite 
Performance Management 10.0 combines 
three application and network management 
software modules to give service providers 
and enterprise customers the ability to apply 
a unified network management architecture 
across multi vendor deployments. It gives 
network operators real-time views of applica- 
tion and Web services transaction, critical 
network resources, and overall service quali- 
ty compliance. It also has new performance 
management features to integrate multilevel 
domains, along with additional technology 
support for Information Management Sys- 
tem, WiMAX, and Ethernet. 

■ Shunra Software released Shunra VE 
Desktop 2.5, which simulates a wide-area 
network link. Desktop 2.5 can test applica- 
tions under current and potential conditions 
from desktops or laptops. Slide bars and pre- 
defined drop-down menus set up network 
parameters for latency, jitter, bandwidth, and 
packet loss. Applications behave as if they 
were under the network scenarios, and real- 
time reports show the cause of problems at 
any time. Network simulations can be done 
outside the testing lab. A free trial of Shunra 
VE Desktop 2.5 can be downloaded at the 
company's Web site. 

■ Elcomsoft released AVPR (Advanced 
VBA [Visual Basic for Applications] 

Password Recovery) 1.61 for recovering 
lost and forgotten passwords for VBA 
source code in Microsoft Office docu- 
ments. Word and Excel 97/2000/XP/ 
2003, Outlook 2000/XP/2003, Project 
98/2000/XP/2003, Access 2000/XP/2003, 
PowerPoint 97, and Visio 4/5 are support- 
ed. AVPR also supports Money, One- 
Note, Backup, Schedule+, and Mail. 
AVPR is also compatible with protected 
Excel add-ins and supports backdoor 
opening of VBA projects. This works with 
Office components as well as VBA- 
enabled applications, including Corel 
WordPerfect Office AutoCAD. Finally, 
AVPR 1.61 can unlock IE 3/4/5 Content 
Advisor passwords. 

■ IronPort introduced IronPort Compliance 
Filters, which use multicategory, pattern- 
matching algorithms to filter more effec- 
tively without as many false positives. This 
results in better security and privacy com- 
pliance. IronPort Compliance Filters aid in 
compliance with HIPAA and PHI, for 
instance. The filters include comprehensive 
policy management through a GUI, work- 
flow integration, centralized reporting, and 
logging, TLS email encryption, and integra- 
tion with vendors such as PostX and PGP. 

■ The Neoware Security Center bolsters 
antivirus options and adds an improved fire- 
wall to Neoware thin clients running Win- 
dows XPe. With Neoware Open Anti- Virus, 
users can install industry-standard antivirus 
applications designed for PCs on their 
Neoware WinXPe thin clients. Open Anti- 
Virus can lock down the thin client from 
other changes while IT managers acquire 
updates for their antivirus software. Neoware 
Firewall filters outbound and inbound access 
requests to thwart unauthorized access to 
desktops and servers. 

■ SPI Dynamics introduced QAInspect 
Enterprise, software for testing Web appli- 
cations against security protocols. QA- 
Inspect Enterprise is fully compatible with 
AMP (Assessment Management Platform) 
for putting standardized security policies in 
place for each phase of an application's 
development. QAInspect Enterprise pro- 
vides centralized control over security poli- 
cy configurations and automated testing 
tools. With the software, companies can 
check for security holes in the company net- 
work and ensure that Web applications meet 
security standards and policies. 


■ CA released BrightStor Tape Encryption, 
a mainframe tape encryption program that 
encrypts and decrypts data as programs 
write it to z/OS tapes. It integrates with other 
BrightStor products, such as BrightStor 

CA-1 Tape Management and BrightStor 
CA-Dynam/TLMS Tape Management. It 
also supports third-party management prod- 
ucts, including eTrust CA-ACF2, eTrust 
CA-Top Secret, and IBM RACF. BrightStor 
CA-Vtape lets it encrypt externalized tapes. 

■ DataCore introduced SANmaestro 
Monitor to manage and enhance perfor- 
mance in SAN and Windows environments. 
SANmaestro Monitor performs a detailed 
analysis of Windows metrics and storage. 
SANmaestro Monitor also provides an audit 
trail of I/O behavior and the use of storage, 
produces input for billing and charge-back 
programs, tracks performance, locates 
hotspots, and performs capacity planning. 
SANmaestro shows the physical space 
occupied by applications that use SAN- 
melody's Virtual Capacity auto provision- 
ing tool. The software tracks system infor- 
mation, memory, processor use, IP traffic, 
network interfaces, I/O capacity, storage 
capacity, physical ports, I/O bandwidth, and 
I/O throughput. 

■ Winternals Software released Recovery 
Manager 3.0 for Windows servers, work- 
stations, and mobile PCs. It provides a link 
for the enterprise backup and recovery 
strategy by delivering an application that 
both recovers data and repairs systems. The 
new version adds bare metal recovery capa- 
bility, open files protection, Windows x64 
system support, and other features designed 
to help midmarket and enterprise organiza- 
tions meet recovery time objectives. 


■ SecurityMotorola introduced a suite of 
Enterprise Wireless Security Services 
designed to provide enterprise customers 
with planning, prevention, and monitoring 
services to help ensure the availability 
and security of their network. Some of the 
services include security assessments, 
design and implementation, policy devel- 
opment, incident response planning, and 
managed security services. These ser- 
vices provide centralized control over 
disparate wireless networks, devices, 
and applications. 


■ Kodak and JPMorgan Chase Bank 

unveiled the Digital Archive Services based 
on i- VAULT! technology, which lets cus- 
tomers consolidate and archive critical busi- 
ness data without having to worry abut run- 
ning out of storage capacity. The offering 
consists of capture, archive, information 
security, and retrieval services. Customers 
using the services can scan and index infor- 
mation themselves or hire Kodak's Digital 
Archive Services to perform the scanning 
and indexing. 

Data Collection 

The MX7 — tough enough for 
your warehouse, yet 
comfortable enough for 
scan-intensive applications. 

• All-range bar code 
scanning offers additional 
efficiencies with the ability 
to collect data from 4" - 40' 

• 802.1 1b/g radio and 
Bluetooth option 

• Voice-enabled with 
ToughTalk™ Technology, 
so you can use the MX7 
for both voice-directed and 
traditional bar code 
scanning applications 

1 25 Technology Parkway 
Norcross, GA 30092 
Toll Free: (800) 664-4593 
Phone: (770) 447-4224 


Rackmount LCD Drawer 


New Product! 

i-Tech Superstore for Rackmount LCD Console Drawer 

• 15", 17", 19" & 20" is also available 

• Optional with 8/1 6 ports KVM 

• New integrated with Remote Access via CAT5 and via IP 

• New SUN Solaris Rackmount Keyboard 

Free Grd Shipping for all Rackmount LCD KVM Drawers! 


30081 Ahern Ave 
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Remote Server Management - UltraLink™ 

• Connect to remote computers by Ethernet or dial-up 

• Secure encrypted operation 

• Scaling, scrolling, and auto-size features 

• Available in one, two, and four user models 

• Local KVM port to access computers at UltraLink unit 

• Up to 1280 x 1024 resolution, suports all platforms 





10707 Stand iff Road 
Houston, TX 77099 
Phone: (800) 333-9343 

May 26, 2006 
^Manufacturer Presentation . 

.Manufacturer Presentation . 

Page 23 

End Nodes - Storage Advertisement 

CryptoStor KeyVault™ 
Enterprise-Class Key Management 

Data-at-Rest Encryption Key Management 

• Central management of 
data-at-rest encryption keys 

• Automated and secure 
archival and recovery of keys 

• Cost-effective deployment 

• Granular security for tape, 
disk, and SAN VPN 

NeoScale CryptoStor KeyVault is the industry's first secure, automated and open 
enterprise-class appliance for data-at-rest encryption key management. From its FIPS 
140-2 Level 3 compliance to its open APIs allowing third-party vendor integration, 
CryptoStor KeyVault provides customers with significant operational cost savings 
today while consolidating their key management systems in the future. CryptoStor 
KeyVault delivers automated key management that allows one-step disaster recovery, 
secure sharing of data with business partners, and key sharing with unprecedented 
security and ease of use. 

Key and Policy Management 
Create Random key creation to ensure data privacy. Hardware and Software 
Random Number Generation for maximum security 

Distribute Secure and automated key distribution for multisite access to keys 

Archive Secure long-term archiving of keys to ensure compliance with information 
retention requirements 

Share Secure and simple sharing of encrypted data with business partners 

Recover Recovery of encrypted data and keys when needed at any site. Keys are 
not accessed until actually needed for highest security 

Delete Enforcement of data destruction across multiple locations to meet 
compliance requirements 


iHJ:jj|::j - I 

\i ' <*•> " (ft, 

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Winchester 24-Drive SATA Array 
with RAID 6 Data Protection 

Supports up to eight hosts and 12TB in one enclosure. 

The SATA-based RAID array lowers the cost per gigabyte of 

RAID-protected SATA 

storage while offering 

high-reliability features 

such as N+1 power, 

enterprise-class SATA 

disks, and RAID 6 for 

added data protection. 

The FlashDisk SA-4500 supports redundant 64-bit RAID con- 
trollers with dual Ultra320 SCSI host connectivity or up to eight 
Fibre Channel hosts and has high-availability features, including 
the new FlashDisk RAID 6 protection. The SA-4500 implements 
RAID 6 in hardware using a high-speed XOR engine on a dedi- 
cated ASIC, enabling FlashDisk SATA to maintain a RAID 5 
level of performance with RAID 6 protection against multiple 
drive failures. Additional high-availability features include redun- 
dant I/O modules, cooling, power supplies, and BBUs. Every 
FlashDisk data storage solution includes the FlashConsole 
appliance, providing complete centralized management using 
any browser-based workstation on the LAN. Flash Alert, a 24- 
hour "call-home" remote monitoring and alert service is also 
included for one year. 

List pricing starting at less than $30,000 MSRP 


Storage Without Complexity 

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www. PC23 

This new system features the latest in notebook PC technology, such 
as the new Intel® 945GM chipset, TPM (Trusted Platform Module), 
and Bluetooth. The chipset supports 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM memory 
and can be powered by the optional Intel® Core™ Duo mobile proces- 
sor technology. 

Intel Core Duo mobile technology provides greater overall system per- 
formance by running multiple tasks simultaneously. TPM ensures 
greater protection and security, while the integrated Bluetooth technol- 
ogy enables wireless connectivity with a multitude of peripherals. 

The TransPort T1300 offers many other enhancements as well. The 
system features a 14.1 -inch wide-screen XGA display with 1280 x 800 
resolution providing a sharp, clear picture. Additionally, the notebook 
incorporates Gigabit Ethernet, which facilitates faster network connec- 
tion speeds. The 4-in-1 media card reader allows for quick and easy 
transfer of various media such as memory sticks, secure digital cards, 
or multimedia cards. 

Intel Core Duo or Core Solo Technology 
Intel 945GM Chipset with 667MHz FSB 
Gigabit Ethernet 

Integrated Bluetooth Communications 
14.1 -inch WXGA Display (1280 x 800) 
Trusted Platform Module (TPM) v 1.2 
4-in-1 Media Reader that supports Memory 
Stick, Secure Digital & Multimedia Cards 
Cabled Port Replicator Option 


^Manufacturer Presentation . 

End Nodes - Storage Advertisement 

Easy-To-Use & Affordable NAS Drive from SmartDisk 

This cost-effective storage solution combines the simplicity of a local drive with the functionality of a network attached storage (NAS) 
system. Supporting both Windows and Mac operating systems, the drive connects to any computer or network via Ethernet 10/100 
LAN as well as USB2.0. The SmartDisk NAS drive is easily configured using a standard Web browser and for Mac environments 
supports Apple's Bonjour™ technology. Printers can be shared via the USB print server. 

According to Charles Klinker, vice president of marketing for SmartDisk, "The growth of networks, coupled with content explosion, is 
fueling consumer demand for more storage — more specifically, shared storage. The consolidation of a family's multimedia content 
onto one shared drive is a growing trend among households with multiple computers. The SmartDisk NAS was designed for the 
SOHO network and does not require any LAN certifications to install." 

Pricing and Availability 

Suggested retail price for the SmartDisk NAS drive is $279.99 for the 250GB version and $379.99 for the 400GB version. 

For More Information: or Phone (239) 425-4000 


Simplifying The Digital Lifestyle™ 

Page 24 

May 26, 2006 




la«*l S Wileli 

Data Classification: 
The Litmus Test For ILM 

I went to the Storage De- 
cisions Conference in Chi- 
cago on May 16 and 17 and started 
a new phase of my work: podcast- 
ing. OK, so it's not a new idea, but 
sometimes you can be late to the 
game and still be a first mover 
in the storage world — that's my 
hope anyway. The storage industry 
doesn't have anybody providing 
quality podcasts, so I decided to 
make the commitment myself. 

My new podcast show is called 
"StorageLine," and it features 
interviews and discussions with 
other analysts, subject matter ex- 
perts, customers, and others with 
an interest in the success of the 
storage networking industry. If you 
want to check out what's there, go 
to my home page at www.building and click the link 
that's there for StorageLine. Hope- 
fully there will be something of 
interest for you. And if you think 
you might want to be interviewed 
for StorageLine, send me an email 
and we'll try to set up a phone 
interview. I want to hear from the 
readers of Processor. 

ILM Technology Driver 

There has been a lot of hype 
surrounding ILM (information 
lifecycle management) at these 

events over the last couple years 
with a lot more hype and FUD 
(fear, uncertainty, and doubt) than 
realistic, sound advice. As readers 
of this column might know, I 
have long been of the opinion that 
litigation costs would be the real 
driver of ILM technology, not 
regulatory compliance. 

Compliance has a lot of acro- 
nyms and convoluted verbiage that 
few understand and agree on, but 
there has not been much real moti- 
vation in terms of the financial 
risks to corporations. Litigation, 
however, is a very nasty area and 
some of the payouts related to 
sloppy data retention practices 
have been in the billions of dollars. 
Even if a company wins its law- 
suit, it will still likely have signifi- 
cant costs incurred from electronic 
evidence searches. Moreover, 
companies that are third parties to 
litigation may be subpoenaed to 
submit evidence and have to pay 
the costs of searching for evidence, 

even though they have no im- 
mediate stake in the outcome and 
are not named in the suit. Why do 
I feel that there may soon be a 
new legal practice area in search 
indemnification ? 

New ILM Development 

So I was happy to see what I 
think was a significant new devel- 
opment in the ILM space recently. 
Scentric is a new startup formed by 
industry veterans that is delivering 
a data classification solution that 
has the potential to be an important 
piece in corporate risk manage- 
ment. Data classification identifies 
data by a variety of criteria, so it 
can be stored and accessed appro- 
priately and quickly at a later time. 
There is a serious need to make 
search automation credible in the 
eyes of the courts by being thor- 
ough, objective, and dependable. If 
that were to happen, litigation 
searches could be accomplished 
inexpensively, although the cost of 
implementing a supporting infra- 
structure might be heavy. 

The reason I like classification 
is simple: It has the potential 
to be driven by business needs 
as opposed to being driven by 

I have long been of the opinion 

that litigation costs would be the 

real driver of ILM technology. 


technology breakthroughs. Index- 
ing and searching technology 
might be very good at identifying 
content needing management over- 
sight, but it's not necessarily going 
to provide the application layer 
intelligence that determines how to 
categorize those pieces of content. 
No two businesses are alike, espe- 
cially where data is concerned, and 
the whole notion of ILM begs for a 
way to customize solutions. There- 
fore, it shouldn't surprise anyone 


h Networks, " the leading technology book in the 

^ field of storage networking. He is also the 

president of Building Storage, Inc., a company 

that provides consulting and educational services 

to the network storage and financial services 

industries. Farley regularly writes and speaks 

about storage networking technology and is an 

online expert for the SearchStorage Web site. 

potential categories of risk are and 
the criteria for measuring those 
risks. Developing skills and experi- 
ence in the processes and infra- 
structures of data-risk management 
will likely give you excellent job 
security, if you can endure the 
headaches of trying to make in- 
complete solutions work. 

Feasibility Test 

And that's why I get excited 
about what Scentric offers; it's a 


that comprehensive ILM solutions 
have not been delivered. But that 
doesn't mean ILM processes can- 
not be automated; it just means that 
the configuration and management 
processes for ILM are likely to 
always require human cognition. 

The application layer involves 
people who provide the criteria for 
what is considered "risky" and 
delineates various levels of risk. 
There's going to be an interesting 
learning curve over the next several 
years as people figure out what the 

technology product that serves as a 
model for how these important and 
ambiguous business processes can 
be done. Abstract ideas are OK, but 
sooner or later you want to get an 
idea if they are feasible or not. I 
think data classification is a critical 
feasibility test for ILM. If people 
can start getting classification to do 
what they need, there may be light 
at the end of the ILM tunnel. 

Send your comments to 
marc @ processor, com 


Spam, Spyware, IM, and Virus protection at an affordable price. 



Barracuda Spam, Spyware and IM Firewalls 

No per user license fees 
Prices starting at $1399 
Powerful, enterprise-class solution 


=laim Your Network, and Barracuda Spam and Spyware Firewalls are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Barracuda Networks, Inc. and/or it subsidiares in the United States and/or other countries. 




Aggressive reseller program available. Get more info by visiting or (888-ANTI-SPAM) 

May 26, 2006 

Page 25 




Vista: An IT Dream 
Or Nightmare? 

For the last few months 
I've been getting mail from 
Microsoft encouraging me to 
install the latest CTP (community 
tech preview) build of its latest 
OS, dubbed Vista. I had a spare 
system, so I gave it a try; how 
long could it take? Ah, after its 
flashy new setup program locked 
up several times, I was finally 
able to get it to lay down the 
OS — 14 hours later. This process 
was painfully slow on my 3 -year- 
old T40 ThinkPad (Pentium 
Mobile 1.6GHz, 7,200rpm drive, 
2GB of RAM). Thankfully, once 
setup was done, the system per- 
formance was back to normal — 
no, not noticeably faster or more 
responsive than XP. The Vista 
UI experience is, well, different. 
Users will need a short orientation 
to help them relearn how to run 
their applications or customize/ 
tune up their systems. 

Vista Recognized 
Most Of My Peripherals 

As expected, Vista (just like 
XP) didn't recognize my USB 
peripherals, so I dug out the 
installation CDs and tried to 
install them. Again, I hit a wall. It 
seems that the Microsoft Finger- 
print Reader' s setup program only 

works on XP. I've been around 
long enough to understand that 
new OS offerings are often in- 
compatible with existing hard- 
ware, so I was not that surprised. 

Of course, all of the IBM utili- 
ties that come installed on a new 
ThinkPad were missing. No, the 
Lenovo software installer did not 
work on Vista. It's used to auto- 
matically download the current 
versions of everything IBM/ 
Lenovo includes on the system 
from the BIOS to the low-level 
hardware drivers. I don't expect 
that Lenovo or other hardware 
vendors are quite ready for Vista. 
And why would they be? These 
folks don't want to invest time 
and money changing device driv- 
ers and support applications until 
the Vista train is a bit closer to the 
station. They risk writing drivers 
that work with today's build but 
fail a month from now when the 
next CTP ships. 

After digging into some on- 
line sources, I discovered that 
Vista must have been designed 
by the hardware vendors — the 
ones that make DDR RAM and 
video cards that need liquid 
cooling and 7-horsepower fans. 
This means that if IT managers 
hope to install Vista on their 

existing Windows XP systems, 
it might (just might) work. In 
some versions, Vista offloads its 
video tasks to smart video cards; 
without them you're either faced 
with degraded performance or 
another wall. Vista is also RAM 
hungry, but since RAM is cheap, 
this should not be a problem, 
especially for those IT shops that 

It seems that its own service 
pack installation routines are not 
properly signed. Since Vista takes 
a hard line when it comes to 
installing unsigned or "non-logo" 
applications or drivers, it means I 
have to do without the security 
patches and bug fixes. While 
Windows XP gave IT managers 
and users the option to override 

l^lLUm WQ VftJGHM 

author, mentor, and subject-matter expert with 
more than 30 years in the computing industry 
as a developer, manager, trainer, marketer, and 
writer. After 14 years at Microsoft, Vaughn stepped 
away to work on his new books, in addition to 
mentoring and leading training seminars. He's 
written six editions of the "Hitchhiker's Guide to 
Visual Basic and SQL Server" and two editions 
of "ADO.NET and ADO Examples and Best 
Practices for Visual Basic Programmers. " He and 
Peter Blackburn just finished "Hitchhiker's Guide 
to SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services. " 

don't mind opening up systems 
to bump up the RAM. For those 
motherboards that max out at 
384MB, you're pooched. 

Installing XP Software 

Next, I moved on to a typical 
software configuration. I installed 
Microsoft Office from the original 
CDs without issue. However, 
when I went up to the Micro- 
soft Office Web site to install the 
service packs, I hit another wall. 

the signing or logo warnings, 
Vista is far more anal. This means 
when you go up to the Intel site 
(or some other trusted site) to get 
the latest driver for its new NIC, 
you'll have to wait until Intel gets 
it certified and signed before it 
will work. 

The User As 

A Security Screener 

As I worked with Vista (as an 
administrator), I was regularly 

confronted with dialogs that asked 
permission to install drivers or 
make configuration changes. I'm 
not so sure this is a good strategy. 
While I'm more or less comfort- 
able with operating systems, I 
don't think it would be that hard 
to slip something by me, especial- 
ly when I'm polled a dozen times 
a day with dialogs that ask "Is it 
safe?" This tactic assumes your 
users know when to click OK 
as they're confronted with these 
security dialogs. Many of the end 
users I work with are already 
intimidated by their work (and 
play) systems. Are these security 
dialogs really going to protect a 
system when an untrained (or 
untrainable) user is expected to 
look through the peephole out his 
system's front door and know the 
difference between a hacker and a 
legitimate magazine salesman? 

We all know why Vista has 
not shipped: It's not ready, and 
neither is the rest of the industry. 
Given the new security require- 
ments imposed on the hardware 
and application vendors, this is 
easy to understand. I guess I'll 
just run XP on my laptop and 
wait like everyone else for the 
real thing. I hear it's due this time 
next year. Of course, that's what 
they said in 2005 — but I don't 
want Vista to ship a day before 
it's ready. Do you? 

Send your comments to 


Multi-User KVM Switch - UltraMatrix™E-series 

• Connect 1 ,000 computers to multiple user stations 

• PC or multiplatform (PC/Unix, Sun, Apple, others) 

• Advanced visual interface (AVI) 

• Powerful, expandable, low cost 

• Free lifetime upgrade of firmware 

• Security features prevent unauthorized access 





10707 Stand iff Road 
Houston, TX 77099 
Phone: (800) 333-9343 

KVM Accessory 

15", 17", 19" TFT 2U KVM UNITS 

• Keyboards with touchpads, trackballs and standard mice 

• Many options available (PS/2, USB, locks, retainers, etc.) 
►13.25" deep (15" and 17" models) 14.9" deep (19" model) 

► Supplied with full ext. smooth-action ball bearing slides 

» Many other 1 U & Panel Mount TFT display configurations 

► USA manufacturer of a variety of rack mount products 

1 620 Berryessa Road 
Phone: (800) 729-7654 

San Jose, CA95133 
Fax: (408) 729-3661 



• Connects up to 1 ,000 computers to a KVM station 

• Compatible wtih Windows, Linux, Solaris & other OSes 

• Connects to PS/2, Sun, USB, or serial devices 

• Security features prevent unauthorized access 

• Full emulation of keyboard and mouse functions for 
automatic, simultaneous booting. Easy to expand. 




10707 Stand iff Road 
Houston, TX 77099 
Phone: (800) 333-9343 


\f XploftE 

iX104C 2 DV Dual Mode with Allvue™ - a durable mobile 
computer that offers users both active stylus and finger 
touch input, as well as the optically enhanced Allvue™ dis- 
play, all in a single product offering. 

• Rugged design lets you expose it to extreme conditions 

• Working in minimum light or glaring sun is never a prob- 
lem with AllVue™ display 



14000 Summit Drive, Suite 9900 
Austin, TX 78728 
Phone: (888) 449-7567 

KVM Accessory 


• 1 U/2U rack mount LCD/Keyboard/Trackball 
•15" or 17" TFT Color LCD 

• Trackball or Touchpad 

• 6U/8U Panel Mount Available 

• Optional KVM Switch Functions 


453 Ravendale Drive 
Mountain View, CA 94043 
Phone: (650) 428-0868 



each in qty of 
10 units without 


each in qty of 10 
units with cartridge 
(2y666, 2y667, 
r0886, 310 3547) 

New Dell Printer S2500 Workgroup Printer 

1200 Image Quality/600dpi 

Hub included with purchase of 20 or more units 

• 22ppm Printing • 50K Page Monthly Duty Cycle 

• 200MHz Processor Speed • 32MB Memory 

Up to three years advanced exchange warranty 

•1 yr-$135«2yr$150«$175 

) DMD Systems Recovery, Inc. 

1315 E. Gibson LN, Ste. E 
Phone: (602)307-0180 

Phoenix, AZ 85034 

Page 26 

May 26, 2006 


Terabytes Server Storage Tech Corp 

CW ' ) LSI 

Seagate ((j^ 

O 3ware, Oadciptec | 



Technology C<yp 









i— y£-- Serial 
Attat " 

^■_£;;'- Attached 


EIA-310-D 19" 5U Rackmount Chassis 

Support SATA, SATA Multilane, SATA SFF8087 

Support SAS Direct Attached, SAS Wide Port Expander and U320 SCSI 

Support 24 Hot Swap 3.5" HDD + 2 Fixed 3.5" HDD +3 x Fixed 2.5"HDD 

Support i2c Redundant Power Supply, Hot Swap PWM Fan 

Special Promotion Rebate for ESR-524 





14257 E Don Julian Road 
City of Industry, CA 91746 
Tel: 626-968-8851 


36 Flint Way, St. Neots, 
Cambridgeshire, PE19 2RU U.K. 
Tel: +44 (0) 2070 993 467 
Fax:+44 (0) 2070 993 468 

TST Taiwan 

4F.,No 123-7, Singde Rd 

Sanchong City, Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C. 

Tel: +886 2-2278-9373 

Fax:+886 2-2278-9671 



Where To Buy 

Beff Computer 

<so> (3 )Ugh± eHegv ^m0 mbwB^. pde mt visionman 

it line micro POtYWELl 

coastline micro 


Professional Customized 

Engineering Team Design Options 

VDual LAN & 
igital I/O Port 


\ American Portwell 

44200 Christy Street 
Fremont, CA 94538, USA 
Tel: (5 10) -403-3399 
Fax: (510) -403-31 84 

IP65/ NIEMA12 

Front Prote 


Contract GS-3SF-0329S 

We Serve Our Goverment 
and Military Customers ! 


• 12 ,1 715 TFT LCD 

• Rugged ized IP65/ MEMA12 front protect! 

• ELO 5-wire resistive touchscreen 

• Pentinum 4 CPU up to 3.06GHz 

• 512MB Memory included, can upgrade to 2GB 

• 2 PCI expansion slots 

/ • 2 x onboard LAN / 4 x USB 2.0 / 2 x IEEE 1394 

• Onboard Digital I/O ports (Input x 2; Output x 2) 



Associate Member 



May 26, 2006 

Page 27 

Getting Down 
To Business 

IT Talent Is Still Important, But Business 
Skills Are In Increasing Demand, Too 

by Elizabeth Millard 

• • • 

The ability to configure a 
multi-office network, cool down 
numerous blade servers, and 
develop an intrusion response pol- 
icy are all vital in the IT arena, 
but in today's business climate, 
relying only on tech skills isn't 
enough. To thrive rather than just 
survive, experts note that man- 
agers and employees increasingly 
need knowledge of the business 
side of IT. 

In part, the change in what's 
expected of IT is trickling down 
from the executive level. For the 
past few years, the role of CIO 
has morphed dramatically, says 
John Challenger, CEO of execu- 
tive outsourcing firm Challenger, 
Gray & Christmas. "CIOs have 
gone from being technology 
gurus to acting more like CEOs," 
he says. "They're expected to 
communicate larger strategies 
and shape the direction of the 
company. For smaller enterprises 
that don't have a CIO, the IT 
manager takes on this kind of 

Higher Thinking 

Business knowledge isn't just 
knowing one's way around a 
spreadsheet or understanding rev- 
enue statements — it involves 
thinking strategically and commu- 
nicating effectively, as well as 
grasping business fundamentals, 
according to Neill Hopkins, vice 
president of skills development for 
CompTIA (Computing Technol- 
ogy Industry Association). 

At a higher level, IT needs to 
comprehend how the business is 
run, what challenges it faces, and 
how IT fits into that larger pic- 
ture. Especially in the era of regu- 
latory compliance, it's become 
common for IT project managers 

to have seats in boardroom meet- 
ings. This requires IT profession- 
als to become savvy about busi- 
ness and financial matters in order 
to leverage their technical skills 
within the company. 

"Two of the biggest issues com- 
panies face today are how to grow 
revenue and how to comply with 
regulations," says Hopkins. "IT 
workers who understand how to 
use technology to meet those goals, 
and can articulate that understand- 
ing to senior management, are 
golden in the eyes of employers." 

Communication is one of the 
so-called "soft skills" that has 
become increasingly crucial for 
IT types, Hopkins adds. 

"Many IT jobs require workers 
to communicate verbally and in 
writing in a clear and profession- 
al manner," he says. "There has 
to be the ability to interact and 

"IT workers who understand how to 
use technology to meet goals, and 

can articulate that understanding to 
senior management, are golden." 

• CompTIA's Neill Hopkins 

communicate with co-workers, 
customers, partners, and others." 

In Demand 

Although some in the IT industry 
might fret that talented employees 
will now need to have a bachelor's 
degree in hand simply to knock on 
an enterprise's door, that's not nec- 
essarily the case, Hopkins says. 

"Enterprises are looking for IT 
employees with multiple skills 
who can demonstrate the flexibili- 
ty to adapt quickly to changes in 
business conditions," he says. 
Although a degree can be helpful 
with getting past HR, what' s more 
important is showing a love for 
lifelong learning, says Hopkins. 

Building expertise in some of 
the most in-demand business 
skills, which include project man- 
agement, marketing, and employ- 
ee management, is also vital. 

Taking the helm on projects in 
IT used to involve a bevy of tech- 
nical issues, and it still does, but 
today's project management also 
includes business challenges such 
as resource planning, communica- 
tion, and timeline creation. Artic- 
ulating how a project will impact 
other departments, or affect areas 
such as revenue, has become stan- 
dard procedure at many small to 
midsized enterprises. 

Another business-related skill is 
strategic decision making with 
technology purchasing, according 
to Ann Westerheim, a consultant at 
technology advisory firm Ekaru. 
"Many people have the know- 
how to install, integrate, and test 
the equipment and support IT 
infrastructure, but knowing what 
should be implemented requires an 


Here are key findings of a recent 
study by the Society for Informa- 
tion Management. 

• Project management and busi- 
ness domain capabilities were 
the most critical in-house IT 
skills last year. 

• Business domain capabilities 
will be even more important in 
the future. 

• For new employees, undergrads 
with internships and grad stu- 
dents with work experience have 
an advantage over those who 
only have programming skills. 

overall knowledge of business," 
she says. Areas of focus for pur- 
chasing include how technology 
will help improve core business 
areas, how equipment will cut 
costs, and evaluation of cost and 
performance trade-offs. 

Marketing savvy doesn't hurt 
either, Westerheim notes. If a 
Web slinger can work with the 
marketing department in commu- 
nicating the message and goals of 
the site, he or she will become 
more valuable in the eyes of the 

In general, the more IT workers 
can go beyond technology and 
delve into overall operations, the 
greater contribution they'll make to 
the company. And with many firms 
still feeling resource-strapped, such 
individuals will be prized. 
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High-Speed Serial Matrix Printer From TallyGenicom 

The 2265+ printer is available in a variety of configurations, 
making it the ideal choice for multiple connectivity environ- 
ments. The configurations include parallel only, parallel 
with serial, internal Ethernet, PCL, and LAN IPDS for IBM 
AS400/iseries users. List prices range from $1 ,845 to 

|£| Tally Genicom 

Power to Print 

4500 Daly Drive, Suite 100 
Chantilly, VA 20151 
Phone: (800) 436-4266 
Fax: (703) 222-7629 

OEM Server 

Professional Network Appliance Hardware Provider 
Connecting Everything You Need 
MBX-1736 - Intel AMT & l/OAT Technology Ready 
» Intel Pentium D processor up to 3.8GHz 

Memory up to DDR2 2GB 
» 6 x PCI-E Gigabit LAN / 2 x PCI-E Gigabit LAN with By Pass 
» Support SATA HDD (3Gb/s) / Graphic Mode LCM 

Embedded and Network Computing 

2032 Bering Dr. 
Phone: (408) 452-8900 

San Jose, CA 95131 
Fax: (408) 452-8909 


Flexible Mini Box 


• 800MHz ~ 1 .4GHz Embedded CPU 
•Slim CD /DVD 

• Up to 4 internal Hard Drives 

• 150W to 250W internal ATX Power Supply 

• Optional Rack Mount or Wall Mount Kit 



13317 166th Street 
Phone: (562) 483-01 1 1 

Cerritos, CA 90703 
Fax: (562)483-0110 

Email Appliance 



Spam Firewall 300 
Additional sizes available 

2 million emails per day capacity 

300 - 1 ,000 active emails users 

Compatible with all emails servers 

MS Exchange/LDAP acelerator 

Per user settings • 10GB quarantine 

No per user fees! Save Money! 

Call 1-888-ANTI-SPAM for your free evaluation 




385 Ravendale Drive 
Mountain View, CA 94043 
Phone: (408) 342-5400 

Embedded System 

Augmentix™A+2851 Server Solution. Delivers the 
durability, advanced performance, availability, manageability, 
and serviceability required to keep mission-critical applica- 
tions up and running in the most challenging environments. 

• Integrated Server Availability Mgmt. provides Monitoring, 
Control, and Autonomous Recovery 

• Combines Dell® PowerEdge® components w/ Augmentix 
ruggedization and intelligent server mgmt. engineering 


4616 W. Howard Lane, Suite 150 
Austin, TX 78728 

IM Appliance 3 

Starting at 

$1 ,999 

No Per-User 
Licensing Fees! 

Barracuda IM Firewall 

IM Traffic Identification 

Public IM Management 

Private and Secure IM Server/Network 

Keyword Identification and Reporting 

Interoperability with Public IM Networks 

Unified Client for all IM Networks 

Secure File Transfer Free 30-Day Evaluation! 




385 Ravendale Dr. 
Mountain View, CA 94043 
Phone: (408) 342-5400 

Page 28 

Moving Equipment 
In Your Data Center 

Planning & Forethought 
Key To A Smooth Transfer 

by Ericka Chickowski 

• • • 

For all of the forethought and plan- 
ning that goes into a data center reloca- 
tion, one of the most overlooked parts of 
the project is also the most obvious. The 
actual physical movement of data center 
equipment can make or break a successful 
relocation, but planning for transport can 
often be forgotten in favor of worrying 
about infrastructure at the new center and 
planning data management during the 

As important as it is to have proper heat- 
ing and cooling planned for the new site, it 
is also critical that existing equipment 
arrives in one piece. Here are some consid- 
erations that go into the process of safe- 
guarding your hardware assets. 


The first step to moving data center 
equipment is taking a proper inventory of 
everything that will be moved. Creating an 
exhaustive inventory will be important in 
not only tracking equipment once it is in 
the new location but will also provide con- 
crete knowledge about how much equip- 
ment will actually need to be moved. With 
a thorough inventory in hand, data center 
staff can prioritize packing and handling 

procedures based on fact rather than 

Part and parcel to the inventory process is 
the practice of documenting and pho- 
tographing equipment. Taking high resolu- 
tion photographs of servers, racks, and other 
key items can help prove your company's 

palette can potentially cost tens of thou- 
sands of dollars, there is too much at stake 
to trust just any guy with a truck. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of safe 
options at your disposal. Most national 
chain movers have divisions that specialize 
in moving electronic equipment. There are 
also niche movers that only relocate data 
centers. These can be pricier but will pro- 
vide even more peace of mind when your 
data center is on the move. 

A reputable transport company should be able 

to provide you with insurance that will cover 

equipment damages from the moment the 

equipment is handled by its workers to the 

time they walk out of your new site's doors. 

case in the event that anything is damaged 
in transit. Insurance adjusters will likely ask 
for dated documents and photographs as 
proof that your equipment wasn't damaged 
prior to the move. If you can't provide this 
evidence, your company will face an uphill 
battle getting timely payments. 

Pick A Mode Of Transportation 

As tempting as it is to save a buck during 
the move, the last place to shave costs is in 
transportation costs. When a dropped 

Whichever route you choose, discuss 
with your vendor a thorough shipping strat- 
egy. Your transport company should be 
apprised of the layouts of both the old and 
new data centers. It should receive the 
equipment inventory well in advance and 
should be prepared to tell you how it plans 
to handle each item. And you should get all 
of this in writing. 

Ask for a Statement of Work that will 
describe what the movers are moving, 
what equipment they will use to do this, 

May 26, 2006 

the schedule for moving the items, as well 
as pricing and insurance information. This 
last item is one of the most important. A 
reputable transport company should be 
able to provide you with insurance that 
will cover equipment damages from the 
moment the equipment is handled by its 
workers to the time they walk out of your 
new site's doors. 

Propping The Equipment & Data 

It might be a no-brainer, but it is so 
important that it is still worth mentioning: 
Remember to plan and implement all nec- 
essary backups before unplugging your 
first cable. 

If your data center has no tolerance for 
downtime, plan for offsite mirroring during 
the scheduled move. Planning this in ad- 
vance and testing for any problems before 
beginning the relocation will minimize any 
network events. If there will be a planned 
outage during the move, communicate up 
the food chain about how long that window 
will be and what the levels of service will 
be once the new data center is online. 

It is recommended that equipment be 
power-cycled in the weeks prior to the 
move. Most often, failures at a new site 
occur because equipment hasn't been 
cycled in months (sometimes years). Cy- 
cling equipment individually ahead of time 
will allow for less frantic troubleshoot- 
ing and will close that downtime window 
even further. 


No matter how careful your movers, if 
your equipment is poorly packed, it won't 
survive the trip. And if it can be shown that 
your department was negligent in packing, 
your company could be held responsible 
for damages. 

A well-packed item should be able to 
withstand dust, jostling, and water dam- 
age — it even can tell you whether the item 


Marketing by branding 

Creative branding with unique product design? 

iStarUSA has the ability to help you create 
your own uniquely built and high quality 
chassis. Branding is one of the most important 
aspects to a company's growth. Let us help 
you market your product by giving your product 
a distinctive look that sets you apart from your 
competitors. We have a complete team of R&D 
and technical specialist to help you with your 
OEM/ODM needs. iStarUSA are also partners 
with various component manufacturers to 
ensure the best product quality and most cost 
effective solutions. 







Contact us today at 626.303.8885 
or visit us on tine at 


• Cross-Shaft Precision Presses 

• AC Servo Driven Press Brake 

• Mechanical Turret Punch Press 

May 26, 2006 

was dropped from a distance or tilted at an 
unacceptable angle. 

Remember how your equipment looked 
when it arrived at your old data center's 
doorstep? Try to use that as the basis when 
packaging the equipment for the move. Items 
should be double-boxed using dual- or triple- 
layered cardboard, with hard foam protecting 
corners and edges. If you are the original 
owner of equipment, you might want to ask 
the manufacturer to send you new packing 
materials. Many vendors will do this for free. 

No matter what the item, avoid using 
packing peanuts. First, they tend to build up 
enough static electricity to pose a risk to 
sensitive circuitry. And secondly, they are 
difficult to keep track of when unpacking. 
Stray peanuts can easily be sucked up into 
air vents, potentially contaminating your 
new data center. 

Once the item is boxed, place shock and 
tilt indicators on the box. These indicators 
are basically small, adhesive badges that 
have little beads in their display windows. 
The way the beads are situated at the end of 
the move will tell you whether the movers 
dropped or handled equipment in an un- 
acceptable manner. 

Moving Time 

Even if you've got movers packing and 
hauling everything for you, it is still imper- 
ative that there is a moving team assembled 
to handle emergencies at both the old and 
new sites. Having staff on hand will keep 
things on schedule and will ensure that 
unpacking goes smoothly. 

Before the big day, plan the teams' duties 
ahead of time. Make sure you've got 
enough skilled employees to connect equip- 
ment and troubleshoot. If experts or super- 
visors are going to be offsite, include a con- 
tact list for emergency consultations. The 
more prepared you are for unpacking and 
assembly, the less likely you'll deal with 
extended downtime issues. 

Essential Tools 
For Moving 

^Manufacturer Presentation . 

Page 29 

Inventory Software 

Taking inventory is one of the first things 
that data center staff must do before 
moving equipment. While pen and paper 
can work, software can make the job of 
prioritizing easier. Two possibilities are 
Numara Track-It! ( and 
Ecora Reporter ( Utiliz- 
ing programs such as these for the relo- 
cation may also help jumpstart your asset 
management strategies. 

Specialized Lifts 

Though the transportation company you 
use will do much of the grunt work for you, 
it may be necessary for your staff to move 
server racks and other equipment during 
the packing and installation processes. 
Using an ergonomic lift such as the 
ServerLift SL500 ( will 
greatly reduce the possibility of injury on 
the job. Having such a tool on hand also 
makes future maintenance less daunting. 

Damage Indicators 

A number of labeling tools can help keep 
your movers accountable. Tilt indicators 
will tell you whether a box has been 
tipped at an unacceptable level. The top 
two brands are Tip-N-Tell and TipWatch. 
Similarly, drop indicators will watch for 
damaging falls. The major manufacturers 
are the same as those for tilt indicators, 
with the two major types being Drop-N- 
Tell and Shockwatch. Other types of indi- 
cators include humidity indicators and 
temperature indicators. 

^Manufacturer Presentation . 

End Nodes - Storage Advertisement 

Linux NAS Storage 

Aberdeen Expands the AberNAS 

Line of Enterprise-Class Storage 

Appliances to Include Linux 

View our line of Linux AberNAS appliances at 

• Up to 4TB of Pure 
Storage Capacity 

• Up to eight Hotswap Drives 
w/SATA II 3Gbps transfer 

• Single RAID Array w/o 

• Browser-based Hardware 
RAID Manager 

• RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 Configurable 

• Virus Resistant Operating 

• iSCSI Target Capable 

• NAS-2-NAS Replicator 

• Custom GUI Management 

• PCBackup Utility 

Aberdeen is proud to be the first company to provide both Linux-based NAS and 
Windows-based NAS. The newly added Aberdeen AberNAS Linux appliance 
storage servers deliver enterprise-class network-attached storage that can optimize 
IT departments from a startup small business to the largest of IT environments. 

The AberNAS Linux-based line of NAS servers can provide the best cost/GB ratio in 
the market with a 1U 2TB unit of pure storage up to 4TB 2U models. As an 
enterprise-class NAS appliance, the AberNAS can deliver a robust open storage 
platform with centralized management of network storage. It supports mission-criti- 
cal applications with cluster capability, replication, high-speed backup utilities, and 
most impressively, a custom GUI management interface. 

The Aberdeen AberNAS Linux-based storage appliances allow IT managers to enjoy 
the benefits of a feature-rich, high-performance network attached storage without 
the high cost of ownership or sacrificing on security. 


Custom Server & Storage Solutions 

For more info, please call 


End Nodes - Storage Advertisement 

iVivity's Application-Specific 
10Gbps iSCSI Host Bus Adapter 

Leveraging its iDiSX 2000 storage network processor architecture, iVivity created a 
full 10Gbps application programmable iSCSI, TCP/IP, and UDP Host Bus Adapter 
(HBA) for array, appliance, and server OEMs. 

The 10Gbps full line rate throughput, very high IOPS, and low power characteristics 
combined with the standards-based programming power of iVivity's iDiSX 2000 HBA 
provides OEMs with an easily integrated, superior means of differentiating their iSCSI 
array and appliance systems — improving application performance and functionality 
without changing their system architectures. 

The iDiSX PCI-X Host Bus Adapter provides full network protocol controller function- 
ality along with standards-based programmability that can be used to enhance the 
performance and functionality of a wide variety of applications, including CDP, VTL, 
snapshots, data migration, virtualization, and WAN optimization. Basic 
capabilities include: 

• Accelerated Full I SCSI/U DP/TCP/IP 
processing at wire-speed for 
10Gbps and multiport 1Gbps 

1 Initiator and Target capability for 
supported storage protocols 

1 Embedded MIPS processor with 
Linux and standards-based SDK 

1 Ability to manipulate data and 
metadata on the fly 

For More Information, Visit 


The Intelligent Convergence of Storage and Networking 

(678) 990-1550, ext. 211 

.Manufacturer Presentation . 

End Nodes - Components Advertisement 

National Instruments High-Performance 

PXI Chassis & Controllers Increase 

Dedicated Bandwidth Up To 1Gbps Per Slot 

National Instruments developed the industry's first PXI chassis and controllers based 
on PCI Express signaling, delivering up to 1Gbps per slot dedicated bandwidth. 
Engineers can use the new PXI Express chassis and controllers to improve perfor- 
mance for PXI systems and integrate high-bandwidth PXI Express modules as they 
become available. The new chassis and controllers add capabilities from the latest PXI 
specification, which defines PXI Express to increase PXI bandwidth by 45 times, to 
integrate the industry's best timing and synchronization, and to preserve compatibility 
with existing software and more than 1,000 PXI modules. By increasing throughput 
and improving measurement accuracy, the new chassis and controllers are ideal for 
high-channel-count, high-throughput, or multimodule applications such as IF stream- 
ing, mixed-signal, or image acquisition. 

Chassis Accepts PXI and PXI 
Express Peripheral Modules with 
Up to 4GBps System Bandwidth 

Nl PXIe-81 03 Embedded 
Controller Features a 2GHz Intel 
Pentium M 760 Processor and 
Up to 1GBps System Bandwidth 

Nl MXI-Express (Nl PXIe- 
PCIe8361/2andNI PXIe- 
ExpressCard8360) for Desktop 
PC and Laptop Control with Up to 
250MBps System Bandwidth 

Call (800) 531-5066 or visit For More Information! 


Page 30 

The Latest In 
Mailbox Restores 

Techniques To Automate & Simplify 
An Essential & Tedious Process 

by Robyn Weisman 

At some point most every Mi- 
crosoft Exchange user faces the 
daunting task of recovering a lost 
calendar event or email folder. 
"It's the parking ticket of the 
high-tech world," says Laura 
DiDio, senior analyst of applica- 
tion infrastructure and software 
platforms at Yankee Group. "It 
ranges from a negligible chal- 
lenge of finding a single deleted 
message to Mount Everest." 

Given email's importance in the 
workplace, enterprises of all sizes 
need ways to restore missing or 
corrupted Exchange files, along 
with ways to search these files for 
compliance, legal discovery, and 
security reasons. Microsoft in- 
cludes its own Exchange mailbox 
utility called ExMerge with Ex- 
change (, a 

sort of Exchange administrator 
Swiss army knife, according to 
DiDio. Although ExMerge is help- 
ful in performing tasks such as 
deleting email virus attachments 
from messages and restoring files, 
it works through a command-line 
interface and lacks features to 
speed up, let alone idiot-proof, the 
restore process. 

Three Options 

Fortunately, several products 
exist that speed up and simplify 
the process, both for IT adminis- 
trators and end users. Three of 
them — Mimosa Systems' Near- 
Point (, 
OnTrack Data Recovery's Power- 
Controls (, and 
Symantec's Enterprise Vault 
( — all offer 
easy-to-use interfaces, custom- 
izable indexing and policy and 

authorization controls, automation 
capabilities, and the ability to read 
.PST files. 

Moreover, none of these three 
products runs on the actual Ex- 
change server or performs restores 
on the Exchange server, which 
means there is less chance of the 
actual Exchange database being 
corrupted or modified. And of 
course, all three products can 
retrieve an errant email from a 
corrupted Exchange database 
without having to perform a week- 
end-long "brick-level backup." At 
the same time, each of these three 
products offers divergent features 
worth mentioning. 

Symantec's (formerly Veritas) 
Enterprise Vault solution addresses 
three separate yet related needs 
around Exchange management: 
mailbox archiving, content reten- 
tion and discovery, and search and 
restore capabilities that let end 
users archive back to their mailbox 
without having to involve the IT 
department, says Symantec Senior 

Director Nick Mehta. Enterprise 
Vault provides administrators with 
powerful customization controls 
that enable them to automatically 
archive and save certain messages 
according to the policies they have 
set up. In addition, Enterprise 
Vault's Web-based interface is 
easy for end users to navigate. 

OnTrack' s PowerControls soft- 
ware, unlike Enterprise Vault and 
NearPoint, installs on a separate 
workstation, which appeals to 
administrators because of the 
power it offers and the rules and 
constraints that Exchange places 
on its servers, says Jim Reinert, 
senior director of software and 
service at OnTrack. 

"Exchange rules are quite strict. 
You need to restore to a server 
that's almost identical to the 
Exchange server; therefore, you 
need a recovery server. But Power- 
Controls eliminates recovery 
servers completely," says Reinert. 
"We can read backups of really 
old email without the assistance of 
the software that originally made 
the backups, read tapes and disks 
directly, and have read-only ac- 
cess to the actual Exchange data- 
base. That's important for highly 
regulated or litigated verticals 
because it maintains its original 
condition," Reinert says. 

Mimosa's NearPoint is a three- 
in-one product that offers data pro- 
tection, file archiving, and storage 

Mailbox Restoration Tools 



Included with Exchange (in 
other words, free). 

Offers basic restore functions for Exchange 
mailboxes; documentation available through 
Microsoft Knowledge Base. 

Mimosa Systems 


Priced on a per-mailbox basis: 
$9,995 for a 100-mailbox sys- 
tem. Volume pricing available: 
$80,000 for 2,000 mailboxes 
(at $40 per mailbox). 

Provides data protection, archiving, and 
storage management and offers process 
application shadowing. Easy-to-use Outlook 
interface; can be customized for admins 
and end users; no mailbox size limitations. 

OnTrack Data Recovery 


$950 starting license for 
one server with 100 mailbox- 
es; optional agents at $495 
per agent. Volume pricing 

Provides full, mailbox, message-level, and 
.PST file search and restore capabilities; 
installs on separate workstation, not on 
Exchange server; and makes no modifica- 
tions to server. Can read backups of email 
created on defunct programs; can read 
backup tapes and disks directly. 


Enterprise Vault 

All prices include the $3,360 
Enterprise Vault server license 
fee, necessary for each Enter- 
prise Vault server the customer 
requires. Symantec prices 
each module individually to 
allow customers the ability to 
mix and match their solutions 
in a highly customizable way. 

Provides mailbox archiving, message reten- 
tion and discovery, and search and restore 
capabilities across all Exchange message 
types. Easy-to-use Web-based interface 
lets end users bypass IT to obtain archived 
data. No mailbox size quotas; ability to cus- 
tomize solutions; ability to view archived 
items offline with "Offline Vault" technology. 

May 26, 2006 

management for Exchange servers. 
Its most notable feature is its 
means of communicating with the 
Exchange server. Unlike both 
PowerControls and Enterprise 
Vault, which use MAPIs (Micro- 
soft APIs) to communicate with 
the Exchange server, and unlike 
Enterprise Vault, which uses jour- 
naling technology to drive mailbox 
archiving setups, NearPoint uses a 
unique technology to back up and 
index Exchange databases. Called 
"Process Application Shadowing," 
this technology makes use of Ex- 
change transaction log files that 
are only 5MB in size. 

"After NearPoint gets the full 
[Exchange] database copy, it 
monitors changes and additions in 
the database through these log 
files. As soon as a log file com- 
pletes its 5MB transaction — about 
every 30 minutes — NearPoint 
applies a copy of the database on 
its server," says Ivanov. "If there 
is database corruption, you just 
right-click and hit 'restore,' and 
because it's from the transaction 
log, [copying or reclaiming that 
portion of the database] happens 
as fast as a disk-to-disk copy." 

Ivanov adds, "If the last open 
transaction log is there and valid, 
you can play forward, and you've 
lost zero data." 

Do Your Research 

DiDio warns that none of these 
solutions are panaceas. "Before 
using any product, get details on it. 
How long is its installation pro- 
cess? What sort of documentation 
and support does it offer? How 
user-friendly is it, and by that I 
mean how well do the tools fit the 
person administering them? And 
finally, check the price!" 

DiDio recommends that deci- 
sion-makers make a short list of 
potential solutions and check each 
one of them out thoroughly. More- 
over, DiDio says that the people 
administering the Exchange server 
take training classes; buy books, 
such as "The Exchange Server 
Cookbook," published by O'Reilly 
Media; and learn everything they 
can about Exchange. 

DiDio says, "You cannot take 
shortcuts because email is not 
only ubiquitous, it's one of the 
main business applications we 
use. You can only default to the 
phone or BlackBerry so far." 


Metavize EdgeGuard EdgeReport 

Generates reports to give you a 
comprehensive view of activity on 

your network 

Getting Down To Business 

Continued from Page 27 
"Engineers at the top of the technical lad- 
der will always be in demand at a premium 
salary," says Westerheim. "However, in- 
creasing business knowledge is equally 
important. People who want to increase their 
salary, job security, and job satisfaction 
should get out of their comfort zone and start 
reading about business-related issues." 

Up To Speed 

Gaining more business acumen doesn't 
mean enrolling in the closest MBA program. 
There are ways to boost enterprise knowl- 
edge and keep on top of what' s happening 
both within a company and in one's industry. 

Start with the company's annual report and 
set up a meeting with the CEO or CFO to go 
over unfamiliar terms or strategy changes. 
Consultants also advise reading publications 
specific to the company's industry and arti- 
cles dealing with general management 
trends, not just those seen in IT. 

Certification continues to play a critical 
role as well, notes Hopkins. As IT roles 
change, so do organizations such as Comp- 
TIA, which tweak their educational materi- 
als to give professionals the business- 
focused knowledge they need in areas such 
as project management. 

"Companies want workers who can per- 
form their job functions almost immediate- 

ly," says Hopkins. "Certification is one of 
the tools employers use to determine basic 

Experts advise brushing up on soft skills as 
well, especially articulating IT procedures 
and changes to nontech types at the company 
through training and written communication. 

It may feel tough enough to keep up with 
IT issues (who doesn't have a pile of indus- 
try publications in the trusty inbox?), but 
garnering some business skills may actually 
save time in the long run by aligning train- 
ing, purchasing, and implementation with 
larger company goals. 

"When done right, IT is a big strategic 
asset for business," says Westerheim. "The 
professionals who move beyond installing 
and maintaining the network infrastructure 
will have the most potential in the field." 

Top Business Skills 
In Demand 

• Communication in nontechnical language 
about technology 

• Understanding the "big picture" in terms of 
strategy and goals 

• Collaboration with other departments 

• Customer service skills 

• Time management ability 

• Leadership in putting together teams 

• Development of training materials that all 
skill levels can use 

May 26, 2006 

Page 31 


Just Plug It 
Into The Grid 

Software Is Becoming 

As Accessible As Electricity 

by Chris A. MacKinnon 

Virtualization today happens on several 
different levels in the enterprise. Application 
virtualization, however, allows an application 
to stay on a workstation in an encapsulated 
environment, allowing the application to 
run in its own space. David Greschler, 
co-founder of Softricity (www, a Boston-based 
utility computing solution provider, 
says application virtualization is 
about to enter the mainstream. 

For several years now, the 
industry has been promis- 
ing machine virtualization, 
server virtualization, storage virtual- 
ization, and database virtualization. 
Greschler says, "Application virtualiza- 
tion (or desktop virtualization), on the other 
hand, is the final frontier in the virtual ori- 
ented architecture. The problem is that 
every vendor has their own definition of 
virtualization, which creates a lot of confu- 
sion in an already heated space. Every- 
thing, from screen scraping to redirecting to 
sequencing (the Softricity method) is con- 
sidered virtualization." 

Greschler says the growing interest in this 
industry is being further driven by 
Microsoft, VMWare, and other vendors 
pushing for solutions in the market. "Public 
companies like Altiris, Citrix have thrown 
their hat into the fray, working to find 
solutions to application virtualization that 
Softricity solved more than five years ago 
and is bringing to the mainstream." Gresch- 
ler says Softricity has gained solid ground in 
solving some of the application virtualiza- 
tion industry's toughest challenges. 

Overcoming Industry Challenges 

The most difficult challenge in the indus- 
try, according to Greschler, is not the tech- 
nology but rather convincing IT managers 

and users that there is an entirely different 
way to view applications. He says, "We've 
become so used to having applications 
installed on our machines and experiencing 
the Blue Screen of Death that we've become 
content and cannot see how computing could 
ever be different. It's almost like asking peo- 
ple to think about life before the Internet. 
Perception is more of the prob- 
lem than the technology; there 
is still a lot of misconception." 
How does Softricity solve 
these misconceptions? 


Greschler says, "The best we can do to 
solve this perception problem is to demon- 
strate SoftGrid, our flagship product, in 
action. One of the world's largest financial 
institutions is using our solution to virtual- 
ize 1,000 applications for over 10,000 users 
around the world. We have hospitals and 
medical centers saving millions of dollars 
every year by using SoftGrid." 

To better Softricity' s position, Greschler 
says Microsoft has stated its intentions to 
move into virtualization and chose to go to 
market with Softricity. He says, "Now, the 
world's most widely used enterprise man- 
agement platform, Microsoft SMS (Server 
Management System), can take advantage 
of SoftGrid virtualization directly from its 
console." SMS users can virtualize their 
Windows-based applications and deliver 
them through a common interface for the 
overall management of the IT infrastruc- 
ture. Greschler says Microsoft's stake in 
virtualization, particularly by going main- 
stream with Softricity, will be crucial to 
changing the perception of application vir- 
tualization in the industry. 

The Softricity SoftGrid virtualization 
engine decouples applications from the 
operating system, turning them into network 
services that are available on demand to any 
user. Greschler says software becomes as 
easily accessible as electricity; all it takes is 
plugging into the "always on" software util- 
ity. He says enterprises can dramatically 
improve IT efficiencies and create an agile 
yet extremely powerful end-user experi- 
ence. "Deploying a single application for 10 
users should be no more difficult or time- 
consuming than deploying 1,000 applica- 
tions to 10,000 users. SoftGrid eliminates 
the time-and-resource-consuming tasks 
involved in application management, in- 
cluding: application deployment, upgrades 
and migration, license compliance, regres- 
sion testing for new applications and 
updates, termination, and server manage- 
ment and help desk support." 

A Unique Approach 

Greschler says there are many ways that 
companies are trying to implement applica- 
tion virtualization, by wrapping applications 
in individual virtual machines, letting users 
turn on and off the DLL connection for an 
application, and keeping the data at 
a terminal server and then screen 
scraping information down to thin 
clients. He says while these methods 
work in certain environments, they 
put unnecessary constraints and 
requirements on the end user and involve IT 
much more in the delivery of applications. 

According to Greschler, Softricity offers 
the only complete solution on the market 
that combines application virtualization with 
on-demand streaming. He says, "Softricity 
understands applications and each of the 18 

through a single console. Softricity' s solu- 
tion also includes the following extensive 
IT management features: remote control of 
SoftGrid clients, active upgrade of virtual- 
ized applications, one-click SoftGrid server 
migration, application check-pointing, and 
real-time concurrent user session control. 

A Final Frontier 

Greschler says it is clear that the desktop 
is truly the final frontier in virtualization. He 
says, "Note VMware's announcement in 
April of a Virtual Desktop Alliance, in 
which Softricity is a member. The goal of 
the alliance is to allow IT administrators to 
create a desktop virtual machine and then 
host it by running it on a server in the data 
center. It is an exciting development enabled 
by application virtualization engines such as 
SoftGrid. In fact, Softricity recently signed a 
50,000-seat deal with a school system in 
Florida in which SoftGrid is used to virtual- 
ize applications running on a VM (virtual 
machine) and blade servers." 

On the competitive front, Greschler says, 
"Companies like Altiris and Citrix are talk- 
ing our talk now. However, the reality is 
significantly different. Altiris has a low- 
price utility where the end user needs to 
understand which applications are conflict- 
ing with each other. This solution does not 
include streaming, so applications still 
need to be pushed in their entirety down 
to each client. Citrix, meanwhile, has an- 
nounced its intentions to move into this 
space with Project Tarpon, which is based 
on Citrix' s AIEs (application isolation 

However, Greschler says, "Softricity is 
less interested in a feature-by-feature com- 
parison with its competitors, simply because 

For several years now, the industry has 

been promising machine virtualization, I 

server virtualization, storage virtualization, I 

and database virtualization. I 

components common to applications — the 
kind of understanding that comes with five 
proven years in the field, 25,000-plus se- 
quenced applications for over 500 cus- 
tomers, and numerous patents." 

SoftGrid manages the entire package for 
its users with the use of policies, including 
deployment, patches and updates, and 
application termination, all administered 

what we're enabling is a completely new 
paradigm for computing. Our customers are 
ready for this new world of computing 
where users are not defined nor confined by 
their machines. Instead, applications roam 
with users wherever they go and are acces- 
sible on demand." He says software is 
always on and becomes as easy to access as 
electricity. "Just plug into the grid." 


I ICM (Information Classification 
and Management) 

What it is: Simply put, ICM is an infor- 
mation management system that helps 
enterprises categorize the vast number of files 
stored in today's enterprise data warehouses. Some of the 
systems in the marketplace today are designed to actually 
look at an enterprise's data and classify it according to 
value and/or business risk. The idea is to intelligently classify/cat- 
egorize information so it can easily be retrieved when it's needed. 

Why you should care: In a nutshell, regulations. A plethora of 
new regulations affect businesses today that require organizations 
to easily and seamlessly be able to retrieve data. Laws such as 
Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA were written with the understanding 
that an organization's compliance can be determined using the 
business information stored in its IT infrastructure. So the burden 
falls on enterprises to develop systems that get this done. 
Information today is truly valuable, and being able to retrieve it 
can mean the difference between compliance and noncompliance. 

Related products and manufacturers: Manufacturers and their 
products include Kazeon Systems (Kazeon Information Server), 

StoredlQ (StoredlQ Information Classification and Management 
Platform), Scentric (Destiny), and EMC. 

I Metadata 

What it is: Metadata is information contained within data that 
describes the data itself. For example, metadata is used to 
describe Web pages via the use of words that say something 
about what the site is about or the information it contains. In that 
sense, metadata makes it easier to locate information by describ- 
ing the information itself. 

Why you should care: Information is the coin of the realm in 
today's world, so reliably finding it is absolutely necessary to 
business success and to maintain compliance with the many 
new regulations today. The increased use of XML in all sorts 
of business applications certainly ensures that the use of meta- 
data to describe information will remain a huge part of stor- 
ing, archiving, and retrieving data. After all, metadata is cen- 
tral to XML. 

Related products and manufacturers: Products and develop- 
ers in this field include MetaTrieval Software (MetaTrieve), 
Sypherlink (Harvester Relationship Manager), Certive (Certive 
Platform), ASG (ASG Manager Products), and others. 

Next Week 
In Processor 

Coming In Our June 2 Issue: 

We hear a lot about how great VoIP is, but 
most of what we hear comes from vendors 
trying to sell us equipment. So what's the 
real scoop for the small to midsized enter- 
prise? What are the key deciding factors? 
Is VoIP all it's cracked up to be? 

You'll also find: 

• Tips for avoiding complexities associated 
with a virtualized environment 

• A rundown of the useful life of typical 
data center equipment 

• Factors to consider before providing 
portable access to enterprise applications 

• Tips for getting more money from the boss 

Be sure to visit to find each week's 

issue online. You can view issues as a PDF or search 

our article database for the information you need. 

Page 32 
.Manufacturer Presentation . 

.Manufacturer Presentation . 

May 26, 2006 

End Nodes - Components Advertisement 

Industrial Power Supply 

Universal +24(18-32) and -48(-38~-72)VDC 


Over Load, Over Current, Over Temperature 


1+1 Mini Redundant Option 

Modular output Option 

iStarUSA has four new regulated DC power 
supplies with enhanced features. These regu- 
lated 24V and -48VDC power supplies are 
said to provide space-efficient products to 
drive higher power-demanding data storage, telecommunications, and 
automation control systems. They include single or dual three-phase input, 
3.3V, 5V, 12V output power supplies, as well as output current of 14A, 42A, 
and 20A. An added power surge feature enables each power supply to with- 
stand up to 130% of its rated current for up to five seconds, making it suit- 
able for applications with inductive loads. An internal, built-in redundancy 
module makes paralleling power supplies easier, and it eliminates the need 
for an external module. An alarm relay contact simplifies troubleshooting by 
providing instant visual indication of power supply shutdown or failure. 

iStarUSA specializes in industrial redundant, compact, and high wattage sin- 
gle module form factors, including ATX form factor dual and 2+1 redundant 
power supply, 1U and 2U redundant to ATX switching power supply. AC-DC 
and DC-DC power supply design topology meets ATX and EPS standards. An 
ISO 2000-awarded power supply manufacturer. 


(626) 303-8885 

.Manufacturer Presentation . 

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Tiered Archival Storage 

Plasmon is the leader in professional archival storage solutions, providing the 
industry's most comprehensive line of archival storage solutions based on UDO 
(Ultra Density Optical) technology, drives, media, libraries, and storage management 
software, including the UDO Archive Appliance, a fully integrated, tiered, all-in-one 
archival storage solution for long-term data/image retention. Plasmon's UDO Archive 
Appliance establishes a new standard for enterprise archival storage, providing 
superior performance and unmatched data longevity and authenticity in the industry's 
most cost-effective solution. Specifically designed to satisfy the tough demands and 
strict regulatory guidelines of today's archive environments, the UDO Archive 
Appliance combines the performance and ease-of-use of RAID with the longevity and 
authenticity of UDO®. As a standard network-attached solution, the UDO Archive 
Appliance can operate independently or can be quickly and easily integrated with 
myriad applications, such as medical and document imaging, electronic content 
management, and email archiving, to provide control, access, speed, and longevity to 
organizational data assets. 




c % Plasmon 

For more information, contact Plasmon at 800.451.6845 

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Business Continuity Appliance 

STORServer Business Continuity Appliances are a suite of fully integrated data 
protection solutions for backup, archive, disaster recovery, and lifecycle 
management. Each turnkey appliance includes matched and certified hardware 
and preconfigured heterogeneous software for easy-to-use, policy-driven, 
comprehensive data protection. 

STORServer EZ Backup is the latest addition to the STORServer Appliance suite. EZ 
Backup Appliances offer the same functionality as the Business Continuity Appliance 
suite but are built exclusively with IBM components. EZ Backup also offers an entry- 
level solution built on IBM Express. 

Built for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), STORServer Appliances are 
scalable, enterprise-wide solutions that support most popular platforms, including 
database, email, OS, NAS, SAN, LAN, WAN, and mobile, with just one point of con- 
tact for warranty and support. 

All STORServer appliances are delivered production ready, with everything you need 
to begin installing clients right out of the box. Typical client installations are deployed 
within 48 hours. 

24 Alta Loma Drive 
Pueblo, CO 81005 
Phone: (719)266-8777 
Toll Free: (877) 585-2422 



Business Continuity 

Appl ia n ces 

.Manufacturer Presentation . 

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VXA - 172 Packet Tape Drive & 
PacketLoader Tape AutoLoader 

VXA-172 Packet Tape Drive: 

• Huge Capacity! Up to 172GB (compressed) 

• Fast Speed! Up to 43GB/hour (compressed) 

• 2x speed and 4x capacity of DAT72/DDS-5 

• Capacity on Demand allows drive to double to 320GB with simple electronic 
upgrade — an industry first! 

• VXA Tapes offer two cartridge capacities (172GB for $29 or 80GB for $15) allowing 
you to pay only for the capacity you need 

• Priced at just $700 (est. U.S. street) 

VXA-172 PacketLoader 1x10 1U Tape Autoloader: 

• 10-cartridge capacity; up to two weeks of unattended backup 

• Up to 1 .7TB of compressed storage 

• Up to 43GB/hour transfer speed 

• Capacity on Demand allows drive to double to 320GB/tape, 3.2GB total storage, 
with simple firmware upgrade — an industry first! 

• VXA Tapes offer two cartridge capacities (172GB for $29 or 80GB for $15) allowing 
you to pay only for the capacity you need 

• Slim 1 U form factor, barcode reader included standard 

• Priced at just $1 ,700 (est. U.S. street) 

2108 55th Street 

Boulder, CO 80301 

Phone: (303) 442-4333 

Toll Free: 1-800-EXABYTE 


May 26, 2006 
^Manufacturer Presentation . 

.Manufacturer Presentation . 

Page 33 

End Nodes - Storage Advertisement 

New DataPort 25 'Mobile & Secure' 
Removable 2.5-inch Drive Enclosures 

The DataPort 25 makes 2.5-inch hard drives remov- 
able from any standard 3.5-inch bay such as the flop- 
py bay in PCs and servers, making it ideal for data 
backup, data transporting and archiving, or applica- 
tions such as mobile computing and surveillance. 

New DataPort 25 'Mobile & Secure' Drive Carriers 

combine the benefits of both removable drives and 
rugged external storage devices. Operating at full 
transfer rates while in the bay, the new carriers also 
allow users the versatility to take their data elsewhere 
and access via USB or FireWire without the tether of a 
power cord. Optional encryption provides ultimate 
data security. 

CRU-DataPort offers several removable drive carriers to choose from and a uni- 
versal frame that supports them all: 

Standard Carriers accommodate two PATA or SATA drives to double capacity or 
create a palm-sized RAID for data integrity or improved performance. 

USB or a combination of USB & FireWire are available for ultimate flexibility in 
remote data access. 

Add hardware-based full disk encryption for real-time encryption of the entire disk 
contents while using no system resources. 

• Drive Carriers lock into frame for security 

• LEDs indicate drive activity, power-on status, and system errors 

• Heavy-duty stainless steel construction 

• 25,000 insertion-rated connectors 

Contact CRU-DataPort 

1000 SE Tech Center Dr., Ste. 160 

Vancouver, WA 98683 




Disk-Based Backup 


More Than A Backup Device . . . With SonicWALL 3440i 
You'll Get Continuous Data Protection 

Fast recovery time objectives and backup tape performance 
problems are driving demand for high-speed disk-based 
backup. CDP provides enterprise-class features, including 
continuous data protection, remote management, and 
hands-free offsite backup, without enterprise-class cost. 


1755 E. Park Place Blvd., Ste. 200 
Stone Mountain, GA 30087 
Toll Free: (866) 884-8462 
Phone: (770)465-6147 

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Smart Board Interactive Whiteboards 

The new SMART Board 600 series interactive whiteboard available to the public on 
April 17th are creating magical moments in thousands of boardrooms, briefing rooms, 
and classrooms in more than 75 countries. 

• Do more • Experience more • Grow more 

More space, with larger screen sizes. 
More style, with a new design. 
More options, with new USB speakers 
and an expansion slot. 
Inspired by feedback from our cus- 
tomers, the new SMART Board 600 
series interactive whiteboard lets you 
do more than ever before. Combining 
the same great features that people 
love with new expandability options, 
it's limited only by your imagination. 


Touch to control your computer 

Write, erase, and perform mouse functions with your finger, a pen, or an eraser — you 
need no proprietary tools. 

Pick up a pen and write 

Use the pen or the eraser and the pen tray automatically detects which tool you've 
selected. Buttons activate the on-screen keyboard, right-click, and help function. 

Save your ideas 

Capture your work to SMART Board software as a screen shot that you can edit or 
save your notes directly into several software applications, including Windows ver- 
sions of Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and Excel, or into AutoCAD software. 


Please visit 
Find out more by calling (888) 427-6278 / (403) 245-0333 

Storage Security 

Paranoia2 is the simplest, most cost-effective and easy-to- 
deploy tape encryption (backup encryption) solution avail- 
able. The Paranoia2 tape encryption solution is available 
as an external encryption device or as a complete private 
key secure backup encryption subsystem. Paranoia2 uses 
strong encryption protocol, dual DES3, to protect your data 
(or 1 1 other different levels). 



2130 Platinum Road 
Apopka, FL 32703 
Phone: (888) 682-5335 

Network Attached Storage 

Starting At 


nrrr^Ha EZ^^^-1^ 

NetStor WSS (Enterprise NAS) is the most configurable and 
powerful NAS with unmatched flexibility and value. 

Windows 2003 Certified 
Snapshot file system 
Real-time replication avail. 
Anti-virus built in 
Bare metal recovery 


I ^? DATA, INC. 

A subsidiary of Alanco Technologies, Inc. 

64TB Capacity shares/vol. 
Scalable to 128TB 
SAN-to-NAS Gateway 

3220 Commander Drive, # 101 
Carrollton, TX 75006 
Phone: (800)995-1014 
Fax: (972)980-0375 

Network Attached Storage 

The SmartDisk NAS drive is a simple-to-use, affordable 
network drive. The external drive includes its own 10/100 
Ethernet connectivity allowing you to plug the drive directly 
into your network. The drive then appears as a local drive 
to each computer connected to your network. The drive 
comes in a 250GB version for $279.99 and a 400GB ver- 
sion for $379.99. 

12780 Westl inks Drive 
Fort Myers, FL 33913 
Phone: (239) 425-4000 
Fax: (239) 425-4009 

Simplifying The Digital Lifestyle'' 

Storage Area Network 


StorTrends® 3100i is a 3U Dual Dialect™ storage appliance 
that is used for both NAS and IP SAN storage. It has 15 
hot-swap SATA drive bays, hardware RAID support and 
capacity of up to 7.5 TB. iSCSI support allows file data and 
block applications, such as Exchange, SQL Server and 
Oracle, to be deployed or stored on the same server as tra- 
ditional file services and storage. 

^^ American 
~^~^^ Megatrends 

6145 Northbelt Parkway 
Norcross, GA 30071 
Phone: (800) 828-9264 

Storage Component 

iDiSX 2000 - 10Gbps Ethernet iSCSI Host Bus Adapter 

iVivity's full 10Gbps application programmable iSCSI, 
TCP/IP, and UDP Host Bus Adapter (HBA) for array, appli- 
ance, and server OEMs. The iDiSX 2000 HBA offers 
10Gbps full line rate throughput, very high IOPS, and low 
power characteristics combined with standards-based pro- 
gramming power. 

5555 Oakbrook Parkway 

Norcross, GA 30093 

Phone: (678) 990-1550, ext. 211 

The Intelligent Convergence of Storage and Networking FaX" (678) 990-1551 

Page 34 
.Manufacturer Presentation . 

.Manufacturer Presentation . 

May 26, 2006 

End Nodes - Server Advertisement 

Performance Technologies 

Performance Technologies' offers the world's first 
CPmpactPCI 2.16 computer blade based on 64-bit 
single- and dual-core AMD Opteron processors. 
Designed to run Linux, Solaris, and Windows operat- 
ing systems, it is an ideal computer for high-end pack- 
et processing or multithreaded software applications 
found in wireless, Softswitch, defense, and other com- 
puter-intensive applications 

The CPC5564 is designed for use with Performance 
Technologies' complete line of Advanced Managed 
Platform products. The Advanced Managed Platform 
is the basis of a family of application-ready, fully man- 
aged platforms, allowing system designers to build 
NEBS-compliant, highly reliable solutions that combine 
state-of-the-art switching, system management, and a 
full line of slot components and software. 

Volume Pricing starts at $2,995. 

For More Information on the new SEGway™ 6300 Compact-STP, please 

or Call (585) 256-0200 



End Nodes - Storage Advertisement 

V6000 HDD Max 

High-Powered, High-Volume Eraser 

For Hard Drives 

The vulnerability of information stored on PC hard drives is a recognized security 
risk. Unlike most other PC data storage media, the hard drive usually stays with the 
PC. Every time a PC leaves a company's control, all the data and company informa- 
tion will go with it. Even if the hard drive breaks down, the storage platters will still 
contain information that could be read once repaired. The V6000 HDD Max alleviates 
all of these problems. 

The V6000 HDD Max is a state-of-the- 
art, one-pass conveyor degausser 
designed for the volume erasure of hard 
drives. The specially designed high- 
intensity coils ensure complete erasure 
of hard drives in large quantities, perfect 
for IT logistic and security providers. 

The performance of the V6000 HDD 
Max will satisfy requirements for large 
volumes of hard disk drives to be 
erased. Hard drives are placed on the 
belt and guided through the 5000 gauss 
erasure field. Up to 300 hard drives can 
be erased per hour. 

Safety: With safety in mind and to meet the latest ICNIRP Magnetic Exposure 
Guidelines, the V6000 HDD Max can be operated remotely via an umbilical button. 

For more information: www.Processor.comA/eritySystems 

Verity Systems Inc. 

5441 Merchant Circle 
Unit A 

Placerville, CA 95667 (USA) 
Toll Free: (800)642-5151 
Phone: (530)626-9363 
Fax: (530)626-9395 



.Manufacturer Presentation . 

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True Workstation Replacement Notebook 

The Eurocom M590 Emperor introduces the industry to many firsts (19-inch LCD, 
SLI, and Turion 64) in the notebook market. The primary purpose in its creation was 
to create a true Workstation Replacement Notebook that could incorporate the 
largest screen and video power in a single portable solution. 

Featuring the largest, most spectacu- 
lar 19-inch Widescreen WSXGA+ 
1680 x 1050 pixels resolution display 
with a 16:9 aspect ratio ever to grace 
a portable, engineered into the most 
luxurious, powerful, and ultra-desir- 
able fully featured 64-bit EUROCOM 
Supernotebook ever built. World's 
First notebook powered by NVIDIA 
nForce4 chipset and by the fastest 64- 
bit Mobile Turion64 processor; featur- 
ing NVIDIA's revolutionary SLI Video 
Technology with two NVIDIA GeForce 
Go7800GTX GPUs equipped with 
256MB of superfast GDDR3. The best 
high-end professional fully upgrade- 
able Supernotebook is coming to the 
market. The 290-nits brightness 
ensures that even in direct sunlight 
you can see the display clearly. 

Engineered for Power, Upgradeability, 
Ease of Use, Serviceability, Stability, 

and Style! From Workstations to Thin and Light Notebooks, Eurocom has everything 
you need to replace your desktop. Choose your computer model, processor, memo- 
ry, hard drive, optical drives, operating system, and accessories. 


Build Your Own Today! 

(877) EUROCOM (877) 387-6366 

How Do You Research 8 
Make Your Buying Decision? 

The proven track record of Processor's print issue and Web site offer an 
unbeatable combination! 

When you're looking for product or buying information, turn to the print 
issue for a wide variety of current products from our list of hand-selected 
manufacturers and resellers. 

Once you're ready to buy, turn to our Web site 
to connect with companies offering the 
products and services you need. 

Z 0R MORE INFORMATION CALL: (800) 247-4880 
INTERNATIONAL CALLS: (402) 479-2141 


May 26, 2006 

r- Manufacturer Presentation ■ 

.Manufacturer Presentation . 

Page 35 

End Nodes - Storage Advertisement 

End Nodes - Storage Advertisement 

Accusys InneRAID™ 
RAID 1 + Backup Kit 


The ACS76510/ACS76500 is a 
three-disk SATA-SATA/PATA- 
PATA RAID kit in which two 
disks are mirrored to protect 
working data and the other disk 
is a backup disk preserving a 
data image created at a specif- 
ic point in time. The back up 
function set-up is either manu- 
ally from the GUI or automati- 
cally according to the sched- 
ules set by the user. Under 
1+backup, the data can be protected from not only disk failure but also logical failures, 
such as virus attack, mistaken file deletion, and inappropriate changes of system con- 
figurations. As the backup disk preserves a complete image of the original data set, it 
can be used for restoring data as well as system configurations. 

Product Benefits: 

• OS independent kits (driverless design) 

• Direct connect interface (SATA or PATA) 

• Simple (disk to disk) data to data backup 

• User-friendly GUI 

• Excellent customer service 

• Compatibility guaranteed 

• Easy Integration 

• Two functions in one unit 

• Dual protections from disk failure or data corruption 

• Plug "n" Play product 

• Fast and effecient backup solution 


The RAID Architects w& 

Phone: (866) 277-5888 

UltraStor™ - IP SAN Storage System 

Ultra Fast & Flexible Host Engine from Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and SCSI 
RS 8 IP - 1 0/1 00/1 000 RS 1 6 IP - 1 0/1 00/1 000 

Enterprise RAID Performance 

The original UltraStor product line capitalized on Enhance Technology's hybrid stor- 
age expertise by combining SATA disk drives with either a SCSI or Fibre Channel 
host interface. The UltraStor IP utilizes newer, faster Serial ATA 3Gbps disks and is 
powered by the latest microprocessor to deliver up to 220MBps over a Gigabit 
Ethernet network, enough bandwidth to exceed the demanding requirements of many 
network-based applications. With UltraStor IP, Enhance has created a product that 
supports multiple hosts and runs on both the Windows and Mac OS platforms while 
offering easy configuration and integration into virtually any hardware or software 

Key Features Include: 

• Hybrid Serial ATA disk-based storage, compatible 1 .5 and 3Gbps disks 

• Embedded hardware RAID controller with dual GbE ports 

•2U or 3U modular rack design easily integrates into existing storage infrastructures 

•2 GbE full iSCSI offload with load-balancing and failover 

•One logic volume shared by as many as 16 hosts 

•Windows VDS/VSS/MPIO support, host access control, and CHAP 

•Easy LCD control, Remote monitoring, and RAID management over TCP 

Full iSCSI Benefits 

The UltraStor IP system has dual GbE ports, supporting full iSCSI offload with load- 
balancing and failover and one logic volume shared by as many as 16 hosts. Other 
new features introduced in the UltraStor IP system include MPIO support, S.M.A.R.T. 
disk monitoring, target authorization via IP address, and Jumbo frame support. 

UltraStor Product Availability and Host Flexibility 

UltraStor IP is available for immediate delivery in the form of a 2U eight-disk RS8 IP 
model, which has the storage options of 1TB, 2TB, or 4TB; the 3U 16 RS16 IP model 
can go up to 8TB. 



Phone: (562) 777-3488 
Fax: (562)777-3499 

Storage Component 

PCI-Express SATA II 3Gb/s RAID Controller 

Featuring RAID 6 and also 0, 1 , 0+1 , 3, 5 and JBOD 
4, 8, 12, 16, 24ports, Intel I/O Processor, DDR Memory 
Online RAID Level/Stripe Size migrations, Online RAID 
Capacity expansion and RAID level migration simultane- 
ously, NCQ and Staggered Spin-up Support, Battery 
Backup ready, I2C, Full OS Support. 


2861 Saturn St. Unit B 
Brea, CA 92821 

Thin Client 

AX3000 - Thin Client Terminal 

• Allows direct Telnet and TCP/IP connections 

• Emulation for 5250, 3270, Unix, Embedded native client for 
RDP and ICA 

• Optimized Electronics, No OS, No Local Admin necessary 

• Multiple Independent Sessions, 100% Virus immunity 

• Visit or call for a free demo unit 


28944 State Road 54 
Wesley Chapel, FL 33543 



The 1st SATA RAID 5 

Hot-swap Midtower 

Chassis in the World! 

Dual Intel Xeon proces- 
sors up to 3.06GHz 
Super X5DAL-TG2 server 
Up to 8GB ECC Reg. 

1 8xAGP Pro 1.5V slot 

2 64-bit PCI/X 66/1 33, 2 
32-bit PCI 

Dual Gigabit LAN Ports 
12" x 9.8" ATX form factor 


Embedded and Network Computing 

2032 Bering Dr. San Jose, CA 951 31 

Phone: (408) 452-8900 Fax: (408) 452-8909 


National Instruments has the industry's first PXI chassis 
and controllers based on PCI Express signaling, delivering 
up to 1Gbps per slot dedicated bandwidth. The new chas- 
sis and controllers add capabilities from the latest PXI 
specification, which defines PXI Express to increase PXI 
bandwidth by 45 times, to integrate the industry's best tim- 
ing and synchronization, and to preserve compatibility. 


1 1500 N. MoPac Expressway 
Austin, TX 78759 

Data Comm Component 

Quad-Port Gigabit Ethernet Interface Card 

The SlotOptimizer™ is a perfect solution for use in conjunc- 
tion with early ATCA processor blades, which have few or 
no native faceplace Ethernet ports. It is best suited for 
applications requiring multiple ports directly connected to 
the processor blade, including both telecom-oriented and 
general-purpose computing platforms. 



Designed To Perform. Designed To Last; 

2901 N. Dallas Parkway 
Phone: (800) 327-8638 

Piano, TX 75093 

Database & Data Mining 

What does bad data cost and can you afford the risk? 

Fast, easy, and affordable Pervasive Data Profiler elimi- 
nates the complexity, risk, and expense associated with 
manually checking data. Versatile and easy to use, Data 
Profiler enables you to improve IT productivity, avoid cost- 
ly rework, and increase ROI around your applications and 
business processes. 

Benefits Include: 

• Save Effort - understand irregularities in data before you 
load the data 

• Reduce/Rework - analyze each data set and generate 

actionable, objective reports on data quality 

• Do More, Faster - easily automate profiling processes 


Unleashing the value of data™ 

1 2365 Riata Trace Parkway 
Austin, TX 78727 
Phone: (800) 287-4383 

Page 36 
.Manufacturer Presentation . 

.Manufacturer Presentation . 

May 26, 2006 

Software - Security Advertisement 

Protect Your Network From The Inside 
Out With GFI EndPointSecurity 

GFI's EndPointSecurity™ increases network integrity by providing safeguards 
against transported viruses and data theft via portable storage, media, and consumer 
electronics devices. 

With GFI EndPointSecurity, security administrators can provide read, write, or both 
access capabilities to groups or individual users for file-based media such as 
CD/DVD-ROMs and floppies as well as block-based media operated through univer- 
sal serial bus (USB), Bluetooth, Firewire, and Wi-Fi connections. In addition, adminis- 
trators can monitor the use of a removable device and even block access if the activi- 
ty is suspected of compromising the integrity of corporate data or the security of the 

"Group-based oversight offers users an incredible management opportunity," says 
Andre Muscat, product manager for GFI EndPointSecurity. "While our competitors 
can support individual computer specifications, none of them allow a group-based 
control approach to configuration at this level of ease." 

Pricing and availability 

GFI EndPointSecurity is available from distributors around the world or online. It is 
highly cost-effective with prices starting at US$625 to monitor up to 25 computers; a 
version for up to 100 computers costs US$1,500. For more information and to down- 
load the product, visit 


Network-wide control of portable storage, media and consumer electronic devices 


- : \ien?i-.=l Properfe 
■ -j\ Log-on Credentials 
]■ ft Controlled Devices 

!■ .Q Floppy disk 

;■■■■ Q CD \ DVD ROM 
-t* Storage Devices 

I ■■ $ Printers 

j~ Q PDAs 

;■- W&i Network Adaptor; 

.^3 Imagine! Dovico; 
'--$+ Other devices 

■ffl Logging 

Specify the users which will access this device: 

User/Group Name 

| Read 

I Write I 

<& GFI_£SEC_Floppy_ReadOnly 


£gs GFI_ESEC_Floppy_FullActess 

■ ,■.■..,.,. 

$p gfircialta.comV5arah Mifsud 

£}-■■■ Mi:-3lef 

S2^ gfimalta.corn\Andre Muscat 





(I) A nor controlled device Is full accessible by al 

users, A 

controlled cfc ' ■ -t si v blocked. 

Cancel | Apply | 

o= * Ei@ 



: C 

Proledcp G-oups 

jij Wnikstatians 

: ;j :.»'« -r ..r.-'AiL--: 

% . .- : jng Option? 



& Knonledgs Base 
;. -n FnrfPnrJtSMWIty 

<6t GFI Network Server Moni'or 

GFI EndPointSecurity 

Protection Groups 

DetiB lha protected coinpjsrs ard Ihs secuiy pemiEBions. 

Opt ions 

;;.,'l^ nn -o ■;,'>., ,,r..:: ■,. ■•:. '■.'"ui.j .:, : n ,::.-.. ',v._.i ;r_;. ■■.... .■.'..! :.-. .,:,J ..umioiUI <.V ,,.. 

actions a | 

v ■''■:'.! .• .• 

I ] A 

GFI EndPointSecurity Configuration 

Configure which Active Directory 
groups are allowed or denied access 

Phone (888) 243-4329 

Software - Storage Advertisement 

Latest Generation Remote Office 

Backup/Recovery Software 

Televaulting 6.0 

Asigra Televaulting™ 6.0 delivers the industry's only hot agentless Oracle 10g, SQL 
8.0, and VMware XML support; silent mass deployment capabilities; and cross plat- 
form protection. Tape-based backup for remote office/branch office (ROBO) is a less 
viable option for distributed enterprises because of the hardware and software costs 
involved, agent licensing and maintenance, level of onsite IT support necessary, and 
reliability of the backup. 
Multiply these issues by the 
number of remote sites 
requiring data protection, 
and simplified remote site 
protection becomes a high 
priority. For corporations 
with regulatory, perfor- 
mance, reliability, account- 
ability, and cost challenges, 
Asigra's disk-based agent- 
less software provides a 
single answer for distributed 
site backup management. 

Televaulting 6.0, the industry's only high-performance agentless backup/recovery 
software for remote office protection, now features hot agentless database backup 
for DB2, Oracle 10g, and SQL 8.0, allowing database users to operate while backup 
operations are in process without disruption. The software also includes a block-level 
resume feature for Oracle, so if a connection is lost, the backup session can be con- 
tinued at the block level rather than the file level, maintaining a high service level. 

Asigra Televaulting Version 6.0 is now available through resellers and service 
providers with pricing starting at $1 1 ,250 U.S. 

Asigra: (416) 736-8111 

a s i st r a 

.Manufacturer Presentation . 

Software - Network & Systems Mgmt Advertisement 

Altiris® Software Virtualization Solution™ 


Software Virtualization Solution ensures applications use correct 
files and Registry settings, without modifying the OS and without 
interfering with other applications. This software management 
solution allows you to host multiple versions of an application on 
the same system without conflicts between older and newer 
files. And you can easily activate or deactivate your applications 
based on need by sending a single command to the client sys- 

Software Virtualization Solution integrates with the Altiris service 
oriented management platform, so you benefit from native inte- 
gration with Altiris 1 award-winning service, asset, and systems 
management solutions. EMA makes it easy to extend capabili- 
ties as your business grows and your business needs change. 

Altiris® Software Virtualization Solution™ is a 
revolutionary approach to software management. 
By placing applications and data into managed 
units called Virtual Software Packages, Software 
Virtualization Solution allows you to instantly acti- 
vate, deactivate, or reset applications and to avoid conflicts 
between applications, without altering the base Windows instal- 
lation. Get more information about how Software Virtualization 
Solution can impact your organization. Get access to Altiris® 
Juice™, the exciting new site packed with SVS articles, tips, and 

• Eliminate application conflicts 

• Instantly repair damaged applications 

• Significantly reduce testing time for application rollouts 

• On-demand application provisioning 


intuitive manageability 

Try Software Virtualization Solution 
FREE for 120 DAYS! 
Get your free 120-day, fully func- 
tional evaluation copy at 

Imaging & Printing 

X Comprehensive Imaging Toolkit 

ImagXpress is the comprehensive 
image processing toolkit designed 
I M A G X P R E S S™ for document imaging, forms pro- 
cessing, photo and color imaging 
application development. Features include image viewing, 
editing, clean up, printing, powerful TWAIN scanning, fully 
programmable annotations, redaction, anti-aliasing, 
deskew, despeckle, multi-page TIFF and PDF. Barcode, 
ICR, OCR, OMR, ISIS scanning, forms recognition, and 
forms processing are all available as add on toolkits. 

For complete product information on ImagXpress, visit: 



4001 N. Riverside Drive 
Tampa, FL 33603 
Fax: (813)875-7705 



SPAM Filter ISP 

With SPAM Filter ISP, you can block spam & viruses before 
they reach your mail server. SPAM Filter ISP is configured 
to be your spam filter gateway and handles all incoming 
emails going to the servers listed for your MX records. 
SPAM Filter ISP can be configured to listen on a specific IP, 
multiple IPs, or all IPs bound to the NIC card. 
For More Information, visit 

PO Box 916340 
Longwood, FL 32791 
Phone: (407) 650-3008 


Disk fragmentation causes crashes, slowdowns, freeze-ups 
and even total system failures. Manual defragmentation 
just isn't practical — it takes too long. NEW Diskeeper 10 is 
the "Set It and Forget It"® high-speed defragmenter that 
runs undetectably in the background and makes the prob- 
lems of fragmentation go away forever! 

Free Trial: 

'*% Diskeeper 

y ^^r corporation ■ 

7590 North Glenoaks Boulevard 
Burbank, CA91504 

May 26, 2006 
^Manufacturer Presentation . 

.Manufacturer Presentation . 

Page 37 

Software - Mobility Advertisement 

BOSaNOVA Mobile 

BOSaNOVA Mobile is the ideal solution 
for Field Agents, Sales Personnel, and 
System Administrators who need to 
retrieve or upload information from any 
location to their organization's iSeries, 
making iSeries available anytime. 

The need to extend iSeries access to a 
mobile workforce has now been 
answered: BOSaNOVA Mobile enables 
remote users to perform their tasks from 
anywhere, using Terminal, PDA, and cel- 
lular phones. 

BOSaNOVA Mobile combines the 
convenience of the mobile device and 
the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) 
with the stability and strength of 
BOSaNOVA abilities when it comes the 
iSeries environment. 

Provide Keep-alive: The BOSaNOVA 
Mobile Server maintains active open ses- 
sions for a defined period of time if the 
mobile device is accidentally disconnect- 
ed from the server. The server translates 
and saves the last received screen, 
allowing the user to reconnect to open 
sessions and continue operation from the last screen. 

Enable Automatic Client Installation and Update: The BOSaNOVA Mobile Server 
provides a Web interface for automatic client installation and update. 

• Client-server architecture allows for authenticating and authorizing users 

• Extends legacy systems' capabilities for Web or wireless host access 

• Web-enabled Green Screens 

• Preserves investment in iSeries 

• Easy implementation for different mobile device processors and different operating 

For More Information: 1 
(866) 865-5250 


.-Manufacturer Presentation . 

Software - Security Advertisement 


Security Auditing Software: 

Enterprise Security Reporter 3.0 

Enterprise Security Reporter™ is an agent- 
less, fast, comprehensive discovery and 
reporting solution for analyzing file security, 
group memberships and other security set- 
tings on Windows servers. 


Centrally audit security settings from Active 
Directory and Windows servers across your 


Utilize turnkey reports or create your own 
with our intuitive Wizard-based report 
designer to view the security configuration 
of your Windows environment 


Compare two discovery "snapshots" to 
detect changes in security that have 


Schedule reports to be delivered via any 
SMTP-based email system 

Reporting Console 

j c a m !■ a i 


«-- r«- 


a m [jiw \gt*T^ j 

Discovery Console 

For a 30-day evaluation, visit 





Software - Network & Systems Mgmt. Advertisement 

CNG-SAFE (Shared Access Filing Environment) 
Helps Improve User Productivity 

Cabinet NG helps SMBs/SMEs improve business efficiency, without complicating the current 
processes. Because "Paper Cuts Profit®" Cabinet NG's CNG-SAFE document management soft- 
ware minimizes paper in key workflow intensive areas, including documentation, accounting, 
and compliance. 


In most industries, more than 80% of a company's information resides in unstructured (paper) 
and difficult-to-find documents. Fast access and control over business-critical documents is 
essential to minimizing costs and improving efficiencies. CNG SAFE provides the document 
management platform for electronic retrieval, routing, and archiving of these documents. 


The SMB/SME accounting function is 
continually challenged by paper grid- 
lock. CNG-SAFE turns AP/AR and other 
paper bottlenecks into efficient, stream- 
lined electronic processes. This helps 
CPAs save time and reduce data entry 
and filing errors in a way that makes fil- 
ing and finding documents quick and 
easy. For QuickBooks users, CNG-Books 
merges document filing/data entry into a 
single automated process and enables 
viewing documents directly from within 

;C Cabin*. I« 5 412 T U «<Hy F«br,«,y 7. 2006 J; 20 PM 

Ul*Wm} OMJ/MW 

Cabinet NG captures your processes electronically 


CNG-SAFE is a vital tool for companies striving to meet compliance requirements. Businesses 
today are under increasing regulatory pressure to secure and track their financial, personnel, and 
private customer information. CNG-SAFE offers a secure and effective way to manage informa- 
tion lifecycle requirements through retention classes, version control, and other critical compli- 
ance features. 



.Manufacturer Presentation . 

Software - Security Advertisement 

BitDefender 9 Professional Plus 
Now Includes Antispyware Protection! 


I status | fejbttflM Settings events Abou 

General Scarnedties 8S9S 

Essentia sm«s 
ft displayed here. 

■-r<v ^-;-n'fi n^i'.ii^. 

Click the tabs to uieiv 

Mere Help 



L*.^,™ mr 

Total messages received 46 

E Firewall is enabled 

Incoming Irane (KB] « 

Outgoing traf lie (KB) 

H Automatic update is enabled 

Las update new 


BitDefender 9 Professional Plus inte- 
grates antivirus, antispyware, firewall, and 
antispam modules into one comprehen- 
sive security package, tailored to meet the 
needs of computer users worldwide. 

Antivirus + Antispyware NEW! 

The mission of this module is to ensure 
detection and removal of all viruses and 
spyware in the wild. BitDefender uses 
robust scan engines, certified by ICSA 
Labs, Virus Bulletin, Checkmark, 
CheckVir, and TUV. 


The firewall module protects your data 
and your privacy by filtering the incoming 
and outgoing traffic, controlling cookies, 
and blocking malicious scripts and "XXX- 
dialer" type programs. 


Quite simply put, the BitDefender 
Antispam module deals with the problem 
of spam so you don't have to. 

^ bitdefmder 

secure your every bit 
(954) 776-6262 

Page 38 
.Manufacturer Presentation . 

.Manufacturer Presentation . 

May 26, 2006 

Software - Network & Systems Mgmt Advertisement 

Holistic Approach To Performance Mgmt. 

IT managers require the effective, flexible tools that can provide the highest degree 
of visibility across the infrastructure. Today's network managers are no longer 
responsible for only bandwidth and connectivity issues but must take into account 
how the network impacts both applications and users. IT managers must bridge the 
integrity gap by creating a culture and organizational structure that reflects the strong 
interdependence between the network and applications. 

Visual UpTime Select integrates the analysis of application performance with analy- 
sis of network performance so IT departments can take a holistic approach to net- 
work and application performance management. Visual's objective is to enable IT 
departments to measure the success in business terms based on the high perfor- 
mance of the mission-critical applications. 

IT and network managers can improve network application integrity. 

• Increase application availability by improving business performance with a 
detailed understanding of both the applications and network domains. 

• Reduce operational costs by developing more efficient application 
performance management solutions and by not resorting to always having 
to add more bandwidth. 

• Control potential problems by proactively accessing performance data 
from across the entire infrastructure to uncover unauthorized applications, 
bandwidth hogs, viruses, congestion areas, and trends. 

• Optimize bandwidth by allocating the right amount of bandwidth to 
maintain application performance without exceeding budget limits. 

• Optimize network application integrity by arming network managers with 
the enhanced tools they need to analyze network usage, troubleshoot 
application delivery, and ensure network application integrity. 

For more information on Visual UpTime Select: 

Or call (301) 296-2333 


File Management 

- m 

b~±*i v -igji 

mOA u£=z= — , g 

ft£— 1 ' 1 1 

1 ' \\m 

m "'^-e,' 1 ILHI 


J~ 'indexes L 

■ Folders 1 

Electronic Document Management Solution 

Cabinet NG eliminates "paper-pain" for SMB/SMEs. 
Cabinet NG's document management software (CNG- 
SAFE) turns labor-intensive, error-prone, paper-based 
processes into efficient office workflows. CNG-SAFE is a vital 
tool for companies striving to meet compliance requirements. 


NGr v 

9668 Madison Blvd., Ste. 100 
Madison, AL 35758 
Toll Free: (800)621-6501 
Phone: (256) 258-0460 

Software - Network & Systems Mgmt. Advertisement 

Manage Network Resources With 
SWsoft's Datacenter Automation Suite 

The Datacenter Automation Suite (DAS) is software that allows organizations to man- 
age both virtualized and nonvirtualized servers through an easy-to-use Web console. 

The DAS management console is a multilayer structure that enables administrators to 
assign specific permissions to departments and individual users according to the busi- 
ness rules of the organization. 

Datacenter Automation Suite (DAS) 








ST • Applicalion 

a£. . Servers 
,, (Windows) 

i^ «_ 

lliYl M;ira;:ei:r<,-:«1 Coreo'u 


A::;) : :::,!!ii.:ti 


Using DAS, enterprise data cen- 
ter managers can deliver services 
to departments, subsidiaries, and 
users much like an external sup- 
plier would. 

Automated provisioning and 
departmental chargeback 

DAS enables departments to 
order services through a custom- 
designed company portal. 
Requests are delivered immedi- 
ately, 24 hours a day, 7 days per 
week. This allows enterprises to 
rapidly meet workload demands 
from a shared pool of available resources. 

DAS tracks resource usage for all departments and users in the system. The system 
administrator can immediately be alerted if a department orders excessive numbers 
off virtual servers, disk space, or other resources. Enterprises have the option to 
place hard limits on the amount of resources that departments or individual users can 
consume. Information about system usage can be exported as needed. 

For More Information, Visit 



Management Suite 

TOWER Software, a leading enterprise con- 
tent management (ECM) provider, delivers 
electronic document and records manage- 
ment (EDRM) software solutions. The TRIM 
Context® software solution is a single, inte- 
grated platform that manages business 
information through its complete lifecycle. 

• Document Management 

• Email Management 

• Process Management 

• Records Management 

• Web Content Management (NEW!) 

Learn more by visiting 



12012 Sunset Hills Rd., Ste. 510 
Reston, VA20190 
Toll Free: (800)255-9914 
Phone: (703) 476-4203 

Network & Systems Mgmt. 

2X Load Balancer 

For Terminal Services / Citrix 


$395 2 Servers 
$1 ,750 Unlimited 

Load balancing, increased 
security, and redundancy 
for your Terminal Services 

2X LoadBalancer for 
Windows Terminal Services 
provides load balancing, 
increased security and redun- 
dancy for your Terminal 
Services. Easily load balance 
RDP/ICA sessions between 
Terminal Servers provide 
fault tolerance, and allow 
connections via SSL. 

Phone: (+49) 69 710456-424 
Fax: (+49)69 710456-450 


f or Linux 


Virtuozzo creates isolated, 
secure VPSes (virtual pri- 
vate servers) or virtual envi- 
ronments on a single physi- 
cal server enabling better 
server utilization, ensuring 
guaranteed resources, and 
preventing applications from 
conflicting. Each VPS per- 
forms and executes exactly 
like a standalone server; 
VPSes can be rebooted 
independently and have 
users, IP addresses, 
processes, system libraries, 
and configuration files. 

13755 Sunrise Valley Dr., Ste. 600 
Herndon, VA 20171 

Wireless Management 

a ■ * a » •*. * d ^ * '-t o b ■ □ t 

ZT" "" 

I I "«l 


W 2l 

||«JL 1 .idn| l iNiliJBB|.» 


Drone automatically scans all 802.1 1 b/g channels and corre- 
lates them to your exact location making it effective for cov- 
erage validation studies. GPS measurements provide LAT, 
LON, and time stamping for a comprehensive Wi-Fi survey 
path worldwide. RSSI, MAC, and SSID survey data may be 
laid out in multiple graphical and tabular windows and export- 
ed into KML files for plotting in apps such as Google Earth. 

5 o°#2ogo2»#- 


wireless products*^ 


255 Liberty Street 
Metuchen, NJ 08840 
Phone: (732) 548-3737 
Fax: (732) 548-3404 

Access Control 

CRYPTO-BOX: Protects software and online media 
distribution with the powerful AES / Rijndael encryption 
algorithm on board. Designed for Electronic Software 
Distribution (ESD), Pay-per-use license management, and 
online subscription services. Allows secure online activa- 
tion, automated remote updates, and web access control. 
Learn more at Marx2 


2900 Chamblee Tucker Rd., Bldg. 
Atlanta, GA 30341 
Phone: (800) 627-9468 
Fax: (770) 986-8891 

May 26, 2006 
.-Manufacturer Presentation . 

.Manufacturer Presentation . 

Page 39 

Software - Business Productivity Advertisement 

Manage Development Issues With 
TestTrack Pro nPath 

The management challenges in a software engineering group are found 
throughout an enterprise. While roles and skills differ by department, the 
need for good communication, accountability, quality, and repeatable 
processes remain constant. Software solutions such as TestTrack Pro help 
the software engineering group model and manage their processes and 
track issues vital to a successful product release. TestTrack Pro is built on 
an advanced, flexible workflow and issue management architecture with 10 
years of customer input behind it. Today, thousands of companies rely on 
TestTrack Pro to keep their development and quality assurance efforts on 
track. What if other departments could leverage this technology? Not only 
would they improve efficiency, but the IT department would have a single 
process management architecture to support enterprise-wide. 

nPath, Seapine's newest business process management tool, provides a 
clear path to automating and streamlining business processes. Like 
TestTrack Pro, nPath's powerful toolset allows companies to connect people 
to information, making end-to-end process management possible. nPath 
makes it easy for companies to track work as it moves through the organiza- 
tion, ensuring the right work gets to the right person at the right time. 
Through advanced workflow planning, issue management, communication, 
and reporting capabilities, nPath enables key collaborative processes, such 
as streamlining departmental activities or meeting regulatory compliance, to 
be controlled from start to finish. 

Through a combination of tools, technologies, and services, Seapine has 
provided software engineers with solutions to better manage process, 
change, and quality. nPath is an exciting addition to the Seapine product 
family because it gives other departments the same benefits our software 
development customers have enjoyed for so long. 

ASeapine Software 

Managing Process, Change & Quality 
Throughout the Enterprise 

Phone: (513)754-1655 
Toll free: (888) 683-6456 

^Manufacturer Presentation . 

Software - Security Advertisement 

Vulnerability Management 

nC ipcIg 

Proactive Network Security 

nCircle Focus™ is a break- 
through real-time data synthesis 
and active analysis tool that 
enables security professionals to 
immediately assess network risk 
and focus their actions. For the 
first time, users have the ability 
to instantly view the exact data 
they need at that moment and 
manipulate it in real time. 
Questions that previously 
required cumbersome reports or 
manual effort are now answered 
in seconds with nCircle Focus. 

Enterprises generate an overwhelming volume of security data and still do not have 
the tools to turn this data into the information and knowledge they need to make the 
best decisions often needed immediately as the threat environment changes. Another 
type of report is not the answer; they need the information at their fingertips, displayed 
in a manner that lets them see exactly what they need to see at that moment. 

Here are some common scenarios where nCircle Focus could save hours over any 
other type of analysis, such as the typical reports generated by vulnerability man- 
agement products: 

• Your log monitoring service alerts you to a large amount of traffic being generated 
by a host on your network. What type of host is it, what applications is it running, 
what ports are open, what vulnerabilities does it have, and who owns it? 

• A new Denial of Service attack is out for Cisco IP phones and no patch is available 
yet. Where are the IP phones on your network that are running the vulnerable soft- 
ware version? 

• The CEO wants to know if the company is at risk to the WMF threat that one of his 
board members just read about on the Internet. He wants to know: Is there a patch 
available? What systems are vulnerable? Where are they and who owns them? 
Do they have line-of-sight access to high threat zones? Are they running critical 
applications that fall under regulatory control objectives? 

nCircle Focus will change the way security professionals do their job. Focus is 
available in nCircle IP360 v6.6. 

For More Information: 

101 Second St, Ste 400 
Phone: (888) 464-2900 

San Francisco, CA 94105 

Software - Security Advertisement 

ENDFORCE Enterprise allows enterprises 

to enforce security policies and gain 

control of their network. 

ENDFORCE Enterprise is a software-based, 
vendor-neutral framework that protects 
enterprise networks from noncompliant or 
untrusted endpoints by enabling enterprises 
to enforce security policies and gain control 
of their network security. Leveraging the 
existing network, user store, and security 
software infrastructures, ENDFORCE 
Enterprise enables enterprises to: 

• Centrally define security policies for 

• Proactively assess compliance prior to 
network access and during the network 

• Report the state of compliance over time 
and systematically enforce compliance 

This extensible solution allows enterprises to 
deploy a network access control solution 
today that provides comprehensive security 
policy management and enforcement, which 
extends the capabilities of Cisco NAC, 
Microsoft NAP and TCG/Trusted Network 
Connect architectures as they are 

Multiple enforcement options, used alone or in combination, provide enterprises with 
100% network enforcement coverage. 


Call Toll Free: (866) 777- 2537 

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Software - Storage Advertisement 

Are backup and disaster recovery 
worries keeping you up at night . . . 
and your users down during the day? 

StorageCraft ShadowProtect™ Server Edition 
will help end your backup headaches. 

StorageCraft ShadowProtect™ creates an exact online backup of your entire system, 
including the operating system, applications, configuration settings, and critical data, 
with zero downtime. ShadowProtect™ provides a simple view to restore or update 
files and folders to your existing backup image files. Save backups to any disk 
device, including USB, FireWire, attached storage devices such as NAS and SAN, 
and any network location. 

ShadowProtect™ Advantages: 

Create online server backups with 

zero downtime 

Reduce or eliminate backup windows 

Restore files in minutes, not hours 

Reduce backup complexity while 

increasing backup reliability 

Back up only changed data for minimal 

storage consumption 

Backup image consolidation for simple 


Schedule full or incremental backups 

Recover your servers remotely 

Mount point-in-time backups for simple 

file and folder recovery 

Update point-in-time backups 

Bare-metal server recovery in minutes 

To find out how simple and reliable disaster recovery can be, visit: 

and learn how StorageCraft ShadowProtect™ can help you sleep easier at night. 


Complete System and Data Protection 

IL! ■ CopSjre a v-aa^oi & htx* H 

> Mow* bockup likn (of simpb f*V and WoW I* 



Technology Corp. 

StorageCraft Technology 

180 West Election Road, Suite 230 

Draper, UT 84020 

(800) 454-4700 

Page 40 
.Manufacturer Presentation . 

.Manufacturer Presentation . 

May 26, 2006 

Software - Storage Advertisement 

Addlogix Snapshot 
Disaster Recovery Software 

What is Addlogix Snapshot: 

It is the most powerful and most 
complete computer system and 
data maintenance software. It 
allows computer users to easily 
and quickly fix their computer. It 
can recover lost and/or corrupt- 
ed files or restore an entirely 
crashed system to a stable 
working state in seconds. 

How it Works: Addlogix 
Snapshot allows users to cre- 
ate "snapshots" (maps of the hard disk sectors and the maps' indexing system) of the 
computer system and data at different times. Users can then select a specific snap- 
shot to recover files or restore the entire system to. Theoretically, Addlogix Snapshot 
only takes 0.07% total hard disk space to create all the snapshots. However, each 
snapshot might contain different amount of user data; therefore each snapshot size 
might differ. 

Selective Data Recovery: Addlogix Snapshot offers a unique feature that allows 
users to preserve or transfer files and data in the current snapshot to another snap- 
shot during a restore process, and therefore not lose any data during the process. 
For example, users can create a snapshot of the current system before restoring to a 
selected snapshot. Or users can restore the system with the Advanced Data 
Synchronization option, which allows users to manually select the files they want to 
be transferred to the restored snapshot. 

• Recover deleted, corrupted files 

• Restore an earlier version of a file 

• Restore the entire system to a clean state after virus attacks 

• Restore crashed system to working state 

• Reset publicly shared system to clean, preconfigured states after each session 

• Remove unwanted software installations 

• Back out a failed software deployment process 

• Fix daily user or program problems 

• Try out software products before actual deployments 

• Complete removal of Trojan Horse or spyware 

add OB 



Download Demo Software at 

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Software - Network & Systems Mgmt Advertisement 

NetScanTools Pro is an ideal tool for the network security, 

administration, training, Internet forensics, and law 

enforcement fields. 



NetScanTools Pro 10 

January 2006 

DpHtKMi imtiet . Mjcd n frt new Iphra Tom »o*to swattt* Ux*#«i S**ch Fwl mvgiKr 





NetScanTools Pro is an 

integrated collection of 
Internet information gath- 
ering utilities from 
Windows 2003/XP/2000. 
Research IP addresses, 
hostnames, domain 
names, email addresses, 
URLs-automatically or 
with manual tools. 

Multiple Solutions in One Package 

•Network Information Gathering, Reconnaissance and 

•Security Testing: uses active and passive means to look 
for networked devices, exposed open ports, and network 

•Training: assists students in understanding various net- 
work protocols, methods of remote information gathering, 
and how networked devices expose information 

NetScanTools Pro Benefits 

•Save time on gathering information 
•Remove the guesswork from Internet investigation 
•Produce clear, concise result reports in multiple formats 
•Greatly enhances many commonly available network tools 
•Best Value at $249 U.S. List (Full Download or CD-ROM) 

For More Information 

(866) 882-3389 or 


Free Demo Available!!! 

Software, Inc. 

Software - Security Advertisement 

Elemental Security Platform 2.0 

Enhances Policy and Risk Management Functionality 

The Elemental ESP 2.0 delivers a deep policy 
library, including templates for regulatory initiatives 
such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), the Health 
Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 
(HIPAA), and the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data 
Security Standard, as well as for security best prac- 
tices for operating system and application security 
from organizations such as NSA, DISA, Microsoft, 
and CIS. The Elemental ESP delivers enterprise- 
class performance with support for up to 10,000 
managed agent hosts per server. 

The Elemental ESP delivers centralized policy man- 
agement and process automation across common 
server and desktop operating systems, allowing 
security administrators and compliance officers to 
consistently manage security policies across their 
entire network within a single management system. 
Elemental's new release offers agent support for 
Unix versions of IBM (AIX) and Hewlett-Packard 
(HP-UX), as well as for Mac OS X. Updated agent 
support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 and server 
support for Sun Solaris have also been added. 

In addition, the Elemental ESP offers enhanced func- 
tionality, including fine-grained policy management 
privileges and distributed authentication for adminis- 
trators, flexible scheduling of policies and reports, 
extensive reporting supported by detailed drill downs, 
rule exception granting, and policy support for lead- 
ing antivirus and antispyware applications. 

Key Customer Uses: 

• Protecting critical resources 
from unauthorized systems 
and users by implementing 
role-based access controls 

• Protecting sensitive data 
against compromise or loss by 
complementing perimeter 
defenses with strong internal 
security based on effective 
policy and risk management 

• Managing enterprise security 
policies more effectively with 
the first and only security policy 
system that makes the state 
and activity of users and 
computers totally transparent 
to administrators 

• Simplifying Sarbanes-Oxley, 
HIPAA, and PCI compliance by 
making it easier to identify the 
required controls 

• Reducing the cost and com- 
plexity of security and compli- 
ance audits through automa- 
tion, which makes it simpler to 
show auditors that policies 
have been properly implement- 
ed, maintained, and monitored 

S Elemental 

Enterprise Policy and Risk Management 

.Manufacturer Presentation . 

Services - Messaging Advertisement 

MessageOne's Email Management 

Services (EMS™) Provides A Total 

Solution For Email & BlackBerry 

Security, Recovery & Archiving 

For most organizations, email is the most important business application. For senior 
IT executives, email management brings many risks: outages are common, security 
threats are everywhere, data loss windows are significant, legal and compliance 
requests are increasingly complex, and server and storage performance challenges 
continue to escalate. 

That's why MessageOne developed EMS as the first managed service to protect 
against all of the key threats facing everyone who is responsible for managing email. 
EMS is a low-cost solution that ensures that ensures: 

Your users will always have access to email and BlackBerry services 

No messages will ever be lost 

Your mail will be secure, encrypted, and protected from spam and viruses 

You will be able to quickly restore lost mail after an outage 

You will be able to quickly meet legal and compliance-related email discovery 


Learn why more than 1 ,000 companies and millions of users depend on 
MessageOne to protect their global mail environment. You'll see that EMS ensures 
total protection at the lowest cost with no administrative overhead and single-day 
global installation. 

Visit to learn more! 


Business Continuity That Makes Business Sense™ • (512)652-4500 

May 26, 2006 

Rights & Permissions 

• Gives end users the ability to reset personal passwords 
by correctly answering a series of private questions 

• Remote employees with access to a Web browser can 
reset forgotten passwords without outside assistance 

• Allows for integration with Microsoft® and third-party 
Windows® logon dialogs 

Free Trial: 


3300 Irvine Avenue, Suite 261 
Phone: (949) 222-2287 

Newport Beach, CA 92660 
Fax: (222) 222-2226 

Security Suite 

Enterprise Windows Mgmt: Zero In On Security Holes 

Enterprise Security Reporter™ is an agentless, fast, com- 
prehensive discovery and reporting solution for analyzing 
file security, group memberships and other security settings 
on Windows servers. Visit 
for a FREE 30-day evaluation! 


wicl . 

6000 Broken Sound Pkwy. NW 
Boca Raton, FL 33487 
Phone: (561)886-2400 

Page 41 

Security Suite 








s^rnr - • 


BitDefender Now Includes Antispyware Protection! 

BitDefender 9 Professional Plus integrates antivirus, anti- 
spyware, firewall, and antispam modules into one compre- 
hensive security package, tailored to meet the needs of 
computer users worldwide. 

(§ bftdefEJider 

^^^ secure your every bit 

6301 NW 5th Way 
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 
Phone: (954) 776-6262 
Fax: (954) 776-6462 

Backup Utility 


Per Server 
With Substantial 
Volume Discounts 


\J software 

Red Gate Software's SQL 
Backup Pro Edition provides 
high-performance backup 
and recovery for enterprise- 
level SQL Server implemen- 
tations. It provides multiple 
encryption levels up to 256- 
bit using the AES algorithm, 
the same standard specified 
by the U.S. government for 
encrypting top-secret data. 
Advanced compression lev- 
els provide up to 95% small- 
er backups & deliver speeds 
up to three times faster than 
native SQL Server backups. 

Phone: (866) 733-4283 

Data Center Cleaning 




Raised floor cleaning 
Hardware cleaning 
Sub-floor cleaning and 

Regularly Scheduled 
PC cleaning: 
Server cleaning 
Technicians are rewarded 
for 1 00% job safety and 
customer satisfaction 
18 years of industry 

17150 Newhope St. Suite 206 
Fountain Valley, CA 92708 
Fax: (714)557-5855 

Data Center Cleaning 

Serving Data Centers 
Nationwide Since 1979 

• Data Center Cleaning 

• Post Construction Cleaning 

• Zinc Whisker Remediation 

• Hotspot Remediation 

• Access Floor Repairs 

Visit our new product store 
online and get 10% OFF on 
your first PRODUCT order. 
Enter coupon code: p739d 
at checkout, exp 7/31/06 

1033 Graceland Avenue 
Phone: (800) 328-2256 

Des Plaines, IL 60016 
Fax: (847) 296-6870 

Data Center Design 

Premier Solutions Co. understands critical data operations 

and our 18 years of industry experience benefit our client 

base of over 30 data center buildouts and expansions. 

Our services include: 

• Server Management Solutions 

• High-Density Server Solutions • N+1 Power Solutions 

• Full Installation •Thermal Management 



£>ew*-k3 Trie l-ftm-morion Trcnncilocjij Incfu&fnj 

17150 Newhope St. Suite 206 
Fountain Valley, CA 92708 
Fax: (714)557-5855 

Data Center Design 

Design -► Project Manage 

Week-1 > Week-4 > Week-8 > Week-12 > 

-► Completed 

Week-16 > Week-20 



2 1 -: a\: 4 % ,: s\ 

6 7^» as 





=rl If 


a'-er — 

EZ_2i — u. 










Planning a New Data Center? 
Behind Schedule & Over Budget? 

NAAT can provide the design and project management for 
your data center project. By working with all major equipment 
vendors, we provide the most cost-effective best-of-breed 
solutions. With NAAT's 19 years of experience, your project 
will be on time and within budget, from 200 to 20,000 sq. ft. 

North American Access Technologies, Inc. 

Phone: (800) 392-3299 

Hawthorne, NY 10532 
Phone: (914)747-9705 

Equipment Disposal 

Attention: OEMs, VARs, Distributors, and End Users 

Find out why top commercial and government companies 
use DMD Systems Recovery Inc. 

We Purchase 

New, Used, Excess, & Idle Computer and IT Equipment 

Servers, Workstations, Printers, PCs, Networking, 

Monitors, Terminals, Disk, Tape, Storage, SAN Products, 

Laptops, Muxes, Modems, Test Equipment, UPSes, 

Datacom, Telecom, Broadband 

We Offer 

Outright Purchase - Ongoing Support - EPA-Compliant 

Recycling - DOD Level Data Destruction - Deinstallation - 

Off-Lease Auditing - Packing 

> DMD Systems Recovery, Inc. 

1315 E. Gibson LN, Ste. E 
Phone: (602)307-0180 

Phoenix.AZ 85034 
Fax: (602)307-0181 

Hosting/DR Site 

Introducing the Future of Hosting 

Today, evolving technology is a fundamental tool for the 
businesses of tomorrow. Recognizing this growing need, 
SoftLayer Technologies has applied this evolution to the 
hosting industry. Utilizing our network-within-the-network 
approach, leading-edge hardware, and a proprietary 
management portal, we deliver next-generation virtual IT 
environments for the small- to medium-sized enterprise. 
With month-to-month contracts, no down payments, no 
credit checks, low monthly prices, and two-hour 
deployment, SoftLayer delivers enterprise-level solutions, 

• Web / Email / Utility Servers - $1 39/mo. 

• Application / Database Servers - $229/mo. 

• High-Volume / Transaction Servers - $449/mo. 


4100 Midway, Suite 2010 
Carrollton, TX 75007 
Phone: (866) 398-7638 

Hosting/DR Site 

Colocation Services 

Switch and Data's colocation facilities feature customizable 
space and power to accommodate your unique require- 
ments. Rigorous standards - such as redundant UPS 
power and generator backup, robust temperature and 
humidity controls, and fire protection - are built into the 
infrastructure of every facility. We safeguard your systems 
against physical and virtual intrusions or tampering, with 
comprehensive security measures that range from 24x7 
monitoring and secure access to locking cabinets and 

Our commitment to quality is augmented by our experi- 
enced and knowledgeable technical support staff that 
understands your business & is dedicated to your success. 

Switch and Data 

1715 N. Westshore Blvd., Ste. 650 

Tampa, FL 33607 

Toll Free: (800) 455-9922 


Media Recovery 

Data Recovery Services (DRS) offers professional, fast, 
economical data recovery caused by hard drive crash, soft- 
ware corruption, human error, or natural disasters. With more 
than two decades in the data recovery field, DRS' engineers 
are experts at any hard drive, from notebook Drives to Fibre 
Channel; RAID configurations; tape media; and corrupted 
databases or email systems. 




8650 Freeport Parkway, Suite 150 
Irving, TX 75063 
Fax: (214)441-2431 

Page 42 

May 26, 2006 

Email Service 

For most organizations, email is the most important busi- 
ness application. For senior IT executives, email manage- 
ment brings many risks: outages are common, security 
threats are everywhere, data loss windows are significant, 
legal and compliance requests are increasingly complex, 
and server and storage performance challenges continue 
to escalate. That's why MessageOne developed EMS as 
the first managed service to protect against all of the key 
threats facing everyone responsible for managing email. 

• Users will have access to email and BlackBerry services 

• No messages will ever be lost 

• Mail will be secure, encrypted, and protected from spam 
and viruses 

• Quickly restore lost mail after an outage 

• Quickly meet legal and compliance-related requests 


Business Continuity That Makes Business Sense" 

11044 Research Blvd. 
Austin, TX 78759 

Multiple IT Services 


Beanstalk Networks brings advanced technology solutions 
to small and medium-sized businesses. Once the luxury of 
industry "giants," robust networking capabilities are now 
available to all businesses on an affordable scale thanks to 
Beanstalk's Internet-based networking and software host- 
ing services. 

Beanstalk Networks offers comprehensive technology ser- 
vices that range from software development and cus- 
tomization, network integration, server configuration and 
delivery, and remote managed services. 

For more information, visit 




301 Clematis Street, Suite 200 
Toll Free: (800) 655-6188 

West Palm Beach, FL 33402 
Phone: (561)655-6418 

Network & Systems Mgmt. 

d application 
alyst. Now you 
activate the ser- 
ving network 
'our WAN. 
vays Available 

Pkwy., Suite 260 


^^E — 

| : - . 


^=T^z*it jf^^^T 

Take the guesswork out of your network an 
performance using Masergy's Network An 
can get network monitoring and reporting Cc 
embedded in your network service. Simply 
vice with the click of a mouse and start view 
traffic and application performance across v 
Flexible Granular Reporting-Scalable-Alv 

-_- 2740 N. Dallas 
J^ Piano, Texas 

^ MASERGY ™°™ : < 2 ^> 4 ' 

^ Fax: (214)442- 

Managed Security Services 

NetWolves' network continuity and security services 
reduce the time and resources an enterprise requires 
to deploy and maintain a secure data network. 

Unlike other network security products on the market that 
can be difficult to install and configure, NetWolves offers a 
comprehensive all-in-one solution with a common Web- 
based interface that bridges the gap between protection 
and ease-of-use. Depending on your company's particular 
network security policies, you may decide to implement 
some or all of the security services offered by NetWolves. 
All services are fully compatible, so you can decide to 
upgrade at any time to take advantage of additional fea- 
tures. NetWolves' security services are managed and mon- 
itored by our patent-pending SRM2 remote system, which 
assures maximum network protection. 


4805 Independence Parkway 
Tampa, FL 33634 

Data Backup Services 

We offer a Remote Backup solution that ensures the data 
on your servers and workstations, even mobile laptops, is 
backed up and secure. At affordable rates, we can run 
daily backups and store them offsite in Philadelphia, using 
your existing network. There is no need to purchase tapes, 
to remember to swap cartridges for backup, or to rely on 
someone to transport the tapes to a secure storage facility; 
our solution requires no interaction from you. You can back 
up data from one location and then begin restoring it to 
another location, making large data moves a fast and effi- 
cient process. Remote Backup is automated, always live, 
nonintrusive, inexpensive, encrypted, and compressed. 
And it's one less thing for you to worry about. 

To Learn More, Visit 



219 N. Boylan Ave. 
Raleigh, NC 27603 
Fax: (586)461-0507 

Cable Testing 



The NT700 Lanscaper is an 

active network device that 
tests network cables as per 
TIA568 and interacts with 
the active network devices 
to give a clear picture of 
configuration and status 

• Conducts link tests for ID 
speed capabilities and activi- 
ty of network drops 

• Pings network devices to 
verify connections and IP 

• Identifies port services: 
POTS, Ethernet, ISDN, etc. 

Test-Um Inc. 

The Intelligent Test Solutions Company 

808 Calle Piano 
Phone: (805)383-1500 

Camarillo, CA 93012 
Fax: (805)383-1595 

Environmental Monitoring 

Power Distribution + Power & Environmental 
Monitoring In a Standalone Unit 


Internal Environmental Sensors: Temperature, 
Humidity, Airflow, Sound Level & Light Level 

A Four RJ1 1 Jacks - Connect up to 16 Remote Sensors 

per RSM unit 
B Three I/O Ports, 0-5 vdc analog or contact closure 
C Ethernet Connection Jack 
D Remote Display Connection Jack 

1821 YolandeAve 
Lincoln, NE 68521 
Fax: (402) 474-4369 

Environmental Monitoring 

Extend Your Equipment Life 

The Thermostatic Fan Control 
extends both equipment & fan 
life by varying the fan speed 
based upon temperature. The 
fan control has three tempera- 
ture ranges (80°-90°, 85°-95°, 
90°-1 00°) and can be set to 
operate the fan speed either 
proportional to temperature, 
or to come on full speed when 
temperature threshold has 
been reached. The fan control 
can be mounted to rackrail 
brackets or any flat surface. 

Information Support Concepts, nc 


714 N. Watson Road, Suite 302 
Phone: (800) 458-6255 

Arlington, TX 76011 


Save Money: Refurbish Your Raised Floor Panels! 

We will turn your broken & worn access floors into "virtually 
new" floor panels. In a "Mobile Ops" unit delivered to your 
facility, technicians remove a small number of panels from 
your floor, replacing with spares. The panel is stripped of the 
old surface, cleaned, and relaminated with a finish to match 
the existing or any of the latest technical floor finishes. 

Access Floors OnSite 

295 Seven Farms Drive 
Phone: (888) 605-6061 

Charleston, SC 29492 


Portable Air Conditioning 

Ideal For: 

• Server Rooms 

• Electronic Equipment 

• Primary, Supplemental, 
or Emergency Cooling 


• Rentals and Sales 

• Installs in Minutes 

• Locations Nationwide 



Mwincod. spotcoa wa Dittos Pro aw 

?iMisli;ii-lli;dr-m-iM:1 Jl NiiOCiirsJiiralioii 

Atlas Sales & Rentals, Inc 


PO Box 988 

Phone: (800) 972-6600 

Newark, CA 94560 
Fax: (510)713-3311 

Power Distribution 

Dual power feeds in one enclosure 
Group outlet control for up to 4 power circuits 
Remote reboot via IP 

Secure HTML GUI, SNMP, RS-232 access 120/208 VAC 
15, 20 & 30-Amp models 
True RMS Input Current Monitoring 
Power-up Sequencing 


Server Technology, Inc. 

1040 Sandhill Road 
Reno, NV 89511 
Phone: (775) 284-2000 
Fax: (7752842065 

Power Distribution 

• Remote Reboot via IP 

•Secure HTML GUI, SNMP, 
RS-232 access 

• 120/208 VAC 15, 20 & 30- 
Amp models 

• True RMS Input Current 

• Power-up Sequencing 

• Link to a second tower for 
group outlet control 

1040 Sandhill Road 
Reno, NV 8951 1 
Phone: (775) 284-2000 
Fax: (775) 284-2065 

Server Technology, Inc. 

May 26, 2006 

Page 43 

\funt.-ftn ftirrf lW\fmtifiint— 

Barracuda Spam Fkrewall 900 
Nfl* Barracuda Spam Firewall 900 Ra see Ita Ua* lor Spam 

and Vfcua filtering for lugs Organtfaiiana 

The Oarraeica Span Hfoiva I aMoffe'S Ihe laignl quaranbr>e 

storage capacity and ir» ijito:! th'cghpji availabto for an QTiail 

Tna sarraedi Spax f«*mii soo bum ouine power and rMiabMy 
drvnj w ih .1 &<wuJa Stwn Ptowri KtuOcnt, wdK n^J-j* MOOB 

itoiaje capacity tor quarartned Tessages Jfd ioutCPUbta Vitrei -vol- 
ume email fyocauntg. Snulnr He to pffl- JeceaK*. (h>o Bajruoula Spam 
Firawall 900 me ne* Bacwud a Sjpam Fnowall 900 fealuras aoVaneed 
tspa^iim*. uiSu*-$ n>Ji«idtflt notswte pOw*f Hi(JC**S and SuJl Ciflrtrt 

Where Do You Go 

To Find The 

Newest Products 


Check Each Week's Issue For: 

Manufacturer Presentations filled with 
in-depth information on new products. 

J Product @ Releases L. 

I.".- , \rl-., ■ ll,L:r.l*..l Mil 

IHS -ilm... i. !■ I 

CD/DVD Duplicators 

Quick rundowns 
of all new data 
products released 
in the past week. 

Articles with valuable 
product overviews and data. 

—Manufacturer Presentation . 

Then go to and take 
advantage of our online search tools 
to find even more in-depth information! 

Physical - Racks & Furniture Advertisement 

36" Depth NEBS Server Cabinet 

Made in the USA & Certified To Seismic Zone 4 

Based on the standard, patented frame design 
of our RS, RSP, and FRS server rack series, 
this NEBS-compliant configuration has been 
tested and certified to meet Telcordia (Bellcore) 
GR-63-CORE requirements for ZONE 4 seismic 
earthquake environments. 

Included in server rack price: 

• Two sets of L-shaped adjustable 10-32 tapped 
vertical mounting rails centered in the frame 

• Heavy-duty steel side panels, externally 

• Bolt-down base with cable entry 

• Heavy-duty steel perforated doors with lock- 
able swing handles, corner gussets, and 
three-way catches 

• Heavy-duty solid top panel 

When applying for certification, the manufac- 
turer determines the amount of weight the rails 
will support being certified. One leading manu- 
facturer tests/certifies at only 200 pounds! How 
easy is that to pass? Our rack rails support 
2,500 static pounds and are tested/certified to 
support an installed load of 1 ,000 pounds in 
the event of a quake. Ask our competition what 
their certified load is. After all, isn't that why 
you're buying this type of cabinet? 

• Server rack ships completely assembled 



where customer service matters 

(866) 207-6631 

Power Management 


Remote Power Management & Pass-Through Console 

Port Access 

4 Pass-Through ports for console management of serial 


4 power outlet receptacles 

Secure in-band or out-of-band communications 

Field-Replaceable internal Global Secure Modem 

1040 Sandhill Road 
Reno, NV 89511 
Phone: (775) 284-2000 
Fax: (775) 284-2065 

Server Technology, Inc. 

Power Management 


RS232 Access 

24 Receptacles 

LCD Display 

24 Receptacle Remote Power Monitoring & Distribution 

• Current, Voltage, Power, and Temp Monitoring 

• LCD Screen Display 

• RS232 Interface 120/208VAC 10,20,30A Models 

• Power Distribution and Monitoring In One Unit 



5239 Avenue A 
Long Beach, MS 39560 
Phone: (800) 523-2702 
Fax: (228) 563-7335 

Power Management 

RS232 Access 

! Rebootable Receptacles 
LCD Display 

8 Receptacle Power Control and Monitoring 

► Current, Voltage, Power, and Temp Monitoring 

► LCD Screen Displays Power Monitoring Information 
►RS232 interface, 120/208VAC 10,20,30A Models 

► Turn On, Off, or Reboot any or All Receptacles 



5239 Avenue A 
Long Beach, MS 39560 
Phone: (800) 523-2702 
Fax: (228) 563-7335 

Power Management 

Dualcom™ Plus 



FINALIST for Best of Show at Networld + Interop 2005 

• Monitor and manage current consumption at EACH outlet 
•TCP/IP or RS-232 

• SNMP management 

• Login/password security 

• Intuitive user interface 



1580 Berger Drive 
Phone: (888)311-6277 

San Jose, CA95112 
Fax: (408) 975-0941 

Power Management 

The rPower RS232-enabled meter features an eight-channel, 
auto-scrolling capability and provides remote monitoring for 
20-60 Amp (125 / 208 Volt) rackmount enclosure power solu- 
tions. rPower also has a high-res color display that can be 
viewed from as far away as 12 feet. In addition, the device 
connects to traditional console port switches and can be 
managed simultaneously with other RS232-based devices. 

24 Mt. Jefferson 
Hubbardston, MA 01452 

connect your world 

Power Management 

New MT3 Series! 

Vertical PDUs Ranging 

From 5,000 to 8,600 Watts 

• Designed for standard and 
blade servers 

• 30A/208V, 20A/3 Phase, 
30A/3 Phase options 

• NEMA and/or IEC outlets 

• Optional metering or 
remote monitoring (RS232) 

• Connect to traditional con- 
sole port switches 

• UL60950-1 compliant 
(UL489 breakers) 



connect your world 

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_ Manufacturer Presentation . 

May 26, 2006 

Physical - Cabling Advertisement 

Preterm inated Network Cabling 

Category 6 and Fiber System Reduces Installation Time by More than 75% 

Installing or upgrading your network has never been easier. RapidNet is a 
preterminated "plug and play" system that does not require onsite 
termination or certification testing. This dramatically reduces installation 
time — proven results show labor savings of more than 75%. Quality and 
performance are never compromised because each individual link is 
terminated and tested by HellermannTyton before being delivered to the site. 

RapidNet is offered in high-performance Category 6 and fiber solutions ideal for 

many mission-critical data centers, enterprise data centers, 

storage area networks, and for disaster recovery and redundancy planning. 

RapidNet's patented cassettes and modular, 19-inch panel make installation 
extremely quick. Each prelabeled cassette snaps easily into the modular panel. 
Removal of the cassette is just as easy — simply slide the latch forward and the 
cassette can be removed. HellermannTyton guarantees dependable installation 
and maximum performance of RapidNet with the 25-year Network Sciences 

As one user says, "It took two of us only 20 minutes to install 24 lines of 
RapidNet, including carrying up the hardware, and that was the first time we'd 
ever installed it. It's amazing to think that we actually had some equipment up 
and live within 20 minutes." 


7940 N Faulkner Road 
Milwaukee, Wl 53224 
Phone: (800) 822-4352 


Network Power Switches 

Control Power on Any AC Powered Device ... 
Via Web Browser, Telnet, Modem or Local Terminal 

Servers, routers and other electronic equipment occasionally "lock-up 11 , often 
requiring a service call to a remote site just to flip the power switch to perform 
a simple reboot. With WTI's Remote Power Switches, you can perform reboot 
and On/Off control from anywhere! 

© Web Browser Access for Easy Setup and Operation 

(v) Vertical or Horizontal Zero U SPace Mounting Options 

(v) Dual 15 or 20 Amp Power Circuits 

© Switch up to 8,320 Watts 

© 120 VAC Models - NEMA 5-15R Outlets 

© 208/230 VAC Models - IEC320-C13 Outlets 

© Up to Sixteen (16) Individual Outlets 

© Power-Up Sequencing 

© RS232 Modem/Console Port 

© Accepts Standard C-19 to L5/6-20P Power Cords 


Yes, We are Customer Friendly! 

• Two Year Warranty 

• We Stock for Same Day Shipment 

• 30 Day Return Policy 

• Call or Email for an Online Demo 


Power - 




western telematic incorporated 

5 Sterling • Irvine • California • 92618-2517 • (800)854-7226 

—Manufacturer Presentation . 

Physical - Power Protection Advertisement 

VPC3106 Series Vertical 
Three-Phase Power Distribution 

The VPC3106 series is designed for maximum power density, by 
providing 72 amps of output power at 120 volts single phase. The unit 
has 24 15-amp "three-prong" receptacles (NEMA 5-1 5R) or optionally 
20 amp receptacles (NEMA 5-20R). This allows a continuous power 
draw of 3 amps per receptacle if all receptacles are used. All that 
power is packed into a very slim, tall package. The unit is 70 inches tall 
and only 2 inches deep (excluding the circuit breaker box). The vertical 
style mounting requires no rack space by allowing the unit to mount in 
the back or side of the cabinet (referred to as a 0U rackmount). The 
height of the unit allows it to evenly distribute power the length of the 
electronic cabinet. This places power outlets in line with the installed 
equipment, reduces cable clutter, and simplifies installation. 

The key advantage of the VPC3106 series over traditional rackmount 
power distribution is in the power density. Traditional power distribution 
is single phase and low amperage, 15 amps. The VPC3106 has the 
power to replace six of these traditional power distribution units. This 
reduces electrical wiring costs by reducing the number of circuits that 
need to be run. (Fewer wire pulls, fewer electrical boxes, and fewer cir- 
cuit breakers.) The cabinet installation is also simplified by replacing six 
cables with one larger cable. This power density is required for 
demanding applications such as blade servers, telecommunications, 
and broadcast equipment. 

The VPC3106 series is made with rugged steel and has a black finish. 
The unit is 68 inches tall without the mounting brackets and 70 inches 
with the standard brackets installed. (Optional brackets allow mount- 
ing to virtually any rack or any location.) The input power connector is 
a three-phase 120/208 volt 30 amp, NEMA L21-30P, connector. The 
VPC3106 series comes standard with a 15-foot power cable. There 
are three circuit breakers, each protecting a section of eight outlets. 
The circuit breakers meet UL and NEC requirements for branch circuit 
protection, ensuring safe and code-friendly installations. Each circuit breaker has an 
indicator light. To ensure secure connections, the VPC3106 is compatible with the 
cable restraint and management system KIT-CABLRES-23 (ordered separately). 

Starting at 




■ VPC3106 


w ww.pul izzi .com/ vpc 



Phase Power 

Same Day Shipping 
On In Stock Power 
Distribution Units 

(Orders placed by 12 PM Central) 


• Three phase input - up to 72 
amps single phase power! 

• Current meter allows phase 
balancing/full loading 

• Vertical strip requires no 
rack space - "0 "U mounting! 

• High power maximum density 

•120 volt and 208 volt 

ISO 9001:2000 

Made In The 

U.S.A. For 

Worldwide Use 







May 26, 2006 

j- Manufacturer Presentation . 

Physical - Power Management Advertisement 

Page 45 

The Smart Solution For Intelligent Power Management 



Dualcom™ Plus Features: 
A Cyber Breaker® for each outlet 
Monitor current on each outlet 
Turn each outlet on/off 
Schedule outlets on/off 
Web, Telnet, and SNMP management 
Manage users 
Login/password security 
Event logging 

Give outlets descriptive names 
Programmable stagger on/off times 
Over/Under current warnings 
Intuitive user interface 


With the growing power needs of data centers and the 
move to lights-out automation, close attention must be paid 
to the distribution of current from the branch circuit to the 
various equipment in the Rack. For example, we now have 
redundant power supplies, blade servers, pizza boxes, and 
terabyte storage networks all consuming a portion of the 
precious current available. 

The individual current monitoring provided by the 
Dualcom™ Plus product, an intelligent PDU, allows Cyber 
Switching to provide supplemental circuit breaker protection 
on an individual outlet basis. 

Protect your existing equipment by setting unused out- 
lets to trip when a minimum current is drawn. Prevent some- 
one from accidentally plugging in a device that would trip 
the branch circuit. 

Simply set the current limit and time delay and 
CyberBreaker® protects against losing the whole rack. Only 
the outlet with the current that goes over the preset limit will 
trip, protecting your IT investment. 

Are Cyber Breaker PDUs available? 

Cyber Switching Inc. is the only manufacturer to offer a 
PDU product that monitors current on each outlet in the PDU. The 
Dualcom product line offered by Cyber Switching incorporates a 
current transformer in each outlet and constantly monitors the cur- 
rent in that outlet. It also can turn on and off each outlet separate- 
ly. The current monitoring feature and the outlet switching capabil- 
ity have been available since the first Dualcoms were produced. 
Cyber Switching was able to make use of these by adding another 
feature in the Dualcom Plus that allows the user to set circuit 
breaker parameters. The Dualcom Plus uses these parameters to 
realize circuit breaker behavior on each outlet. 

What is the cost of downtime? It will vary for different appli- 
cations and only you can decide what it's worth to have tools that 
limit your exposure having down equipment. 

The Dualcom Plus lets you have a circuit breaker in each 
individual outlet. The benefit is you can take steps to avoid costly 
downtime in your network infrastructure. By setting limits on the 
current from each outlet, catastrophic equipment rack failures are 
less likely to occur. 

©2005 CyberSwitching, Inc 

Power Management 

Remote Power Switch 


Dual Bus 20 Amp Inputs 

Web Browser Access 

RS-232 Console Port 

Power-up Sequencing 

120VAC Models NEMA 5-15 Outlets 

208/230 VAC Models IEC-C13 Outlets 

Accepts Standard C-19 to L5/6-20P Cords 


d western" 

D telematic inc. 

5 Sterling 
Irvine, CA 92618 
Phone: (800) 854-7226 

Power Protection 
Ready for your own Hot Site? 

Can't stand the monthly recurring costs? 

30K UPS 

30K Coo ll 
5 Racks 

With the On-Demand System from APC, you can build your 
own data center or backup hotsite, at a fraction of the cost 
of traditional outsourced DR hotsites. 

Package including 30KVA UPS, 30KV of cooling, and five 
racks starting at $29,995. 

North American Access Technologies, Inc. 

Phone: (800) 392-3299 

Hawthorne, NY 10532 
Phone: (914)747-9705 

Power Protection 

Transfer Switch 

4 receptacles 
per side 

8 Receptacle Power Control / Monitoring w/Trans Switch 

• Current, Voltage, Power, and Temp Monitoring 

• Automatic Transfer Switch 

• RS232 or Network Interface 120/208VAC 10, 20, 30A Models 

• Turn On, Off, or Reboot any or All Receptacles 



5239 Avenue A 
Long Beach, MS 39560 
Phone: (800) 523-2702 
Fax: (228) 563-7335 

Power Protection 

a miui 

Provide redundant power to single-power supply servers 
Auto-switches to a secondary power source if the primary 
becomes unavailable 
Universal voltage: 120V or 208-240V 
Primary select switch to designate the primary & second- 
ary power feeds 
LED lights indicate which power source is in use 


Server Technology, Inc. 

1040 Sandhill Road 
Reno, NV 89511 
Phone: (775) 284-2000 
Fax: (775) 284-2065 

Power Protection 



N+X redundancy for both 
power and logic eliminates 
system- level failure 
Easily scalable to adapt to 
changing IT environments, 
add power/battery modules 
True double conversion 
online design 
Advanced Battery Mgmt. 
doubles battery service life 
Universal components fit in 
any order without impact- 
ing UPS operation 
Offering of power mgmt. 
software for data integrity 

2526 Manana Dr., Suite 102 
Dallas, Texas 75220 
Phone: (800) 706-7009 
Fax: (214)654-0083 

Racks & Cabinets 



19" Enclosure Cabinet 

► 42 U x 36" Deep 
» 4 Mounting Rails 

► Front and Rear Lockable 
Doors, choice of Solid, 
Tempered Glass or 

» 2 Removable and Lockable 
Side Panels 

► 4 Dual Wheels 

On Sale and ready to go! 

56-01 55th Avenue 
Maspeth, NY 11378 
Phone: (888) 222-7270 

WB KnOW YOU T6 DUSy That's Why We've Developed Articles 

That Won't Waste Your Time 

Check Processor Each Week For The Information You Need To Know 

• Product Releases & Overviews 

• Market & Technology News 

• Advice, Strategy & Tips From Experts 

It's all available both 
in print and online at! 

Processor and are available to anyone free of charge. Call (800) 819-9014 to subscribe to the weekly print 

Processor or go to to read articles and view thousands of products online. 

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_ Manufacturer Presentation . 

May 26, 2006 

Physical - Power Protection Advertisement 

The CoolAir DC is the first minute-for-minute alterna- 
tive to batteries for UPS and telecom applications. 
Active Power was the first company to market a family 
of viable battery-replacement products: the 
CleanSource DC and CleanSource UPS, which are 
based on flywheel technology. The flywheel products 
have proven rugged and reliable in a wide variety of 
applications, but their relatively short backup times 
(compared to batteries) have been perceived as a dis- 
advantage at sites where a backup generator is not 

The CoolAir DC is a completely new design that pro- 
vides ruggedness, reliability, and long backup times. 
The new product connects to a typical UPS exactly like 
a battery cabinet and provides exactly the same func- 
tionality, but without the unreliable performance and 
environmental issues of lead-acid batteries. 

<§ teflVB POWBP 







HOW does it WOrk? The CoolAir DC stores energy in the form of com- 
pressed air and heat. During a utility outage, the compressed air is routed through 
a Thermal Storage Unit (TSU) to acquire heat energy. The heated air spins a sim- 
ple turbine/alternator to produce electric power. The CoolAir DC also contains a 
small, continuous-duty flywheel to support the critical load during the brief period 
required for the turbine to spin up the speed. 


* Output 


The system is competitive in cost and footprint to quality batteries. The new sys- 
tem will handle the same challenging range of ambient temperatures and step- 
loads as the flywheel-based products. Unlike flywheels, however, a single 
CoolAir DC module can provide up to 15 minutes of backup power under full 
load. For lighter loads, CoolAir DC can be configured to provide hours of backup 

Active Power 

Contact: 512-836-6464 

_ Manufacturer Presentation . 

Physical - HVAC Advertisement 

Ceiling-Mounted Spot-Cooling Solution 

The CM12, a new ceiling-mounted pack- 
aged air conditioner; adding a space-sav- 
ing, quick, and easy spot-cooling solution 
to MovinCool's award-winning lineup of 
portable workplace air conditioning prod- 
ucts. Often the main roadblock to the effi- 
cient cooling of cramped server telecom 
and equipment rooms is the lack of floor 
space to accommodate a roll-in portable 
spot cooler. MovinCool has solved this 
problem with the CM12, a lightweight, 
space-saving, easy-to-install ceiling- 
mounted unit. 

The CM 12 delivers 10,500 Btu/H of cool- 
ing in a compact, self-contained unit that 
mounts easily with standard, off-the-shelf 
hardware above a standard drop ceiling 
and requires no special electrical connec- 
tions, saving time and money. 

"Saving space, time, and expense for 
spot cooling has become essential for 
many businesses with critical equipment 
operating in confined spaces with no ven- 
tilation or air conditioning," according to 
John Doran, manager of the MovinCool 
Department. "MovinCool pioneered the 
concept of workspace spot cooling with 
its portable units," Doran adds, "and now, 
with the CM 12, offers an out-of-the-way 
ceiling-mount solution that will certainly 
save our customers time and money, as 
well as space." 

The new CM 12 comes with a variety of 
built-in capabilities and safety features: 

• Built-in mounting brackets designed for 
off-the-shelf mounting hardware 

• Conveniently controlled by most off-the- 
shelf thermostats 

• Connects to the building control system 

• Works with fire alarm controls for safety 



The CM 12 has a wide operating range of 
60° to 95°F on the evaporator and 60° to 
1 1 3°F on the condenser. Built-in 1 0" sup- 
ply and return air flanges with 2.7" flange 
depth enable easy duct installation, 
improved air circulation, and more effi- 
cient cooling. 

Warning signals and audible alarms for 
condensation overflow and unscheduled 
shutdown are built-in and can be wired to 
a central location. Standard internal pump 
is included. 

In addition to the CM12, MovinCool offers 
the Office Pro lineup, a seamless series 
of portable spot-cooling solutions that will 
fit any requirement. MovinCool portable 
spot-cooling solutions offer more units, 
more power, more protection, more 
affordability, and higher cooling capaci- 
ties than most comparable portable air 
conditioners up to 60,000 BTU/h. 

Companies looking for additional informa- 
tion and advice on portable spot cooling 
and the MovinCool lineup of air condition- 
ing units can visit the MovinCool Web site 
at or 
contact the company by phone. 

Phone: (800) 264-9573 

Racks & Cabinets 




Hergo iRack Relay Rack 
4 Post 19" Relay Rack 

► Vertical Mounting Space: 
12U, 26U, 42U 

► Offered in 3 Depths: 
24", 30", 36" Deep 

► 4 Heavy- Duty Steel 

► 4 Gliders 

► Ships Knock-Down 

► Easy to Assemble 

56-01 55th Avenue 
Maspeth, NY 11378 
Phone: (888) 222-7270 
Fax: (888)410-0671 

Racks & Cabinets 


The Secure Laptop/ 
Notebook Cabinet (SLNC) 

fully powered cabinet is 
designed to house up to 18 
laptops/notebooks with inter- 
nal power bars for charging. 
The unit even has a network 
capability for Internet 
updates while secured. 
These cabinets come with a 
two-piece all-steel tambour 
door, a lock with two keys, 
and a power bar for keeping 
each laptop fully charged. 
For More Information, Visit: 

Information Support Concepts, nc 

714 N. Watson Road, Suite 302 
Phone: (800) 458-6255 

Arlington, TX 76011 

Racks & Cabinets 


4-Post Server Rack 
19" or 23" EIA Rack Rails 

• Expandable Depth 
From 27"D to 45"D 

• 1 0/32 Tapped or Square 
Hole Rack Rails 

• 40U, 44U, 48U Sizes 

• Black Powder Coat Finish 

To Learn More, Visit: 

Information Support Concepts,^ 

714 N. Watson Road, Suite 302 
Phone: (800) 458-6255 

Arlington, TX 76011 

Racks & Cabinets 



Low Profile 
Server Cabinet 

• Available in variety of sizes: 
6U, 9U, 12U, 15U, or18U 

• Cabinet depth choice of 
32"D or 39"D 

• Quick-release reversible 
hinged doors 

• Universal rack rails fit all 
major brand servers 

• Vented top and bottom 
panel with cable plate 

• Leveling feet 

To Learn More, Visit: 

Information Support Concepts,!^ 

714 N. Watson Road, Suite 302 
Phone: (800) 458-6255 

Arlington, TX 76011 

Racks & Cabinets 



where customer service matters 

This unique 19" wallmount 
rack provides a generous 
30" or 23" useable depth 
and has universal rack 
rails. It's available in 41), 
6U, and 8U and is perfect for 
IBM, Dell, Compaq, HP, and 
other rackmount servers. 
This rack allows mounting of 
equipment in a vertical 
"knobs up" fashion (visualize 
a pendaflex hanging folder). 
The equipment mounts to 
the backpan for even weight 

Satisfaction Guaranteed 

915 S. Jupiter Rd. 
Garland, TX 75042 
Phone: (866) 207-6631 
Fax: (972) 276-6484 






Technical Workstations 

• Pre-configured or Made to 
Order Units 

• Heavy-duty 11 -Gauge Steel 
Frames, Legs and Shelf 

• Frame Sizes: 72" or 84"H, 
24, 30 or 36"W 

• High-Pressure Laminated 

• Cable and Power 
Management Options 

• Flat Panel or CRT Monitor 
Mounting Solutions 

• Nationwide Delivery and 

56-01 55th Avenue 
Maspeth, NY 11378 
Phone: (888) 222-7270 
Fax: (888)410-0671 

May 26, 2006 

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C©MFir?liSTjG©lI e 

Home ' My Account I Sign Out ' View Cart 

User: Guest ' ttems: 0. Total: $0,00 

All Products "p-|l^ <s ' Networking Printers rer:; - :s Cameras Computers Soft 


With 10 Years of Experience in the 
E-Commerce Market, We Offer: 

50,000 unique products ready to ship today 

1 20 unique categories of computer and consumer 

electronic products 

97% "same day" order fulfillment rate 

Fast and reliable return and exchange process 

Same Day Processing time for Government and 

Educational Orders 

International Shipping 

Wholesale price discounts 

Largest selection of hard-to-find and obsolete products 

^elephone sales and tech support 

Corporate, Gov't & Educational PO's Welcomed. 
GSA Contract GS-35F-0097M 


15" 3M MicroTouch M150 FPD LCD Monitor $480 

17" HP /Compaq 1720 LCD 1280x1024 $190 

17" Sharp LCD 1280x1024 0.26mm $186 

20" Sharp TFT LCD 1600x1200 60Hz .25mm LL-T2000A .$525 

HP Home Cinema EP7120 DLP Digital Projector $965 

HP Instant Cinema Digital Projector ep9010 DLP L1690A .$999 
HP Home Cinema Digital Projector ep71 1 DLP Projector L1 688A $950 


IDE Hard Drives 

1 - 30gb IDE $ Check Web 

40 / 80gb IDE 5400/7200RPM $38/53 

120/160gb IDE 5400/7200RPM $59/69 

180/250gb IDE 7200RPM $85/99 

SCSI Hard Drives 

18gb U160 10K SCSI 80pin / 68pin / FC $36 - 69 

36gb U160/U320 10K/15K68, 80, FC $40/150 

73gb U160/U320 10K/15K68, 80, FC $170 / 299 

146gb/300gb 10K/15K U32068, 80pin $269/700 

ST373405LC/LW / ST37307LC/LW / ST373453LC/LW .$1 70/1 99/299 

146gb U360 ST3146807LC / LW $319/419 

Notebook HDDs 

HDD under 10gb Check Web 

Hitachi /IBM 20gb/30gb/40gb $49/57 

Toshiba / Fujitsu 30gb / 40gb $49 / 57 

Hitachi / IBM 60gb / 80gb $79 / 99 

Toshiba / Fujitsu 60gb / 80gb $87 / 1 01 

Visit Our Web Site For 
Complete Selection of Hard Drives! 


Panasonic ToughBook CF-29 PM 

1.4GHz 256MB 60GB WLAN 13.3" XGA $3,600 

HP Compaq NR3600P-M 

1.7GHz, 40GB, 512MB, 12" XP Pro $1,450 

HP nc6000 P-M 

1 .7GHz, 40GB, 512MB, Combo WLAN, 14"XP $999 

HP nc8200 P-M 

1 .7GHz, 40GB, 512MB, DVD-CDRW, WLAN, 15.4"WXGAXP .$1 ,380 

We Have a Large Selection of Notebooks 
Low Price Guaranteed! 


IBM xSeries365 

Xeon MP/3.0GHZ (2P) 4MB 2GB 24x U320 88626RX . .$13,000 

IBM BladeCenter HS20 

Xeon 3.2GHz, 800MHz, 1GB PC2 3200 NIC 884321 U . . . .$890 

HP ProLiant ML350G3 

Xeon 2.8GHz, 256MB Rack Server $950 

HP ProLiant BL30P 

3.2GHz (2P) 2MB, 1GB ILO Rackmount Blade Server . . .$2,900 


DT Twr P4 3.0GHz, 51 2MB, 40GB, 48x Eth WXPP 81 894CU .$735 

IBM IntelliStation M Pro 6230 

3.0Ghz 2GB 36GB SCSI Quadro FX3000 $1 ,999 


3200+ 2.0GHz 80GB SATA 1GB DDR 400 CD Rmkt PC . . .$700 





EXB-8900 Tape Drive 8mm Tape 20GB/40GB Int SCSI . . .$490 
35/70GB Quantum DL7000 Ext SE SCSI P/N TH6BE-YF . .$349 
IBM Tape Drive DAT 120/240GB 6x20/40GB Int SCSI 00N7992 Call 


StorageWorks ESL9595 Tape Drive Lib 330833-B21 . .$67,000 
StorageWorks Ultrium 230 Ext Rckmnt Drive Q1 51 7A .$1 ,290 
SureStore DLT8000 Tape Drive SCSI LVD Rack Opt C6529A$1 ,500 

SureStore DLT8000 Tape Drive C6387A $1,900 

HP LTO Ultrium 460 Array Tape Drive Q1512A $3,200 

Compaq MSL5000 LTO Ultrium 301901-B21 $2,200 

StorageWorks Ultrium 960 Tape Dr400GB/800GB Q1538A $2,400 

SureStore DLT4000 SCSI SE Narr 20/40GB C5697A $720 

StorageWorks DAT 40x6i Autoloader SCSI 20/40GB Q1550A $2,000 

StorageWorks Ultrium 960 400/800GB Q1540A $2,999 

Compaq DLT8000 Wide SCSI 40/80GB 154873-001 $995 

We sell HP, Compaq, IBM. 
Call us or go to our site for more! 



16/32mb Matrox G450 Dual PCI $65/79 

1 6 / 32mb Matrox G450 Dual AGP $23 / 41 

32mb Matrox G200 Quad PCI $155 

128mb Matrox G450 Quad PCI $565 

64mb Quadro4 280NVS / 400NVS Pel $1 25 / 280 

64mb Quadro4 380XGL / 750XGL AGP $55 / 270 

64mb Quadro4 200NVS / 280NVS AGP $35 / 65 

128mb Quadro4 900XGL/980XGLAGP $290/395 

128mb Quadro FX1000 / FX1100 AGP $375/410 

128mb Quadro FX1300 / FX1400 $399/550 

256mb Quadro FX3000 / FX3400 $599 / 989 

208mb 3Dlabs Wildcat III 6110 AGP $190 

128mb 3Dlabs Wildcat 4 7110 AGP $450 

128mb ATI V3100/V5100 PCI-E $165/475 


Canon Imageprograf W7200 Printer Color Inkjet Kit . . . .$3,300 
HP DesignJet 800PS 42IN 1200dpi 160MB Par USB . . .$3,350 

HP OfficeJet 7130 Color C8389A $310 

HP LaserJet 9065MFP Laser Printer/Copier/Scanner Q3632A $5,1 00 
HP LaserJet 4250DTNSL 220V Laser Printer Q5404A#AK2 $999 
HP LaserJet 41 01 mfp MultiFunction B/W25ppm C9149A .$1,400 

HP LaserJet 2300N Laser Printer Q2473A $650 

HP LaserJet 3020 All-in-One Q2665A $220 

HP ScanJet 5550C 2400dpi 48bit USB $165 

HP 9200C Digital Sender Flatbed/Sheetfed Scanner Q591 6A $1 ,850 

Epson TM H6000II Receipt Printer Thermal Line $520 

Samsung ML-1710 Laser Printer $70 

Canon DR 9080C 600dpi 24bit USB2/UltraSCS 8926A002AB $5,500 
Xerox Print Server for Phaser Ethernet 1 0/1 00 RJ45 097S03099 .$450 
Okidata Black Toner Cartridge for B4200 Printer 42103001 $21 
Canon EP 82 Toner/Drum Cartridge 1 50000 Pages 516A002AA . . .$85 
HP 250 Sheet Paper Tray for InkJet 1 1 0Od Printer C8236A .$50 
HP 2x500 Sheet Feeder/Paper Tray w/Wheels for LJ4650 Q3674A $270 
HP 3-Bin Mailbox/Stapler for the LaserJet 4345mfp Q5692A $220 
HP Multi-Function Finisher for LJ 9000 9050 9500 C8088B $1 ,400 


3COM Modules / Hubs / Switches 

3C16683, 3C16684, 3C16685 $18/160/70 

3C16686, 3C16805, 3C16810 $35/59/70 

3C16960, 3C16971, 3C16975 $80/111/190 

3C1 6976, 3C1 6977, 3C1 6978 $55 / 1 45 / 240 

3CGBIC91, 3CGBIC92 $170/185 

3C16610, 3C16611, 3C16665A $165/125/620 

3C16951, 3C16954, 3C16980 $115/105/175 

3C16980A, 3C16981, 3C16981A $350/250/480 

3C16982, 3C16984, 3C16985 $1,300/160/240 

3C16985A, 3C16986A, 3C16987 $260/290/590 

3C16988, 3C16988A, 3C17705 $650/410/520 

HP / HP Jet Direct Print Servers 

J3112A/J3113A/J3110A $19/114/109 

J3111A /J2550 /J2550A $109/40/59 

J2550B/J2552/J2552B $73/75/65 

J2555A/J2585A/J2585B $7/25/35 

J41 00A / J41 01 B / J41 06A $38 / 1 45 / 80 

J4111A/ J4112A/ J4169A $75/175/165 

J6057A/J7934A/J7942A $211/82/215 

J2591A/J3258/J2591A $82/115/82 

J3265A/J4154A $211 /32 

Procurve Module J4111A / J4113A $92/520 

Procurve Module J4844A / J4845A $1,800/1,500 


PCI Host Adapter Copper QLA220033 / QLA220066 . $1 95 / 320 

FC-AL 1.06GBP QLA2202FCK $1,450 

FC-AL 1GBPS FIBER PCI QLA2200F33/QLA2200F66 .$470 375 
FIBRE ADAPTERS QLA2202F33 / QLA2200F66 . . . .$460 / 450 

QLA-2204F QLA2204F/66 $550 

QLA21 0033 /QLA21 0066 $195/300 

Cisco Routers /Modules 

Switch WSC29501 2 / WSC295224 $550 / 595 

Routers CISC01 721 / CISCO2610XM $670/1327 

Routers CISC0261 1 XM / CISC0261 1 XMVCCME .$1 ,640 / 31 48 

GIGABIT Module WSG5483/WSG5484 $108/55 

GIGABIT Module WSG5486/WSG5487 $104/425 

LAN Adapter GLCSXMM/GLCLHSM $171/195 

Sony 650MB Magneto Optical Drive SCSI 5.25" SMOD50121 $20 
12x Sony CD-ROM SCSI Internal Beige Bezel CDU415 ... .$19 

10x HP DVD Drive SCSI Internal C7499A $250 

16x HP DVD+/- RW Dual Layer Internal $35 

8x HP DV300i DVD+RW Internal IDE $37 

16x Samsung Dual Layer DVD+RW IDE Internal $57 

52x32x52x1 6x Teac CDRW/DVD IDE Internal $27 

2x Panasonic DVD-RAM IDE Internal LF-D111 $19 

2.4x2.4x8 Ricoh DVD+RW IDE Internal RW5125A/MP5125A .$18 

256 / 512 / 1gb Compact Flash $20 / 34 / 59 

256/512/1gb Memory Stick $37/64/98 

256 / 512mb / 1gb Secure Digital $13/19/31/57 

1 28 / 256 / 51 2mb/ 1 gb Multimedia Card ... .$1 6 / 25 / 42 / 71 
64mb / 256mb / 51 2mb USB 2.0 Flash Drive ... .$13 / 15 / 33 
1gb / 2gb / 4gb USB 2.0 Flash Drive $61 / 118 / 228 


We Carry all Types and Brands of MEMORY AND CPUs 
Please visit our WEB to check 

HP StorageWorks ESL9595 P/N 330833-B21 

External Tape Library -400 Slots 

MSRP $112,000 

Market Price $75,000 

CompuVest Price . . $67,000 

Status LCD (touch screen) 

Modules (16 Max) 

Width 60"; Depth 29"; Height 75" 

Compatibility: PC /Unix 

Removeable Media Capacity: 400 

Expansion/Connectivity: SCSI - 68 pin HD D-Sub 

(HD-68); 1x serial RS-232C - 9 pin D-Sub (DB-9) 

Compatible Bays: 16 x Hot-Swap 

MTBF: 250,000 hours 

Compliant Standards: CE, FCC Class A Certified, 

CSA, UL, CISPR 22 Class A, cUL, DHHS, EN 

60950, EN 61000-3-2, EN50082, EN55022, 

IEC950, NEMKO, IEC 825-1/EN 60825-1 Class 1, 


Power Supply 

Voltage Required: AC 1 10/230 V (50/60 Hz) 

Power Consumption Operational: 1600 Watt 

Manufacturer Warranty: Service & Support 

(Limited warranty - parts and labor - 1 year on-site - 

Response Time: 1 Day) 


Subscribe Today! 

Call (800) 819-9014 



Go to 

www. regentsales . com 


Fax: (8 1 7) 249-9069 









1 5K, 1 46GB HDD Pluggable 347708-B2 1 

I5K, 72GB HDD Pluggable 

I5K, 72GB HDD Pluggable 

I OK, 300GB Pluggable 

I OK, 300GB Pluggable 

I OK, 146GB Pluggable 

I OK, 146GB Pluggable 


FCA22 1 4 2GB 64BIT 1 33MHZ PCI-X 28 1 54 1 -B2 1 

48 Port 10/100 Switch Enhanced OsWS-C2950G-48-EI 

24 Port 10/100 Switch Enhanced OsWS-C2950G-24-EI 

LT03 Data Cartridges D2406-LTO3 

SDLT Media Bar Code Reader SG-XBARCODES-L8 

Regent Sales, Inc., Your "On Target" 
Choice For New, Used & Refurb Equipment 














authorized reseller 


Cisco jitim 

ProLiant • Alpha • StorageWorks • El 


Quality • Integrity • Value 



Parts and 



■ ty Tally Genicom" 




; f \jj Computer Solution* 

New and 


Okidata and 





New and 


Wyse Winterm 

Thin Clients 

-fOLL^llH ?J0L)-4U-Mi4U'J 

Page 48 

May 26, 2006 

Vibrant May Specials: 


A9B96A 36GB 1 5K Ui_TRA320 HdtPlug DISK DRIVE :: $295 

DL3B5 DPTERDN 2BD, DUAL CORE 2.4GHZ, 4GB, 4x146GB :: $5,6DD 





1-24-SMI Cisco 

2 4PT 1D/1DD 


DS-C95C9 Director Switch, dual sup, dual pwr :: $1 2,DDD 
WS-SUP72D Catalyst 65DD/76DD sup engine :: $1 1 ,5DD 

PSERIES 650, 4X1.45GHZ, BGB, 4x73GB :: $22,7DD 
7D25-F5D 4X332MHZ, 2GB, 6x9GB :: $1,C5C 
7D43-15D 375MHZ, 1GB, 2X1BGB " $1,1DG 



2BDR Sun Server 2x9DDMhz, 2GB, 2x36GB, DVD :: $1 ,45G 





www.vibrant.cdm 952.653.1 7DD sales@vibrant.ddm 


Experts in the Market 

Buy • Sell • Lease • Repair 

Large Inventory & Same Day Shipping 


Cisco Systems Catalyst Series Switches 

Access Servers 
PIX Firewalls 
Network Modules 
Port Adapters 

We are also Market Experts selling: 

SUN, HP9000 8 IBM RS/6OO0 pSeries 

1 .800. 546. 2582 

1-763-475-2900 Fax: 1-763-475-0409 

Alta Technologies, Inc. • 3850 Annapolis Lane, Suite 100 • Plymouth, MN 55447 

Technologies HP Sales and Rentals 
Toll Free: 888-883-0360 








C6751A OfficeJet K80XI $85 

C8392A 7110X1 AIO $145 

LaserJet 4600 $750 

DesignJet 1550CM+ 36" $6,995 

. C6075B 

Q1 273A DesignJet 4000 42" $8,995 

C1 31 6A 91 00C Digital Sender $1 ,1 95 

Q591 6A 9200C Digital Sender $1 ,975 

C6074B DesignJet 1 050C+ 36" $5,495 

Color LaserJets 

LaserJet 8500DN $1 ,895 

LaserJet 8000DN $495 

LaserJet 4600DN $750 

LaserJet 2500L $345 

LaserJet 4550N $545 

LaserJet 4550DN $650 

LaserJet 8550DN $1 ,495 

LaserJet 5500N $2,350 

LaserJet 9500N $4,750 

LaserJet 9500HDN $5,500 

LaserJet 5500DTN $2,495 

LaserJet 5500HDN $2,795 

LaserJet 3500N $695 

LaserJet 3700N $1 ,295 

LaserJet 1500L $395 

LaserJet 4650DN $2,095 

LaserJet 2550L $275 

LaserJet 5550DTN $3,375 


Q 1254 V 
Q 1274V 


DesignJet 750C+ 36" $1,895 

DesignJet 755CM 36" $2,095 

DesignJet 800PS 42" $4,795 

DesignJet 1055CM 36" $4,995 

DesignJet 2000CP 36" $1 ,995 

DesignJet 5000PS 42" $5,295 

DesignJet 5500PS 60" $11,995 

DesignJet 4000PS 42" $10,995 

Call for all New and Used 
HP Equipment! 

• All above equipment is refurbished and 
carries a 90-day parts & labor warranty. 

• Visa, MasterCard & American Express accepted. 

• Many orders shipped the same day! 

LaserJets ^ 

LaserJet4 $175 

LaserJet 4+ $195 

LaserJet 4M+ $325 

LaserJet 5SI $495 

LaserJet 5SI MX $495 

LaserJet 5 $250 

LaserJet 5M $295 

LaserJet 5000 $695 

LaserJet 4000 $295 

LaserJet 4000N $325 

LaserJet 4050T $395 

LaserJet 4050TN $445 

LaserJet 81 50 $595 

LaserJet 8150N $595 

LaserJet 8150DN $795 

LaserJet 4100 $495 

LaserJet 4100N $595 

LaserJet 4100TN $695 

LaserJet 4100DTN $895 

LaserJet 9000DN $2,795 

LaserJet 9000MFP $4,795 

LaserJet 3300MFP $325 

LaserJet 41 00MFP $1,295 

LaserJet 51 00 $895 

LaserJet 51 OOTN $1,095 

LaserJet 4200 $695 

LaserJet 4200N $795 

LaserJet 4200DTN $1,295 

LaserJet 4300N $1 ,095 

LaserJet 9050DN $2,995 

LaserJet 4345MFP $2,250 


360 Technologies Inc. 

15401 Debba Drive Austin, TX 78734 

Toll Free: 888-883-0360 Tel: 512-266-7360 Fax:512-266-7366 IM:HPat360 

May 26, 2006 

Page 49 



Fax 770-931-9416 

4295-E International Blvd. • Norcross, GA 30093 

AlphaServer GS160 

Base System for Open VMS 

• DY-160CG-AA 

• One Alpha 21264 Processor 1224 MHz 

• Four Quad Building Blocks 

• One 14-Slot PCI Shelf 

• OpenVMS Operating System License 


• Additional 1224 MHz CPU w/SMP 

• Additional Memory 

• Additional PCI Shelves 

• Additional PCI Options 

Inventory Specials: 


1 GHz ES80/ES47 CPU Board In Stock - $5,000 Each 


2GB RDRAM Memory (4x512) Option ES80/ES47 In Stock - $2,250 Each 


ES45 68/1000 Model 2, 1GB In Stock - Call 


DS15 1GB CPU Board In Stock - Call 

VAX 4108 /MICRO VAX 3100/98 

128 , 4 GIG, CD, In Stock In Stock - Call 

Authorized COMPAQ® Reseller 





EMC 1 OS 16; 


► $2M in Inventory: SAN components, Disk 
Drives, HBAs, Switches, Tape Drives 

► Storage Subsystems, Arrays, and more! 

► Same-day shipments! 

► EMC Certified Sales Professionals 

► In-house integration staff 

► Fully-tested equipment with manufacturer 
class warranties 

► We BUY excess equipment! 

Contact Sean Brady for more information: 


One. Soutce.-.'lCJI Al. ftnlul 

;bster Street, Hanover MA 02339 


We've been providing dependable computer solutions for over 20 years! 

About Security Computer Sales! 

• Best overall value 

• More than Great Prices 

• We're easy to do business with 

• Priced right to save you money 

• Best warranties in the business 

• It's SCS for service that never quits 

• The right place to buy, sell and trade 

• The best deals on your old equipment 

• SCS equals "Superior Customer Satisfaction" 

Blowout Prices 

X7051 2GB Kit $250 X7056A 4GB Kit $1200 

Ultra 2 Dual 300MHz CPU, Dual 9.1 GB HD, Creator 3d, 256MB RAM $175 

Ultra 60 Dual 450MHz CPU, Dual 18.2GB HD, Elite 3D, 512MB RAM $450 

540-4934 SUNFIRE 4 x 900MHz/8MB Cache UNIBOARD $1500 

540-5605 SUNFIRE 4 x1.2GHz/8MB Cache UNIBOARD $4500 

E250/E220R Dual 400MHz CPU, Dual 18.GB HD, 32-Bit PGX, 512MB RAM $1500 

2595 Fairview Ave N 
Saint Paul, MN 55113-2616 
Phone: (800) 839-5683 

We carry a Wide variety of 


HP, DELL & COMPAQ products 

>i- u 2^ 











"ESI Performance" 

• Experience 

• Synergy 

• Innovation 




Cisco Systems 





• Enterprise Back-up & Recovery Services 

• New and Re-Certified Equipment Options 

• Hardware, Software and Professional Service 

• SAN and NAS Sales and Technical Expertise 


• Oracle and Veritas Certified Reseller 

• Sun-Certified Technical Staff 

• Workstations to Enterprise Class Servers 

• Disaster Recovery Service Provider 

HP 9000 

• HP-Certified Technical Staff 

• Flexible Financing Alternatives 

• Veritas and Tivoli Implementation Expertise 

• Workstations, Servers, Parts and Peripherals 


• New and Re-Certified Brocade, McData Reseller 

• SAN Certified Technical Staff 

• SAN Design and Professional Services 

• SAN Configuration and Qualification Lab 


• Authorized Cisco Reseller 

• Cisco-Certified Technical Staff 


Network Design and Professional Services 
Switches, Routers, VPN, Securtiy, Access Products^ 


3989 County Road 116 • Hamel, MN 55340 
Main: 763.516.6500 • Fax: 763.516.6555 • 


#1 Global Source for 
Nortel Networks 




AL201 2E34 470-48T $1 ,595.00 

AL1001E03 5510-48T $3195.00 

AL2033005 450-1 SX $1 69.00 

DS1 404025 8691 SF $1 595.00 

DS1 404090 8691 SF $3295.00 

DS 1 404035 8648TXE $2295.00 

DS1 40401 1 861 6SXE $3495.00 

Largest inventory of switches, routers, hubs in America 
Up to 80% off LIST PRICES • Full Warranty on all Products 

We Buy and Sell New and Used 
Network Equipment 



Cisco Systems 



Brand names and products in this ad are trademarks of their 
respective companies, nrs is not affiliated with companies 

Best Pricing 

Nortel Cisco 

Memory Upgrades 

NRS Professional 

Services offers 

consulting & 

integration services 

on a project or 

hourly basis - 



5 800-503-1349 

Network Resource Solutions, Inc. 


Page 50 

May 26, 2006 

e Purchase 

Sell your excess or obsolete DRAM 

based inventory simply, efficiently and 

maximum recoveries. 

Micro Memory Bank, Inc. 

ISO 9001: 2000 Certified 

ypfe E.L.I. 

■ sun microsystems 1 

Sun Fire 

Sun Blade 


331 0/3510 Array 





Entry/Midrange Servers 

1 Call for a Quote Today! 1 

1* Quick Shipping 

1 • In-house Technical Staff 

1* International Shipping 

Phone 800-447-1156 
Fax 617-354-1417 

288 Norfolk Street 
Cambridge, MA 021 39 

For our complete 

online catalog 

go to 


Comm. Gear 
Memory/ Disks 

1 CISCO 1 


Catalyst Series Switches 

Network Modules 

Pix Firewalls 

Port Adapters 

VPN+ Security Product 

Computer Connection 

of Central NewYorl 

of Central New York, Ina 

For all your IT Network & Security Needs 



Cisco Systems 


raimnBTT Array Networks BLUE-ARC. 



Phone: (978)534-2074 

Fax: (978)534-5574 



42 Jungle Road, Leominster MA 01453 


• Immediate Availabiltiy 
• Lowest Prices • Blind Shipment 


A minority owned business 




Marketing, Inc. 

Voice 972-564-3087 • Fax 972-564-5027 
Toll Free 800-856-21 1 1 • 

Providing sales and depot maintenance on 
point-of-sale, barcoding/scanners and peripherals. 

- Sell - Repair 


LS3200-E2R Symbol Handheld Scanner 
CRD2x00-1000M Symbol Cradle (PPT2700/2800) 

CRD81 00-1 200M Symbol Cradle for the 81 00 
CRD9000-4000E Symbol 4 Slot E'net Cradle (PDT9000) 

Symbol LCD Displays 

PPT2800* PDT8100 

Sharp LCD Displays 

LM64P83L • LM7MS623 

Mainframe • Midrange • POS • Depot Maintenance Programs 

Authorized Reseller for OEM Batteries • Call for a Price Quote! 

For champagne service on a beer budget, 

investigate depot maintenance from a proven provider. 

Contact Jim Lewis or Laurie Ortiz @ 1-800-856-21 1 1 


Media Recovery 

Supplies, Services & Solutions 
www. mediarecovery. com 


All Magnetic Tape Media 

9840 • 3590 • LTO • DLT • SDLT 

Please Call Al Bass 

Phone: 214-905-1882 

$$ CASH $$ 

KB1 hewlett " v 


Global Printer Services 

5980 Executive Dr. 
Madison, Wl 53719 





HP LJ 1100 $159 HP LJ 4250IS 

HP LJ 1300 $249 HP LJ 4500 i 

HP LJ 2100 . $199 HP LJ 4550; 






.$1,1 5C 


HP LJ 2300 $399 HP LJ 4600. 


HP LJ 2300D $479 HP LJ 5000 

HP LJ 2300DN $599 HP LJ 5000IS 

HP LJ 4000 $275 HP LJ 5Si .. 

HP LJ 4000N $399 HP LJ 5SiM> 

HP LJ 4000T $300 HP LJ 5SiNx 

HP LJ 4000TN $449 HP LJ 8000 

HP LJ 4050 $329 HP LJ 8000IS 

HP LJ 4050N $429 HP LJ 8000C 

HP LJ 4050T $299 HP LJ 8100 

HP LJ 4050TN $429 HP LJ 8100IS 

HP LJ 4100 $359 HP LJ 8100C 

HP LJ 4100N $499 HP LJ 8150 

HP LJ 4200 $849 HP LJ 8150IS 

HP LJ 4250 $829 HP LJ 8150C 









800 - 588 - 3554 or 608 - 268 - 4300 

Fax: 608-268-4343 • E-mail: 

If you think we lool good ii 
priit, null love oor 

web sitel 

The Web site provides 
the most up-to-date information on 
computer equipment for sale. 

Search for equipment by entering the part 
number or the make, model, or 
description for a quick search. 
Or click a manufacturer name 
and browse the list of products. 

Post your own computer 
equipment For-Sale Listing. 

Post a Want-To-Buy 
Message if you can't find 
what you're looking for. 

Hosting Or Hiring 

Out Your Enterprise's t- 

Web Site r "n 







TW-Axi • IGP ™ 

QMS® Maqnum® 

Datdj Reliance 

Y@w RiBUMbll 


Ph: 574-935-9550 Fx: 574-935-9555 


Worldwide Provider of Network Hardware since 1981 




BAT Electronics 

Bay Networks 



Commworks/US Robotics 

Digital Link 

General DataComm 

Hull Speed 







Call us today for 
YOUR solutions 




NBase Xyplex 

Nortel Networks 





sets us apart. 

WR Consultant A 
is committed to provide ALL you' 
network ha r d ware needs, Rely or our expertise 
to provide Enc-to^End WAN Solutions, 

Visit us onl 
for weekly 

In July 2006, 

NETAPP will 

no longer support 

F720 and F760 

Zerowait provides Network Appliance 

customers with a reliable alternative to NetApp's 

high cost of legacy service, support and upgrades. 

Call us today for a competitive quote! 

Processor Special 

$14,500 per head 

Buy two heads and get 
Cluster SW licenses FREE! 

Toil-Free: 888.81 1.0808 




Iz-^HQE 1 ! > Airwave 

Cisco Systems 

bluesocket /& 


Nortel BPS 2000 switch 

NLE Good as New $395.00 



The Enterprise Mobility Company" 

• Trade-ins welcome! 

1 Authorized service 

contracts available 

• Full Warranty on all products! 

• Role- Based networking experts! 

• Proactive threat management! 


Call for Free Quote! (888-852-6926} 


Visit Us On the Web At: Fax Equipment List To 801 -377-0078 

May 26, 2006 

Come to the Source 

Supporting Leading Suppliers for 20 years 
Sun - Cisco - HP - Hitachi 

1 .800.250.5858 

Sales • Service • Support • Maintenance • Repair 

Sales Phone: 408.779.4115 • Sales Fax: 408.825.1690 
Visit our NEW site @ 

un Valley Technical Repair, Inc. 

15555 Concord Circle Morgan Hill CA, 95037-5494 





Fax: 609-586-7581 


3590E's • 9840's • 9940's • LTO's 

Round Reel Tape • 9 Track • 3490E • 
DLT's: TK50's • TK70's • TK§5's • TK88's 

7A Marlen Drive Robbinsville, NJ 08691 

Page 51 


New/Used/Pulls • Notebook/Desktop/Servers 
All interfaces and capacities 

818-718-6900 Ph, 818-718-6100 Fax 

email: or 


Your Leading Independent Reseller 

Since 1987 



PH: 508-230-3700 
FAX: 508-238-8250 

DEC • Compaq • HP 
Cisco • Extreme • Sun 





Since 1995 

Fax: 3 1 0-643-604 1 

1 1904 South La Cienega Boulevard • Hawthorne, CA 90250 


Routers • Switches • Hubs • Network Modules • Server Options 
Cisco • Extreme • Foundry • HP • IBM 


3 Information 

We Buy, Sell and Lease IBM 
AS/400 • RS/6000 • Servers 
System Upgrades 
Advanced 36 Systems 
Tape Subsystems 
Printers, Terminals, Modems 
21 Years Experience 

Ph: (877) 715-3686 as J 
Fx: (405) 715-3682 S§l 
www. itechtrading. com 

We Also Buy 
All Other 
Brands of 





■ _j.v m.m . - -_ OKI DATA 

Parts, Whole 

Units and 



Ph: 918-234-1200 
Fx: 918-234-1276 


1191, 1192 
1472, 1481 
1482, 1483 
1488, 1489 


287, 387 
1187, 1234 
1387, 1324 

L & L Systems 

104 South 109th E. Place, Tulsa OK 74128 

IBM • Compaq • Apple • Sun • HP • DEC • EMC • SGI 




Memory Wanted! 

Buy "vwsiNTHi» 0mups **Km,Ms> Sell 

We want to buy any and all of your memory. 
Call us today! 

P.239-354-1230 F:239-354-1232 

SO-DIMMs • SDRAM • FPM • DDR • Chips On Board 


>• INC. 

urce, Inc. 

We Do: 

• Fast, Safe & Reliable! 

• No Files - No Charge. 

• Free Evaluation. 

• Data Guarantee. 


We Repair, Buy & Sell: 



• Drop / Blind Shipments. 

)• Corporation, School and 
Gov't PO's Welcome. 
• Guarranty low prices 

WWW.kdsdriveS.COin email: 




Offering unbeatable solutions for: 

IBM AS/400 (iSeries) 

IBM RS/6000 (pSeries) 

Sun Microsystems 


Cisco Systems 

Buy, Sell, Lease L Rent - New L Used 


Ph: 770-738-1 101 -Fax: 770-738-1 1 10 • 




Ph: 770.840.8994 • Fax 770.840.9228 • 

IBM iSeries • IBM pSeries • Sun • HP9000 • Cisco 

We Buy, Sell, Lease and Provide Short and Long Term Rentals 

90 Day Warranty on All Refurbished Systems, Memory, Disk & Parts 

Call Us To Save Up To 90% On Used Certified Equipment! 

Call ISM for ALL your Midrange Computer Needs! 

Millions of Items.... WWW.linCOCOIHputer.COIH 

[ Home ] [Inventory] [ Sales If Repair ][ Policies ][ Contact | 


Check Out Our website - 

Call if you do not see what you are looking for! 

Depot Repair for Monitors, Terminals, Printers 
PC's, and Laptops 

281 -893-8880 Fax: 281-893-8897 


HEH PayPal 


Processor's dedication to the data center/IT industry extends far beyond this weekly print 
publication. Our Web site,, has a number of great features you can 
rely on to help simplify your technology and product research and buying decisions. 

Processor Showcase 

You should be familiar with the print edition of our Showcase advertising section— it's the section beginning on page 5 of this issue 
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electronic counterpart with hundreds more products we can't fit in print. 

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Products, News & Inf ormatio 


mu — ' 


The Processor Showcase section features new products and 
DDf V ^fnV^ YP services available from hot new manufacturers, as well as the 
^^-J^ijj^y^^ old standbys. It's an easy way to compare products and 
HMQMiEIiilHI discover new technologies and solutions. Go there now . 

Biowse Processor 
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By C«-tte<joiy Upgraded! 

By Ciit&noiy 
(text- based) 

By Advertisei 

Bv Word Phi <ise 



Cover Articles 

i e i e [ a 

Changing The Fall He Of Stoiatje 

Reference Technology By Zetera To Hit Markets This 


Encka Chickowski 

Searchahle Stoi«nje Means Better Governance 

Products Help You Meet New Regulatory Requirements 
John Bwidon 

Read This Week's Issue Online 

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Search Past Articles 

Latest Added: Products For Sale 

Toshiba THMY7232F,0eO-S0 il J25„00 i Ma 

fiaritan MDSP-1AE. MA 

Sunen PMB12fl7PYB<l-AY. MA 

Raritan MCP2. $150,00. MA 

Suron CM12D4PQV1-SA, MA 

NMB 3B10KL-03W-BM, MA 

Senate ST31S305LC. $55.00. MA 

Nidec TA225DC. MA 

Samsung M4l3U0424MHl0e5., $15,00. MA 

Nrdec R33955 55. MA 

Dealer For-Sale Listings - Used, New, Refurbished 

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rsSQOO disk drive) 

Bav Networks 



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All Manufacturers 




Nortel Networks 



Sun Microsystems 



About Processor, com 
About Processor 

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May 26, 2006 

servers ^ direct go straight to the source! 

Get the server that takes your business as seriously as you do 

Intel® Xeon™ Processor powering ServersDirect Systems provide the quality and 

dependability to keep up with your growing business. 


Designed for industry-leading 
performance and high data availability 


j 4U Rackmountable / Tower 

• Intel® Xeon™ 2.8 Ghz with 800MHz 2MB Cache (Dual Processor Option) 
» Intel® E7525 Chipset 

• Kingston 1024MB DDRII 400 ECC Reg. memory 

> 8pcs x 250GB SATA-II 7200RPM hard drive 

-• Two 4-port SAS connectors, support up to Eight SATA/SAS hard drives 

• 6300ESB (Hance Rapids) SATA Controller (2x Drive support) 
1 RAID 0, and 1 support 

► Intel® 82546GB Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet Controller 

1U Appliance Server 


Most affordable 1 U Xeon Server 
and expandable for growing 

2U Xeon Application Server 


Optimal solution for mail and 
messaging, databases, and 

3U Xeon Storage Server 


Provides optimal solution for 
Databses and applications 

5U Advanced Storage Server 


The absolute best storage capacity 
available in a 5U format, at an 
incomparable cost/TB ratio 

Intel Xeon™ 2,8 Ghz with 800MHz 2MB Cache 

<ingston 1024MB DDR 333 ECC Reg. memory 
Western Digital 250GB SATA RAID Drive 
4x1" Hot-swap SAS / SATA Drive Bays 
ntegrated ATI Rage XL SVGA PCI video controller 
ntel® 82546GB dual-port Gigabit Ethernet Controller 

{Dual Processor Option) 

• 2U Chassis with 460W Power Supply 

• Intel® E7320 {Lindenhurst VS) Chipset 

• Kingston 1 024MB DDRII 400 ECC Reg.memory 

• Western Digital 250GB SATA RAID Drive 

• 6 x 1" Hot-swap SATA drive bays 

> Integrated ATI Rage XL SVGA PCI video controller 

•Intel Xeon™ 2.B Ghz 
{Dual Processor Option) 

• 3U Chassis \ 

• Intel® server board with Intel® E7520 {Lindenhurst} Chipse 

• Kingston 1024MB DDR333 ECC Reg. {2x51 2MB) 

• 1 pc x Western Digital 250GB SATA RAID Drive 
►16x1" Hot -swap SATA drive bays 

► Integrated ATI Rage XL SVGA PCI video controller 

i 24 hot-swap bays & 950W redundant 

k Western Digital 250GB SATA RAID Drive 
Ware 9550SX-12 port RAID Controller Card 






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